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Industrial Building or Industrial Premises

Industrial Buildings

Industrial Premises or Buildings

 The principles of Vastu Shastra should be kept (followed) in the mind while drawing the map of Industrial Building, because the owner has to spend lots money on plot, building, machines and instruments. In addition to them, he has to spend lots of money also for getting good production, doing good arrangement, for minimum accidents and strike, for protecting from harmful affects from fire, etc. so that he could earn less profits, etc. The most important activity is to choose a place (Industrial Building) for constructing house besides determining the conveyances (means) related to electricity, water and the structure of the house. The shape of a plot, its relation with the road, slop, internal and external surface of the plot, etc. should have according to the principles of Vastu Shastra as far as possible.

Such a plot should be selected which have roads in its north, south or both north and south directions as well as the main gate should have in the north-east direction towards east.

A plot is also not considered as inauspicious which has roads in its north and west directions or south and west directions.

The room of a watchman can be in south-east direction. If the main gate is located in east or north direction, it can change towards north-west direction. When the main gate is in west direction, it can be changed towards south-west direction. When the main gate is located in south direction, it can be changed towards south-west direction, but it must be apart from the boundary wall (fence).

The house should be higher more in south-west direction. The floor should also be higher in south-west direction. This area can be used for keeping heavy things which can be normally filled for whole year.

Central administrative office can have in north or east direction, but it is less high than the height of main building (Industrial Building).

Servant’s room, staffs’ room, toilet, etc. can have in south-east or north-west direction, but its height must be less than the main building. If such quarters are in multi-storey building (Industrial Building), south-west direction should be selected for it, but south-east direction should be avoided for this purpose. It must be far away from the main building and boundary wall in any condition.

Tanks, wells, boring, underground tank, pond, etc. must have in north-east direction only.

If the overhead tank is kept on the roof, it must be in west, south or south-west direction and should higher than the north-east corner of the house.

Heavy machines should be kept in the west, south and south-west direction of the factory.

If the storeroom of raw materials is situated inside the factory, he should be changed towards south, south-west or west direction.

Manufactured (completed) goods should be kept near the main gate so that these could be supplied soon, but its enough weight could not fall on the floor of east, north and north-east direction than the floor of west, south and south-west direction.

Underground oil tank must be situated in north-east direction. If it hast to keep above the ground, this direction is not suitable for this purpose. Any other corner can be used for it, but it should not have much height.

Transformer, generator, boiler, chimneys or any other engine, etc. related to fire must have in south-east direction.

Septic tank should be kept in east or north direction, but not in north-east or south-west direction. In this series, water purifier plant can be fitted in north and east directions.

In case of big factory, pooja room should be situated in east direction facing towards west.

Open space should be left around the building. The north and east directions have more open space and the slop of the plot should be towards north-east direction.

The south-west area of the factory can be used as the office for the owner or managing director. He will become very powerful due to the condition of this particular place.

Things or objects used in houses, building and factories-

  • Underground water tank.
  • Bore well.
  • Place for keeping light things.
  • Water purifier plant.
  • Place for cars and cycles.
  • Septic tank.
  • Place for storing manufactured goods.
  • Boiler house.
  • Place for keeping light machines.
  • T. room.
  • Place for keeping light machines.
  • Diesel store.
  • Store room.
  • Post department.
  • Place of raw materials.
  • Oil, acid store, refinery store, etc. present above the ground.
  • Overhead tank.
  • Entrance for labors.
  • Temple.
  • Entrance for office staffs.
  • Big trees.

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