Indian Traditions and Theology

Scientific importance of Indian customs and traditions

Scientific importance of Indian traditions and theology

When you will study the history of Indian, you will find that how much India was great in power, wealth, cultures and traditions. But, due to which reason these had been fallen at that time. In first hand, we should have know and accept our ideals, who had made us great; in other hand, we should have know about the reasons which are responsible for the destruction in them. Today, we check every thing on the basis of science and do not accept, by saying blind faith, those which is not proved by science, but ignoring earlier life completely is also not the view of science. We should also try for getting faults that were present in them and also which was the truth that has been kept us live in the form of a nation for years.

As like a deer has must (kastoori) in its navel however it is wandering here and there for searching the fragrance of the musk as we should also not ignore the knowledge hidden inside our theology which is the source of success and happiness.

Religion and Philosophy

Our holy and pure earth is called the land of religion and view (darshan). This earth has given us many great meditative people. In modern time, studying of Vedas has become very rare, because no one is able to earn means with dignity for surviving his/her life. If this type of nature persists, we will be eliminated completely. All our religious books are in Sanskrit language and we can able to understand the basics of our religion by studying carefully about them. So, it is also very necessary to give proper importance to this language.

The knowledge closed in the granthas (books) is useless; we should need to awake soon and should try to spread the facts hidden in our Vedas and religious books.

Caste system in Indian society

It is absolutely wrong that the Vedas has divided the society by spreading casteism. Ancient saint and sage, whose thought had crossed all the limits, could not advertise the success of any particular group. If it did not possible, how Vishwamitra could become Brahmin and God Parshurama could become Kshatriya. It is also very important matter that the great people of ancient time like- Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Lord Buddha, who are worshiped in not only our country but also in other countries even in this modern time, were also known as kshatriya. In this series, who was the author named ‘Valmiki’ of Ramayana? Who was the Chandragupta in his childhood and who was the Chanakya? We should need to know that there is no any caste in our religion. That, who is considered as caste, is only a social institute. Thus, as much the Indian will increase their knowledge about their past as their future will become good.

Laws and Traditions

This type of falling of India had not been taken place because the laws and traditions of the people of that time were dirty, but it had been happened because the right target hidden in them could not be fulfilled. Only through education, this darkness can be ended and for this purpose, the emperors of that time should had needed to give importance to it. Everyone should have the aim to develop them without disturbing their religious emotion and should help them in getting religion, wealth, work, moksha, etc. The proper meaning of religion is to follow Vedic instructions strictly and it has been described properly in great epic named ‘Ramayana’.

The history of every country passes through very good (favorable) and very bad (unfavorable) period of time. There was a time when India was known at the highest level of world’s prosperity and meditation and a time also came when it had go on falling in the deep pit of poverty and unfairness. But whenever this type of social and meditative falling came, our mother ‘Earth’ had given birth to very powerful meditative people who had give her cultures and civilization to this earth after making her stronge again.

The great saint ‘Ved Vyas’ was a meditative personality of this type who had fought against the divided powers present in that time and had live the India again after creating religious literature like- Mahabharata and Puranas by collecting the Vedas, but as well time cycle had go on passing progressively as diving marks started appearing again in India and lord Buddha had taken birth on that time, who had bring out all the people from problems through divine message of non-violence and mercy. After lord Buddha, many other great people like- lord Mahavir, Sankaracharya, Madhavacharya and other great people had circulate life in country and its cultures.

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