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What is Body Language? It’s Relationship to Human History

Body Language

Today, we have entered in the 21st century crossing the 20th century because the whole world runs according to Christian years. This is the reason why, mostly conversations are related to 20th and 21st century but according to Christian years, the history of human being gets confined only in 2000 years, it is not right at any rate because the history of human being is old almost thousands of years.
Along with this, body language is also running.

The age of Christianity started after thousands of years from the origin of human being. In reality, our saints-sages, Veda-Puraan and religious epics are joining the long chains of human being history to since the past thousands years. But in the present age when someone talks about that period, the new generation and we ourselves become astonished because we have adopted western culture in the 21st century by forgetting our culture and civilization and this is the reason that believing in such kinds of things becomes little bit hard.

Of course, history of human being starts from that age when only trees and jungles are in this world and human beings were not able in speaking in spite of having language. Just imagine how human being used to talk with other people when he was not able in speaking.

The true thing is that human being had no need to speak at that time. Persons of that time were able in giving their massage and understanding their desires to other people only by the postures of body organs’ language. People of that time used to use caves for living. They were depending on hunting and fruits for the food but they did not speak even then why? There was a reason behind it. People of that time had no language though they had tongue and this is the reason that they were not able in speaking anything.

But it said that brain of the human being works fast in all the things made by God and it is the brain by which human being founded language for speaking.

The first step of human race was that language should be used by human being for understanding their things to other people but human being did not gave up their old language viz the way of talking by the bodily postures. It is called body language viz the language of the body.

Through body language, we can know the secret or things of the heart of a person who is standing on a distant place. We can read the postures of his face and know the mental condition of the person and the things which were in his mind at that time.

If you want to observe an example of body language, you can observe a small child who comes out from the womb of mother by learning this language. A child who is neither able in understanding or speaking our language, but how the child hears the sound as you call the child by his/her name.

When you go near the child or take in your lap, the child starts to jump and starts to squeal. When the child feels appetite, he/she (the child) starts to weep fast so that the mother may understand about the hunger of the child. The child exults and starts to play again just after sucking the milk.

This language applies on the animals viz cats and dogs. A kind of such relation of language establishes between the pet animal and the owner or keeper by which both understand much without speaking.

For example, if we keep a dog in our house and the dog is feeling evacuation in the morning, the dog starts to move around the house as if the dog is saying about the evacuation. As the person comes back home in the home after the day work, the dog starts to lie in the legs of the owner and it appears the dog is welcoming to the owner.

Similarly, if you throw a ball on a distant place in the presence of the dog, the dog brings the ball by holding it in the mouth. It is called the language of animals.

A great Hollywood actor named Charlie Chaplin gave much importance to the body language by making films based on body postures. In his films, he used to make people laugh so much that other people were not able in making the people laugh with the language.
There was a lack of dialogues in his films but the spectators of his movies were able in understanding everything through body language. People in our country made such efforts too but they did not get much success.

Whereas the beginning of film industry in India, people used to take much pleasure watching such kinds of movies. But the human being accepted change along with the passage of time. This is the reason why human being has forgotten everything watching the movies with dialogue.

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