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Football World Cup Winners list

Football (FIFA) World Cup list

Football World Cup

FIFA World Cup is an international association football competition created by national men’s national teams, which is called the FIFA World Cup. (फीफा विश्व कप वरिष्ठ पुरुषों की राष्ट्रीय टीमों द्वारा बनाया गया एक अंतरराष्ट्रीय संघ फुटबॉल प्रतियोगिता है जिसको फीफा विश्व कप कहा जाता है।)

The 2018 FIFA World Cup final match was played on July 15 at Luzniki Stadium in Moscow. France and Croatia were in front of each other in this match, but Russia had won the match while performing well and became the winner of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

In the early stages of the final match, Croatia had managed to keep the majority but despite this, France did well to make the match their own. In this match, the audience has a great deal of fun.

Here you can see each Football World Cup Winners list (FIFA World Cup winners). You ever see the World Cup champions from Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, and Argentina.

Football World Cup Winners list

Year Winners Runners-up Venue Final score
1930 Uruguay  Argentina Estadio Centenario 4–2
1934 Italy  Czechoslovakia Stadio Nazionale PNF 2–1
1938 Italy  Hungary Stade Olympique de Colombes 4–2
1950 Uruguay  Brazil Estádio do Maracanã 2–1
1954 West Germany  Hungary Wankdorf Stadium 3–2
1958 Brazil  Sweden Råsunda Stadium 5–2
1962 Brazil  Czechoslovakia Estadio Nacional 3–1
1966 England  West Germany Wembley Stadium 4–2
1970 Brazil  Italy Estadio Azteca 4–1
1974 West Germany  Netherlands Olympiastadion 2–1
1978 Argentina  Netherlands Estadio Monumental 3–1
1982 Italy  West Germany Santiago Bernabéu 3–1
1986 Argentina  West Germany Estadio Azteca 3–2
1990 West Germany  Argentina Stadio Olimpico 1–0
1994 Brazil  Italy Rose Bowl 0–0
1998 France  Brazil Stade de France 3–0
2002 Brazil  Germany International Stadium 2–0
2006 Italy  France Olympiastadion 1–1
2010 Spain  Netherlands Soccer City 1–0
2014 Germany  Argentina Estádio do Maracanã 1–0
2018 France  Croatia Luzhniki Stadium 4–2

UEFA: Top scorers footballer in 2019

Player Goals Games Team
Robert Lewandowski 54 58 Bayern München & Poland
Lionel Messi 50 58 Barcelona & Argentina
Kylian Mbappé 44 49 Paris Saint-Germain & France
Raheem Sterling 41 61 Manchester City & England
Cristiano Ronaldo 39 50 Juventus & Portugal
Alfredo Morelos 38 53 Rangers & Colombia
Andraž Šporar 36 46 Slovan Bratislava & Slovenia
Erik Sorga 35 45 Flora & Estonia
Sergio Agüero 35 49 Manchester City & Argentina
Karim Benzema 35 50 Real Madrid
Harry Kane 34 45 Tottenham Hotspur & England
Sadio Mané 34 61 Liverpool & Senegal
Dušan Tadić 32 62 Ajax & Serbia
Kamil Wilczek 31 44 Brøndby
Timo Werner 31 47 Leipzig & Germany
Bruno Fernandes 31 55 Sporting CP & Portugal

UEFA: Football Roll of Honours: previous ten years

Player Team Year Goals Games
Lionel Messi Barcelona & Argentina 2018 51 54
Harry Kane Tottenham Hotspur & England 2017 56 52
Lionel Messi Barcelona & Argentina 2016 59 62
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid & Portugal 2015 57 57
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid & Portugal 2014 61 60
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid & Portugal 2013 69 59
Lionel Messi Barcelona & Argentina 2012 91 69
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid & Portugal 2011 60 60
Lionel Messi Barcelona & Argentina 2010 60 64
Edin Džeko Wolfsburg & Bosnia and Herzegovina 2009 44 55

Football FAQ:

1. Which country won the FIFA Football World Cup 2018?
(a) Croatia
(b) Argentina
(C) France
(D) Brazil

2. Which country hosted the first football world cup?
(a) Uruguay
(b) England
(c) Brazil
(d) France

3. Who was the first team to qualify for the 2014 World Cup (excluding Brazil)?
(a) Australia
(b) Japan
(c) Netherlands
(d) Germany

4. What was the name of the first World Cup trophy?
(a) Jules Rimet trophy
(b) Rodolphe Seeldrayers trophy
(c) Daniel Burley Woolfall trophy
(d) Arthur Drewry trophy

5. Which country won the Football World Cup maximum number of times?
(a) Argentina
(b) Germany
(c) Brazil
(d) Italy

6. Which country reached the final of the Football World Cup three times but never won the cup?
(a) Netherlands
(b) Czechoslovakia
(c) Hungary
(d) Sweden

7. Which country won the Football World Cup in 2014?
(a) Brazil
(b) Argentina
(c) Spain
(d) Germany

8. Which nation has participated in each football world cup final tournament?
(a) France
(b) Uruguay
(c) Germany
(d) Brazil

9. Who got the record of scoring maximum number of goals in Football World Cup?
(a) Ronaldo
(b) Miroslav Klose
(c) Gerd Müller
(d) Just Fontaine

10. Who won the Golden Ball award at the 2014 FIFA Football World Cup?
(a) Thomas Müller
(b) Miroslav Klose
(c) James Rodriguez
(d) Lionel Messi

11. Who won the Golden Boot Award at the 2014 FIFA Football World Cup?
(a) Thomas Müller
(b) Miroslav Klose
(c) James Rodriguez
(d) Lionel Messi

Answers:- 1(c), 2(a), 3(b), 4(a), 5(c), 6(a), 7(d), 8(d), 9(b), 10(d) and 11(c)

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