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Logic and science behind Vedic Architecture

Logic and science behind Vedic Architecture

Principles of Vedic Architecture

The principles of Vedic Architecture have been made by keeping Indian geographical conditions in the mind. These principles have been made on the basis of well study and experience. The especial affects of worship (pooja), sun, air energy, moon and other planets fall on this earth.

The advisor of very ancient vaastu was acharya Vedic sait. There is no doubt that he was the creator of mantras, but he was also an expert of element. . They had knowledge of intact details of the rules of sunlight without any modern physical shaastriya devices. The vaastu mandal or planetary master imagined for the creation of vaastu and the Gods established as dik-shammukhya in vaastu chakra, the sunlight, were the defined symbol of water. Doing worship of the sun and its properties have been described also in religious granthas (books).

Why is the source of sun life?

It has been said about the sun- “Bhodson tapannudanti sarvesham prananadayat” means that the sun is known as the source of all the creatures’ life. In Rig-veda too, it has been described clearly that the sunlight has enough power to end all types of diseases. This is the reason why east direction has been gotten much importance in vaastu shaastra and the earth’s surface has been imagined with sunrise and sunset. Thus, the place of house has been particularized through which the light of God ‘Sun’ rising from the east could reach in the maximum parts of the house.

The sunlight, at noon, has radio active rays, so it is kept in the mind while constructing house that these rays would affect minimum to the body. This is the reason why south-west direction of the house is constructed as lower than north-east direction so that maximum energy of sunlight could stay inside the house. In the morning, vitamin ‘D’ and ‘F’ are also obtained in extra amount from sunlight.

It is said to keep maximum open space in the east and north directions of house, because it helps in getting morning sunlight. When the earth revolves around the sun in south direction, it comes in an important angular position. This is the reason why this area (south-west direction) of the house is constructed higher and the walls are built as thick in this direction so that balance could be maintained in this direction due to heaviness as well as the people living in such house could protect their selves from additional heat or temperature. One can also feel cold in summer days and hot in winter days.

It is also said about fitting less doors and windows in south-west direction comparison to north-east. Its scientific base (aspect) is that coldness could be felt in summer days and hotness could be felt in winter days in the rooms of this direction.

In vaastu shaastra, it is said again and again to construct kitchen always in south-east direction. In this part, the morning sunlight having vitamin ‘D’ enters from east direction as well as pure and fresh air comes from south direction, because the earth revolves around the sun from southward direction. Therefore, this direction has such location that this part of the house gets ultraviolet rays having vitamin ‘D’ and ‘F’ for long time. Resulting, eatables kept inside the kitchen remain too fresh.

Pooja room or praying room can be constructed always in north-east direction (Ishan kon). More clothes should not be on our body while worshiping so that out body would go on getting vitamin ‘D’ in sufficient amount in the form of morning sunlight. We get positive affects of magnetic energy of the earth from north direction and this direction is considered as the purest or holiest, because we get extra divine powers of universe from this direction. This is the reason why the main gate or door of the temple is constructed also in this direction.

According to scientists, there are 20 types of bio-electro magnetic field found in atmosphere. Four of them- B, E, M, and F have been considered as the most useful for human body. In vaastu shaastra, magnetic part is considered as the place of kuber (wealth), so it is believed that when one has to take part in business related works and advice, it is better for him to sit with facing towards north direction. Its scientific aspect is that the cells of our brain are become alert very soon as well as one’s memory is become sharper by the magnetic force obtained from north direction. It has been also said in vaastu shaastra that he should need to keep his bank check book in the right side while sitting with facing towards north direction.

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