Fundamental Rule of Vaastu Shaastra

Vastu ShastraFundamental Rule

If well or pit is present in the north-west, south-east, south-west, etc. directions of a house, mostly quarreling and fighting are seen in such houses. By observing symptoms of the house, we can say easily that vastu shastra is very important. It has been said before that the sun and the earth are responsible for the origin of vastu shastra. The geographical condition of the earth caused by falling sunrays is responsible of vastu shastra.

The rules described on the basis of vastu shastra are as follow-

1. Discharging of rain water or artificial water should be always towards north-east direction.
2. The sticks of mosquito net, broom, useless household thing and waste things should not be kept in north-east direction of house or room, it is responsible for poverty inside the house.
3. Any type of obstructions- pillar, tree, etc. should not have near the front door of shop, factory or house. We should construct our shop, factory and house by keeping such things always in the mind.
4. We should always keep such things in the mind that one can get fresh air only if any high tree or building is not present in the east direction of the house. Therefore, planting trees in west direction is considered as the best.
5. Having a small and narrow house in between two big houses is also not considered as auspicious.
6. It should be kept in the mind while planting trees outside the house that the trees should have at such a distance from the house so that the shadow of the trees would not fall on the house from 9 am to 3 pm.
7. The shrubs of plum, thorny plants, any type of katari or such trees that secrete milk as well as mahua, etc. should not be planted near the house.
8. If it is not possible to cut these trees, maulshri, punnag, ashoka and auspicious tree named shaal should be planted in between the house and above said trees.
9. Coconut tree, grapes, aparajita, mango, sandal, jayanti, saffron, banana, jasmine, neem fruit (nibauri), magnolia, rose, etc. should be planted in the house. Basil (tulsi) plant should be also planted in the house. Basil plant kills insects and purifies air.
10. According to vastu shastra, it is very important to have lobby in the middle of office, place for worshiping in north-east corner, accounts department in west direction, the room for chairman in north-east direction and administrative room in east direction.
11. The main gate of factory should be in north, east or west direction.
12. The chimney, for coming out of smoke, of the factory should be towards south-east direction.
13. It should be kept in the mind while establishing machine in factory or industries that the machine should be towards west direction and the worker should work with facing towards east direction.
14. According to vastu shastra, generator should always be towards west and south direction.
15. For constructing hotels, etc, a piece of land (plot) should be selected with the help of magnetic compass.

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