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OK Group: Ok life Care Profile

OK Group: Ok life Care Profile

The leadership of OK LIFE CARE is in the hands of those who have many years of direct selling experience and have played a revolutionary lead role in this field. OK LIFECARE PVT LTD is operated by OK Group. The President of this company is Joginder Singh DaIal. Ms Sarita Karwasra is the Managing Director of the company and Dinesh Kumar Saharan is the CEO of the company.

OK Group Profile

OK Group companies associated with many fields of business such as TV channel movie production, exhibition and screening of movies, cinema halls / screens, educational institutions, real estate, healthcare, etc.

OK LIFECARE started in 2016 with three products, which have reached every village, city and region of India in a very short time. Today, more than 100 products are being developed, formulation and manufacture by a competent research team. The products are manufactured under the supervision of Dr. Irfan Khan and Dr. Vikrant. Visionary CEO Mr. Dinesh Kumar Saharan has always guided the zealots to provide maximum benefits to the distributors, devised a unique business plan to compete with the executives and planners of other DSEs. In a short span of time, OK LIFECARE, a startup India and MSME venture has had the privilege of being a member of the Ted fraternity awarded by ASSOCI-IAM, PHDCCI. Lifecare will always follow FDSA, RAIP, etc. human rights principles. Fair trade practices to remove poverty and unemployment among the youth of the country, considering them as entrepreneurs and business associates, not workers or employees.

Jogendar Singh Dalal – Chairmen OK Life Care

Jogendar Singh DalalThe OK Life Care family welcomes you and congratulates you for your wise decision. You have now entered the path of success. Our success depends on the decisions that we make and you have made a very wise decision. This wise decision of yours is bound to make your future bright. Today you are yourself and your boss. Your hard work is bound to pay off. Now you will not only brighten your own future, but will follow the principle and lead the society to wealth and happiness.

Sarita Karwasra – Managing Director – OK LIfeCare

Sarita Karwasra - Managing Director - OK LIfeCareOK Life Care is a valley of wellness and wealth. We are here to build a team of healthy and wealthy minds so that we can contribute to creating a wonderful and positive country. If our life is fine then everything is fine. We are very concerned about your social achievements and beliefs, so we have launched a platform where you can perform to get all the fame of life.

DK Saharan – CEO – OK LifeCare

DK Saharan - CEO - OK LifeCareManagement involves setting up the organization’s strategy and meeting the efforts of its employees or volunteers through the use of available resources such as financial, natural, technical and human resources. The desire to walk is the phase of a journey. The desire to walk is the phase of a journey. The desire to know the path precedes walking because knowledge makes it easier to walk. Knowledge is the difference between “possible and impossible”. Therefore, we hope that our distributors will be able to fully know and understand the road ahead and goals by carefully reading and understanding our plan.

In addition to these three pillars, OK Life Care has a team of skilled professionals, who have brought decades of valuable experience and excellent work culture from various fields and industries. These hard work and dedication are moving forward the success story of OK Life Care every day, so that your venture can move forward without any hindrance.

OK Life Care has been established with the objective of providing the best platform to direct selling professionals. OK Life Care enables people to succeed with this great opportunity and regain health with products with the best quality, which is truly a profitable experience.

Through this unique combination of visionary management and hard-working workforce, OK Life Care provides you financial stability, long-term participation and profitable opportunities for your venture.

🤝 Ok Life Care New Registration

OkLifeCare is a network marketing company with which you can earn millions every month by joining. To join Ok Life Care, fill out the form below. OkLifeCare Registration is totally free. You can activate your ID from 500BV depending on which product you take. If you take a health care product, then your ID becomes paid in thousand rupees. If you take an FMCG product then 12, 13 or can go up to ₹1500/-.

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