कैसे दूर करें जमीन वास्तु दोष - Vastu Tips in Hindi

There are two types of industrial units. First is one which is lie in town (city) and second is one which is established in any other industrial area.

City industry

yantra-tantra are scattered in city industry. These are small plants or factory running on personal plot or in rent houses like- iron, plastic, factory of making sweet’s box, etc.

Industrial unit of any other industrial area

Along with industrial development, state government of every state has made industrial area outside every big town. In industrial area, the government allots land at appropriate cost for establishment of small and big (heavy) industry and these industrial plots have its own importance in vastu shastra. The plot and the important principles of vastu shastra are applicable on every place equally. So, the plot selected in industrial area must need to fulfill all the requirements of vastu shastra. The location of machines is very important in the industry.

Establishment of important machines

The important and heavy machines should be established in the south-west direction of a factory. As a result of it, the machines work longer and properly that increased the productions as well as the prosperity of the owner.

Place for energy sources, electricity boiler, etc.

All the sources and means of energy are related to fire. They generate heat. Establishment of them in south-east direction is suitable according to the principles of vastu shastra. If objects related to fire are present in south-east direction, there is less possibility of mis-happening (accidents).

Reception and pooja room

Reception and pooja room should have in north-east direction. One should be very careful about the cleanliness of this direction. This place is place of living the Gods. If the reception is situated in south-east direction, it affects the production or business.

Administrative office

For this type of office, the center part of east, west, north and south directions is considered as auspicious. Among them, the east and west directions are known as the best. The north-east direction and the center part of industry are not suitable for administrative works. It is responsible for wrong decision and stress (tension). All the staffs and labors may go on the strike too due to becoming dissatisfied from the administration.

Store room for raw materials

The storeroom for raw materials should be constructed in north-west direction and in the little portion of east direction. Storing raw materials in the north-east direction is not considered as the appropriate.

Storeroom for manufactured goods (completed goods)

For the construction a storeroom for manufactured goods, north-west direction should always be chosen. Resulting, the beauty and shine of the manufactured goods are persists for longer as well as the goods are being sold soon. The manufactured goods should never be store in north-east, south-west and in the middle part of the industry, because it affects the quality of goods and obviously the profit.

Living place of watchman and staffs

The south-east direction is considered as the best for this purpose. Here, the watchman is not able to sleep, but the place for living the staffs or labors working in the factory should be constructed in the north-west direction. Here, they will get sound sleep and enough rest. It is very important for them otherwise they would not do work on the next with freshness. North-east and south-west directions should not be chosen for the living place for watchman and labors. It is responsible for loss in the industry.

Few important (essential) rules-

  • The door of a room of the watchman should be in the left or right side of the main gate of the industrial unit according to its face, like- if the main gate of the industrial unit is situated in north direction, the door of watchman’s room should be in west direction while if the main gate is situated in east direction, this door must be towards south direction; if the main gate is situated in west direction, this door should be constructed in north direction and if the main gate is in south direction, it should be constructed in east direction.
  • Administrative office should be constructed in the place only described in vastu shastra. The arrangement for sitting of chief officer must be done in south-west or south-east direction. Technical helper, accountant, etc. should be sat in the east, north or south-east direction of him. The arrangement for sitting of sales executive, watchman or temporary staffs, etc. should be done in the north-west direction only.
  • Reception room or waiting room for visitors should be constructed in north-east directions/
  • North-west direction is suitable for weighing anything. The empty space of north-east part can be also used temporarily.
  • The north-east part is considered as the best for drinking water.
  • If a toilet is constructed in north-west or south-east direction, it is the best according to vastu shastra.
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