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IAS Success Story – Hriday kumar Das

IAS Success Story - Hriday kumar Das

IAS Success Story: The poor farmer’s son has achieved great success in the UPSC

IAS Success Story: The story of farmer’s son Hriday kumar Das gives inspiration to everyone students. He proved by his hard work that poverty could not prevent anyone from succeeding.

Hriday Kumar Das, who has passed the Civil Service examination, proved through his story that poverty never prevented you from achieving your goal. Hriday Kumar Das belongs to the ordinary family got his primary education from the government school of the village. Given the poor condition of the house, he did not spend much on his education and achieved success by self study.

Hriday Kumar Das, a resident of Angularai village in Kendrapara district of Odisha, is proud that he is the son of a hardworking farmer. Not only that, his father has been cultivating for many years. Hriday Kumar Das’ father still cultivates those lands so that the house can be nurtured. The heart feels that the father continued to work so that there would be no obstruction in my studies. The family of Hriday Kumar Das lived in the house under the social welfare flagship program Indira Awas Yojana, run by the government.

Despite being interested in cricket, he could not make a career in the game. Actually, there was a time when he had to choose between one of cricket and education. That’s because his father wanted him to concentrate on heart studies. After that he completed the MCA degree from Utkal University for five years. After completing the MCA studies, he did not look back. Let us know that he had secured 1079 rank in the Civil Services Examination 2014.

Prior to the success of the cardiovascular service in Civil service, the post was posted in the Prime Minister Rural Development Fellow (PMRDF) in Jaipur. According to this job, he had to run poverty eradication and welfare programs for tribals and people of Naxalite area. For which Union Ministry of Rural Development was giving them big salary. After this I got an appointment letter for the job of the Assistant Commandant for the Central Reserve Police Force. With this I added my Higher Studies degree so that I could get help in getting the right post in Civil Services.

Hriday Kumar Das, who failed twice in the Civil Services Examination, believed that hard work done honestly never goes waste. With the promise and concentration done by himself he passed the Civil Services Examination. According to him, it was not possible without family support.

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