Fri. May 29th, 2020

Gauhati High Court notice to founder of Super 30

Gauhati High Court notice to founder of Super 30

The Gauhati High Court sent a notice to Anand Kumar, founder of “Super 30”, who asked 4 IIT students to respond to the PIL, who accused him of making false claims about his classes.

Gauhati High Court set a notice to Mr. Anand kumar and said to him, let the answer the public interest litigation filed by four students of IIT-Guwahati. In which he has accused you of making false claims about super 30 classes.

The notice was issued by a Bench of Chief Judicial Magistrate Gauhati High Court Arup Kumar Goswami and Justice Ajit Borthkur.

In PIL (number 62/2018), the petitioners have demanded inquiry and appropriate action based on the findings of the inquiry.

Senior advocate Ashok Saraf & advocate Amit Goyal appeared for the petitioners.

Saraf submitted before the court that because of false claims made by Anand Kumar, founder of “Super 30” every year, a large number of students from the North East and other area of the country were coming to him with complete faith and hope Used to help them in the qualification, help in the tough IIT entrance examination.

“But Anand Kumar asked the candidates to charge Rs 33,000 per student for the admission of IIT candidates in the Ramanujam School of Mathematics,” said Amit Goyal.

Anand Kumar, the founder of “Super 30”, has gained fame for his 30 super classes. They claim to help poor students here and help them get admission in IIT. He claimed that 30 of his prestigious students have already got admission in IIT.

Goyal mentioned that most of the time, Anand Kumar is on India and overseas travel, and do not properly guide the candidates of IIT who want to enter Ramanujam School of Mathematics.

Goyal also said that the petitioners investigated and found that after 2008, Anand Kumar did not run any Super 30 class.
After this, Goyal said that whenever IIT results are announced, suddenly Anand Kumar appears before the media with some students of Ramanujam School of Mathematics and announces that we are super 30 students and we have achieved success in the entrance examination of IIT.

Saraf further submitted some evidence before the court and said that the founders of Super 30 are not only cheating the candidates and their parents but also deceiving the common people of this country.

According to Goyal’s claim, super 30 claims have also been uploaded on Wikipedia and on some social media platforms.

It was also alleged in the PIL that this year (2018) Kumar claimed that 26 of his Super 30 students cleared the IIT entrance exam but he has not yet disclosed their names.

It has also been accused against Super 30 in PIL that this year (2018) Kumar had claimed that 26 of his super 30 students have got success in the IIT Entrance Examination, but they have not disclosed names of the students.

After the hearing of PIL, the High Court issued notice to Anand Kumar, former Bihar Director General of Bihar Police Abhayand, who started Super 30 with Anand Kumar in 2002.

This news has been received through some media channels, well ahead of this, we have to wait for what is being done in this matter, the action is being taken on behalf of the High Court. We will share it with you as soon as we get the news.

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