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Colour Combination for Bedroom according to Vastu Shastra

Colour Combination for Bedroom according to Vastu Shastra

Colour Combination for Bedroom according to Vastu: Vastu Shastra is used not only for making the house beautiful and arranged but also used for providing happiness, prosperity and mental peace to the people living inside the house.  By constructing the house according to Vastu Shastra, harmony is maintained between family members.

Tips for decorating room according to Vastu Shastra

Scholars believe that vandalizing is not considered appropriate according to Vastu Shastra for correction in the house after completion of it. So, it is better to be careful while construction of a Bedroom and the house should be constructed according to Vastu Shastra.

If any Vaastu dosha (defect) has been left while construction of a house, this type of defect can be corrected by decorating the Bedroom of that house according to Vastu Shastra. Only other people are being affected from exterior decoration while interior decoration gives happiness to the family members. Interior decoration is the sign of the house’s beauty. Vaastu represents interior and exterior decorations.

In social life, having a Bedroom is as much important for man as other natural elements. So, few rules and regulations (principles) have been made for a house in Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu Shastra, if the house would be decorated properly from inside as well as outside, the people living inside the house remain happy. The properties of a house increase by decorating the house according to the principles of Vastu Shastra. Interior decoration of a house by avoiding Vaastu principles is worthless.

Decoration whether it is interior or exterior, both generate beautiful and pleasant environment resulting the people living in their contact are remain happy. The exterior decoration of a house attracts other people, but the interior decoration is done for self-satisfaction, happiness, and peace. The interior decoration and colorful articles spread here and there form good environment by their own effects.

Vastu Shastra is helpful in the growth and decline of human life as well as it is also related to Bedroom decoration. After constructing a house, one should need to think over the principles of Vastu Shastra for its interior decoration. One thing should be always be kept in the mind while doing interior decoration of a house that it would not be against to its surroundings otherwise the people living in it could not able to lead happy and peaceful life. Thus, decoration should be done on the basis of the advice of a Vastu Shastra only. According to Vastu Shastra, the people are happy only by doing interior and exterior decorations on the basis of Vaastu principles as well as they always go on developing. According to Vastu Shastra, Vastu doshas (defects) are also being corrected by doing the decoration.

According to Vastu Shastra, interior or exterior decoration should be done only after considering auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of the location of a house, its surroundings and location of different planets with the help of an astrologist. Walls paints, colorful curtains, and decoration through wood come under decorations. Drawing room, dining room, guest room, etc. should be decorated. You should need to be careful about the things kept in these rooms as well as their structures and colors.

All the colors found in nature have their own importance as well as their effects and results are also different to each other. Things used in our daily life are deeply related with us. It can be determined only through the strongness of planets and house’s elements that in which color the things, walls and wooden things of a Bedroom should have. The decoration and minor facts associated with a house are deeply related to joy-sorrow and profit and loss.

Many acharyas believe that the house must also be beautiful and aristocratic along with the beauty of body and mind. A beautiful and favorable plot should be purchased for constructing the house Bedroom and then only, a beautiful and attractive house should be constructed on it according to the principles of Vastu Shastra so that one could lead his life happily and peacefully with his family. If beauty and attraction are absent in life, it seems colorless and worthless. In fact, one should construct a beautiful and attractive house favorable to Vastu Shastra and should do interior decoration with favorable colors on the internal wall, doors, and articles.

Volume (dimension) of rooms– One should need to be careful about the dimension of the rooms while constructing them. The dimension of the rooms should never be as odd (unequal) like- 20×19, 10×9, 8×7, 21×20, etc. if the dimension of a room would be unequal, family members go on craving for happiness and peace. It should also be tried that there would not have more than four corners inside a room.

The toilet should never be constructed even by mistake in the north-east corner. In Vastu Shastra, this corner has been considered as the purest and highest. Gods live in this direction, so constructing a pooja room here has been considered as very auspicious according to Vastu Shastra. If one has purchased a house or flat having the toilet in this direction, he should need to change this house or flat immediately. It is not good for happiness, peace, and progress. In this direction of a house Bedroom, the image or picture of hunting lion must be used. Septic tank should always be fitted in the north-west direction.

Importance of colors in Vastu Shastra– While making the floor with marble pieces, black colored marble pieces should never be used, because it’s overused increases the effects of Rahu resulting the people living in such house are remain suffered from worry and troubles.

        For wall and floor, using white color additionally generates harmful effects. The people living in such house are involved in too much sexual pleasure. They do not care about his future as well as their family.

        When the Venus is too powerful, using white color is considered as very auspicious, but when it is weak, this color (white) proves inauspicious. When the Venus is powerful and present in the center of the triangle, or in a friendly house, using yellow and auspicious colors and cleanliness in decoration is appropriate. When Jupiter is inauspicious, weak and present in the adverse house, yellow and auspicious colors should be avoided. It is responsible for the dispute between family members resulting the possibility of quarreling is persisted. Yellow and white colors should also not be used in the relation of Jupiter and Venus. It causes worry and troubles in-house.

        Every zodiac and planet have their own importance which provides auspicious results if used according to nature and Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu Shastra, if the house Bedroom would be painted from inside and outside, the Vastu doshas appearing while construction of the house can be corrected.

Different colors and their impacts-

  • Deep pure red color represents love and gets together. By painting the house with this color, the people living in this house develop love feeling in their heart.
  • Partial red color shows health and livelihood. Thus, by using this color, health and happiness are remained maintained.
  • Shiny red color has been considered as the sign of interest (wish) and desires (passion). If this color would be used in room, interest, and passion for anything increase inside the people living in the house.
  • Deep pink color has been called as the symbol of femininity and celebration.
  • Partial pink color shows soft and simple nature. By using this color in the room, soft and simple nature is found inside the people living in such room; in other words, this color also cools down an angry person.
  • Deep orange color shows ambition. The ambition of a person is remaining maintained by using this color in a room.
  • Partial orange color shows struggle ness and excitement.
  • Light orange color has been considered as the sign of acuteness (intention).
  • Deep brown color shows adequacy.
  • Partial yellow color is a sign of goodness.
  • Light yellow color is a sign of wisdom.
  • Deep yellow color is considered as providing perkiness.
  • Sharpe partial yellow color shows the lover of humanity.
  • Sharpe light golden color shows affection and attraction.
  • Partial golden color is the sign of wealthiness.
  • Deep golden color shows grandeur (glory).
  • Deep green color shows innocence.
  • Partial green color has been considered as the sign of broadness and practicability.
  • Sharpe partial blue color is considered as the symbol of idealism.
  • Deep blue color is the sign of honesty and hard work.
  • Light blue color shows peace and ownness.
  • Partial light color shows kindness.
  • Light purple color is the sign of softness.
  • Deep purple color is the sign of grandeur (glory).

Drawing of the floor– Many people also have an interest in making drawings on the floor after completion of a house. Drawings of the swastika, Gods and Goddess or their representation, conch, wheel, flowers, toran, crown, book, animals, birds and any type of ovular images should never be made on the floor otherwise mental disease and other disorders related to the brain may have occurred. Drawing of hexagonal and tomb is responsible for money loss. Making sarvatobhadra, sapta and flower having eight petals, sign, quadrate, lotus mark and image of chunari are considered as very beautiful and auspicious. Deep, zigzag lines, zero, cross, etc. should never be drawn here. All the corners of a room should be painted with the same color. Having different colors in different corners of a room may generate inauspicious effect.

Wall and picture– The wall of any room should never be broken, dirty and ugly because it impacts badly on the people living in such room. It increases hopelessness, lethargy, anger, etc. the people start living as worried and troubled due to such wall. Violent animals and terrible images should never be drawn on the walls of a room.

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