Importance of vastu shastra in architecture

Importance of vastu shastra in architecture

Vastu Shastra has originated by the sun and the earth. Geographical conditions of the earth generated by sunrays are reasoning factor of vaastu. These conditions along with their good signs are helpful for constructing house. If a house has well or pit in its south-east, south-west and north-west corners, fighting and quarreling are seen in such type of houses. After observing the signs of such houses properly, we can know all importance of vastu shastra.

Importance of vastu shastra

In vastu shastra, on the basis of the directions, length, width, etc. of a plot only, we can say about its auspicious and inauspicious results. Therefore, we should need to be careful about these before constructing our house on a plot or a piece of land. The land or plot has been divided in four types on importance of vastu shastra, like-

1. The landlord of higher elephant’s surface of south-west, south, west and north-west, etc. corners is rich and living longer.
2. The landlord of palm surface land higher at middle and lower all around lives happily, excited and his/her wealth goes on increasing.
3. The landlord of demon surface land higher in east, south-east, north-east and lower in west has wealth and children. Such type of people gets loss by nourishing domestic animal.
4. the landlord of snake surface land which is long in east and west, higher in north and south and lower in the middle is suffered from mental disease and such type of people goes on fearing from his/her own death. He gets harm from his wife and children as well as his enemies go on increasing.

It should be very important to follow few things while constructing house, shop, factory, etc. according to vastu shastra.
1. One thing should always be kept in the mind while constructing factory, industry, shop, commercial complex, hotel, etc. that north-east corner should never be higher than other walls.
2. If well or pit is present in any direction except north-east corner, the master of this place has to endure inauspicious results.
3. If broken wall, crack, pit, etc. are present in the north-west direction of house or factory, the child of the master of such house or factory is handicapped.
4. Toilet should never be constructed in the north-east corner of the house or factory, because it is responsible for affliction. Sometimes, quarreling goes on taking place in such house or sometime the labours of such factory go on fighting with each other.
5. If kitchen will present in the north-east corner of a house, quarreling and fighting will go on taking place in such house and the master of this house will get loss.
6. One should not keep the lump of garbage of stones and wastes, etc. in the north-east corner of the house, because it will increases the number of his enemies and his life will also go on becoming short as well as his character will also become bad.
7. According to vastu shastra, the sticks of mosquito net, other type of useless things even broom, etc. should not be kept as attached to the north-east corner of the house otherwise wealth may be decreased in such house.
8. Before purchasing any type of plot or piece of land, an expert of vastu shastra must be consulted for examination of that plot according to the importance of vastu shastra.
9. Jagaran, worshiping of the house in any auspicious moment, worshiping at the time of starting constructing house, etc. must be done before constructing the house. We should also need to establish the house according vaastu rules, vaastu pooja, reciting of Gayatrimantra, worshiping of lord Ganesh, lord Shiva, lord Vishu, nine planets and arranging sacrifice for the peace of house, feeding Brahmins and giving money and gifts to them etc. after being completed the construction of house.
10. The house should always be constructed in such a way so that the people living in that house could get maximum natural light and fresh (pure) air. The house should be made in such a way that the people living in such house could get the benefits of rising sunrays properly.
11. The main gate (entrance) of factory, industry, mill or schools should never be in the corner.
12. One thing should always be kept in the mind in respects of shop, factory or personal house that their main gate would not be in the corner.
13. Anything whether it is generator, transformer, oil engine, etc. must be fitted in south-east corner only.
14. For any type of chariot (car), bullock cart, animal, taxi or parking, etc, the north-west corner must be used only.
15. The drainage system of water whether it is rain water or artificial water, all these must be toward north-east direction.
16. Administrative room, dining (sitting) room, assembly room, etc. must be in the north or east direction only.
17. In worshiping (pooja) room, the worshiper’s face must always be towards east, north-east or north direction.
18. Toilet, main hall, gutter, drainage pipe, etc. must be in north-west or south-east corner only.
19. Useless or daryaniya trees should never be planted at the main gate of house or factory.

This vastu shastra content has been written by Super Thirty Team reading vasttu books.

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