Tue. May 26th, 2020

Modi government: Planning to give jobs to unemployed people

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Modi government: Planning to give jobs to unemployed people

If you have a skill, then now you will have the job running. Modi Government has made a big plan to deal with the issue of unemployment. This will lead to some such arrangement that people from across the country should be brought to a common platform and linked to this company with the companies of the country. As soon as the companies need Skilled People, they will be able to sort out the people directly from this platform and give them jobs. After this project, the government will have full knowledge about what kind of job and opportunity and job order in which areas and areas. Later on, training and placement will be done to give training and placement accordingly.

This is the project, National Skills Registry

Modi Government is working on a project to provide new job opportunities, which is being called the National Skills Registry (NSR). . Modi government is going to create a list of skilled workers. Later all these will be brought in contact with companies and institutions. This will give skilled and skilled youth the best job opportunities and a large number of young people will get jobs. If Modi Government is formed after these elections, then it will be the first major project to be launched in its second term.

According to the news of the preparing database prepared mint, the Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Ministry is preparing a database of skilled and skilled youth. It is estimated that about 20 million young people will be produced. Later, according to their merit they will be matched with 20,000 companies and institutions. According to the information, this database technology company will prepare IBM.

The youth will be able to contact directly to the companies

This database will include data from youths taking training in 22 Departmental, Government departments and Skill Development Program of the States. With the help of the help of more than 20,000 companies involved in this project, the youth will get a job opportunity. Under this, youth will also be able to find jobs according to their liking.

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