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House Construction Astrology - Vastu Tips

Before starting a house construction on any type of plot or piece of land, it is better to get information about the yoga (conjuncture) of the master of that plot with the help of his/her birth chart through an expert and clear astrologist. Birth chart of anyone is made (drawn) after observing the position or location of different planets according to the date, day, time and place related to his birth. The birth chart is considered as the assets (fund) of one’s deeds. One is engaged in doing good works by observing about all types of conveyances like- time, planetary position, deeds, etc. for making his luck auspicious and progressive after knowing it. Therefore, it is very important for this work that if accurate information is gotten on the basis of favorable condition and auspicious moment with the help of his birth chart before starting a house construction and for purchasing the plot and getting its possession, any type of obstruction or disturbance does not appear.

In astrology, the great ancient saints have given us information about such auspicious moments and their combination, in which auspicious or lucky moment has been described for purchasing and selling the plot according to different people. For both purchasing and selling of plot, date like- 5/6/10/11/15 and the first day of krishnapaksha; days like- Thursday and Friday; nakshatra (constellation) like- mrigshira, punarvasu, magha, anuradha, aashlesha, vishakha, purva phalgun, purva bhadrapada, mool and rewati, etc. can be observed.

It has been seen many times that most of the people purchase and sell a plot without considering the right aspects and do not think over it. As a result of it, they go on repenting after getting the harmful effects of this plot. They start facing troubles from both their plot and a house construction on it as well as they are not able to use properly (get a positive result of) both their plot and house. They also do not get the right value for their plot and house. On anyone purchases their plot and house even at less than their cost price. Mostly, profit from a house is estimated from the fourth house or place of zodiac sign and lagan like-

  1. Strong Venus in the mahadasha of Jupiter is present in the fifth or eleventh house or place after coming in the center; the jataka can construct well, pond, cinema hall, house, etc.
  2. When Chaturthesh has sat with the company of good planet in 1/4/7/10 houses or if the master of ninth ansha has sat in 1/4/7/10 houses in zodiac sign in which Chaturthi has been entered, the jataka gets the profit and pleasure of house.
  3. In the presence of Venus on a higher place or in its luck in the mahadasha of Venus and moon, a new house is being constructed and when Venus is present in the seventh house, it increases happiness, prosperity, house, and farm.
  4. When the anterdasha of Mars is strong in the mahadasha of Saturn and when it is present in 1/4/5/9/10 houses or meet with lagnesh, one gets benefits for a house construction.
  5. When it is present with Jupiter or is cruel in fourth lagan, one gets auspicious opportunity to construct a temple.
  6. When Jupiter is present in the fourth house of karkansh kundali, the house or building is considered as auspicious.
  7. When any of lagnesh, dhanesh and chaturthesh is present in houses of 1/4/5/7/9/10, the jataka gets an opportunity to become master of houses in such numbers as well as he should need to think about ninth and eleventh house.
  8. In the horoscope of the jataka, if the moon, mercury, Jupiter, Venus, etc. see on the fourth house, he gets benefits and pleasure from gardens.
  9. In case of the fourth house as cruel or having mercury, the jataka gets an opportunity to a  house construction.
  10. When the sun is present in the fourth house of the jataka’s karkansh kundali, he gets the pleasure of house made up of leaves, grass, and flowers, etc.
  11. The master of labha place is present in the fourth house and has gone in chaturthesh labh or tenth house, etc., the jataka gets the house just with wealth.
  12. When lagnesh is present in the fourth house or chaturthesh lagan, the jataka gets the benefits of the house.
  13. When the difference of Mars is present in the mahadasha of Jupiter and Mars is present high or own planets in 1/7/4/5/9/10th houses, the jataka gets benefits of a plot as well as he constructs the hotel, mill, etc.
  14. When the difference of Saturn is present in the mahadasha of Jupiter, the jataka gets the benefits of a plot.
  15. When the difference of Venus is present in the mahadasha of Mars and the Venus is present in 1/4/5/9/10 houses as high triangular or dashmesh, the jataka construct pond, almshouse, well, etc.
  16. In the mahadasha of Jupiter, the difference of Jupiter and when Jupiter is present on a high place, the jataka gets an opportunity to purchase a plot and house construction.
  17. In the presence of mercury, the jataka gets the pleasure of normal and clean house.

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