How to remove Vastu Dosh from home


House constructing through vaastushaastra-

  • Solving family dispute or quarreling through the sarpanch of village is right.
  • Boundary wall, pond, house, farm, gardens, bandha, etc. are related to vaastu shaastra.
  • After inserting small iron pillars on all the four corners of a house, the wire brought through them is known as setu (boundary). A house should be constructed according to only this boundary.
  • A house should never be constructed on the support of the walls of any other house. Foundation should be made by filling stones and pebbles up to about 1.25 feet.
  • Toilet, pipe, well, kitchen and eating room (dining room) should be constructed necessarily in any type of house and the sootika house constructed for ten days should be left.
  • In this way, for the clearance of water using at the time of any celebrations or occasions for gargling and washing, drainage should also be constructed necessarily in every house.
  • A neat and clean, straight sub-drainage about 1.25 feet deep, for clearance of water, should be made in every house along with its wall or separate from the house. If anyone does not construct a house in this manner, punishment of 50 parnas (conditions) should be given to him.
  • A sacrificial place should be made with four pillars at a side outside the house having a drain of half foot for the clearance of water. On the other side of sacrificial place, an okhali should also be made for grinding flour and cutting grains. If anyone does not do like this, punishment of 24 parnas (conditions) should be given to him.
  • A permanent roof of leaves and straws should also be made for protecting from rain.
  • The people who create any type of problems to their neighbors by constructing doors or windows outwards should also be punished.
  • If any house owner creates problems for their neighbors by constructing passage to go inside, stairs, pit, toilet, etc. and does not make proper arrangement for clearance of water, he should be punished.
  • Those who harm the walls of other’s house through water, punishment of minimum 12 parnas (conditions) should be given to them. Those who create disturbance through urinal and toilet, punishment of 24 parnas (conditions) should be given to him.
  • All the drains should have opened for any type of garbage to be flown in rainy season.
  • If the renter do not leave the house even after refusing by the owner of that house or if a house owner says to his renter to leave his house even after getting appropriate rent, such people should be punished by 12 parnas (conditions).

All the people can use fire house, room of crushing grains and all other open places except only terrace and courtyard.

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