Sun. May 31st, 2020
Bihar's talent wins the success of the civil service in the UPSC, BPSC, these youths achieved top rank

Bihar’s talent wins the success of the civil service in the UPSC, BPSC, these youths achieved top rank

Bihari talent to be selected in the UPSC and BPSC this year in the Constitution Club of Delhi was given the ‘Bihar Gaurav Pratibha Samman’ by the Voice of Bihar institution.

‘You are Shahin, you are acting, your deeds are there in front of you.’ This lion of Allama Iqbal was on his exhibition yesterday. The Bihari talent that will be selected in the UPSC and BPSC this year in the Constitution Club of Delhi, was given the ‘Bihar Gaurav Pratibha Samman’ by the Voice of Bihar institution. From the remote village of Bihar to the busy city, there was a gathering of enhanced talent.

Bihar youths achieved top rank in UPSC and BPSC again

Seeing the most difficult eligibility exams in the country, they did not succeed, but seeing the candidate getting good rank, it was becoming clear that you stay in the AC and read in high-voltage tube light or wipe sweat with hand fan dola-dola, ketchup Read in Dhibri in Pachh Palani, if the heart has passion, desire and trust, then the moon descends into the courtyard. Brajesh Kumar, secretary of the Voice of Bihar, dropped these moon-stars shining brightly in the same yard yesterday.

Pradeep, who got the All India 93 rank, got the name of his district
, Pradip Singh of Gopalganj Bihar, who is illuminating the name of his district by taking All India 93 rank in the UPSC , he himself is also a blossom flower blossoming in his thorns, Papa works on a gas station in Indore. Sharing his experience of struggle, Pradip said, “My father works on a petrol pump and mother runs like a house like this. I thought that if I take further time then the problem will increase for the papa, so whoever I will do it in an effort and I have been qualified by the UPSC at the first time. Going from Indore to Gopalganj, Papa worked so hard for me, due to which I am here, I wish that all parents should be like this.

There were many names of the world of education, arts, administration and journalism in the names associated with the world of education, art, administration and journalism, who got up from the soil of Bihar and made their names in different areas. Among them were IPS Sanjay Kumar Jha, DG Narcotics, CRPF’s DIG (RAF) Sanjay Kumar, renowned education worker music ragi and senior journalist-poet Rana Yashwant.

Rana Yashwant, former Managing Editor of India News, said that Bihar’s soil has been the mother of talent from the very beginning. Bihar’s talent has always waved at the civil service. Students of Bihar, who are selected in civil service, illuminate the name of their locality, it is not a big deal, but they prove themselves by staying in the midst of limited resources and many problems, it is a big deal.

Renowned journalist and Bhojpuri poet Manoj Prasukh, who is conducting the third edition of Bihar Pratibha Gaurav Samman, said that conducting such a glorious platform and witnessing this historic moment is going through a wonderful experience and realization. Speaking where the auditorium is equally prosperous, as the platform is not easy. Listening to the experience of one’s merit is like filling up the fire and the fire.

Educationist Professor Music Ragi said that most of Bihar’s students go to study other states after reading the board exams and preparing for the study of other states to achieve some good marks in life. He appealed to all the presently selected participants to create a good and favorable atmosphere of education in their state of Bihar, so that Bihar, who is the father of wonderful talent, can give a better environment to flourish their talents and to show their talents in other states Do not have to go in

They received honor in Voice of Bihar
Those talents who joined the program of Voice of Bihar yesterday are – Sumit Kumar Rai of Gopalganj who got selected in the UPSC, got 54 ranks. Patna’s Saloni Khemka- Rank 27, Katihar’s Kumar Anurag – 48 ranks, Begusarai’s Gaurav Gunjan – 262 points, Patna’s Ayush Napani – 151, Nithyanand Jha-128 rank of Madhubani, Kumar Vivek of Patna – 252 rank, Patna Sawn Chaudhary- 89 ranks, Shahid Raza Khan- 751 rank, Sumit Kumar of Jamui-53 ranks, Ayush Kumar of Begusarai- 598 ranks, Nitesh Jain of Purnia-96 ranks, Chandra Prakash of Saharsa – 440 ranks, Chitra Mishra of Madhubani- 20 ranks, Muzaffarpur Shan Kumar – 114 ranks, Shubhra Kumari of Aurangabad – 308, Pradip Kumar Singh of Gopalganj – 93 ranks, and selected in BPSC; Pritika Lata, Raviish Kumar, Maitri Singh, Garima Gupta, Harsh Raj Anand, Rahul Sinha, Kishan Kumar , Ashlam Danish, Abhishek Ranjan, Priyanka Kumari, Rita Aastha, Amrita and AYUSH.

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