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Vastu Shastra - Land Slop

How to measure slope of land?

In Vastu Shastra, the importance of the natural slope of the land or plot, after magnetic field, has been described. According to the slope only, the future of the people living in the house constructed on a plot or piece of land according to its slope can be estimated.

We can find north direction with the help of a compass by standing in the center of a plot or farm. Like this, natural slope is also considered as very important. According to Vastu Shastra, having the natural slope of a plot or piece of land towards east or north direction is considered as auspicious or lucky.

It can be proved by scientific way. Science also supports it completely. By having land-slope towards east direction, the first rays of morning sun falls on that plot or land, house as well as on the people living in this house. These rays of morning sun are very effective. As like the land is become enough fertile through morning sunrays, vegetations is being nourished, etc. as these sunrays are also useful for the people living inside such house. Having slope towards north direction is also considered as auspicious or lucky. In other words, slopping towards east, north-east or north directions is considered as auspicious and prosperous.

In other hand, the slope towards west or south direction is considered as very harmful as well as it also increases troubles or problems additionally. Due to having higher the east part of the plot and lower (sloping) the west part, the house and the people living inside such house also do not get morning sunlight. So, think! How can they get the benefits of sunlight? Same thing is observed also in respect of North Star and Kuber. Slopping towards west and south direction can not give any type of benefit, but go on giving inauspicious result. The trains going towards east and north direction are known as down trains and the trains going towards west and south direction are known as up trains. It also tells that north-east direction is less high and south-west direction is much high. On the basis of these things only, future is estimated like-

  • If the slope of land is towards east direction, this type of land or plot increases family, knowledge, strength and property.
  • If the slope is towards south-east direction, this type of plot is responsible for continual expenses, the condition of troubles and shock.
  • If it is towards south direction, this type of plot is considered as responsible for much painful, destruction of property, family as well as everything.
  • The plot having slope towards south-west direction is responsible for diseases, quarrel and fighting, sorrows, fear of stealing as well as destruction of property.
  • The plot having slope towards west direction is responsible for destruction of wealth, economical problems as well as many types of problems.
  • The plot having slope towards north-west direction is responsible for different types of disease as well as supporting other diseases, destruction of family, increment of enemies, fear about enemies and troubles.
  • The plot having slope towards north direction is responsible for increment of wealth and property, family (generation), peace and pleasures as well as all types of successes.
  • The plot having slope towards north-east direction is responsible for getting knowledge, increment of property.

The plot having deep pit in the center of it is considered as the responsible for destroying wealth and property.

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