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MLM: Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing | MLM Companies – MLMS

What is Multi Level Marketing?

Friends, whatever I talk about Multi Level Marketing nowadays, many of them do not know what it is. When asked, it is discovered that his friends had advised him to do MLM business and he did it.

Now friends, the question arises that when you do not know what Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is, then in such a situation can you success in it? I don’t think so. To get rid of this problem, today I am going to research about it and tell you what is multilevel marketing?

Multi Level Marketing is a strategy for doing business that some Direct Selling Companies employ to encourage existing distributors to recruit new distributors in which new distributors, old distributors and the company, all three get benefit. The new distributors that the old distributors add to the company are known as downlines and the old distributors are called uplines of those new distributors.

Persons who join Multi Level Marketing also signup as distributors to sell the company’s product. The signup fee in MLM is usually the price paid to buy the products. Income in this business comes from commissions earned on personal sales and is a percentage of sales earned by other distributors you have recruited.

MLM companies simply associate independent distributors with MLMs, which associate independent distributors with the company with some commissions to build and manage their product sales force. This independent distributors has the job of selling products or services from the company to an end consumer. In Multi-Level Marketing refers to the ability of each distributors to recruit and train to start their own business and to earn commissions on the sales of their distributors.

Some things related to MLM, which are very important to know-

  1. MLM Plan: Most MLM distributors call this business program is “MLM Plan“, which outlines the company’s marketing and compensation.
  2. Sponsor: The sponsor is the distributors of the company who directly recruits someone else in the business. For example, MLM distributor ‘A’ makes distributor ‘B’ join in this business. Distributor ‘A’ is the sponsor and training is responsible for distributor ‘B’. Together they all work for the company.
  3. Recruitment: It is a type of multi-level marketing process through which a new distributor is attached to the company. The person who adds a distributor is called the upline of that new distributor and the upline is given the responsibility on behalf of the company to tell the new distributor about the company and the business plan of company so that the distributor works properly for the company to earn income.
  4. Downline: When you add a person in any MLM Company, that person is called your downline. This includes all the people who have been added by you or through your downline.
  5. Upline: In multi-level marketing, the upline is called the person who has made you join in the company and the person who has get your upline joined in company earlier may also be your upline. For example, if A recruited distributor B, who recruited distributor C, who recruited you, then your upline is C, B and A.

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