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Our body language – Each body organ speaks its language

Our body language

A person will see us with strange eyes if we say that our body organs talk. He will ask “Are you mad?” he wills his reasons that tongue is for speaking not body organs. Generally, there is no mistake of such persons in it because they are not familiar about our body language. They never thought that a person can read the language of the mind of another person.

Of course, natural language has been written in our body organs and we keep on this language according to our mental feelings and time. if a person is very happy, you becomes aware about his happiness only by seeing his facial postures and if any person is unhappy, his sad looking face describes his gloominess. If the person is in anger, the anger can be seen in his eyes.

For example- when a person runs away by committing a mistake, he appears afraid. Fear can be seen in his eyes clearly. His body organs tell that this person is trying to hide from someone.

Though, the person before the wrong doer does not know that he is culprit but the wrong doer fears from him.

 When emotions of the mind start to appear through the body organs, it is called body language. Our body language is not a new language but it is very ancient language yet a few people know about this language in our country.

Often you will observe two lovers while talking mostly through the eyes or we can say that mostly lovers talk through eyes. The lover wants to sink in her beloved hearth through eyes. Generally, love starts from the eyes and reaches into the heart.

There are many songs based on eyes in our old Hindi movies which were liked most as aankho hi aankho me ishaara ho gaya baithe baithe jeene ka ishara ho gaya or iss pyar se meri taraf na dekho pyaar ho jayega. It appears by hearing these kinds of songs that this subject is not untouchable but it is in a little quantity in the eyes of people.

Each body organ has its language in our body language. Many times all the body organs work and the language of all those organs is almost same on each place but the ways to understand that language are different and their use is according to country and civilization. When you will observe towards your country, we become aware that our civilization is quite different from the western countries.

Respecting elders and greeting them is the part of our Indian culture. Often you would have observed that leaders keep their hands in prayer position when they go in campaign of election.

Generally, when we meet with any elder or relative, we greet them by joining both our hands in prayer position. Whether we speak greeting words or not but the person before us understands our greeting without delay.

Just imagine, if any leader meets thousands of people in a day, how many times he speaks greeting words. Hence, he greets people only by joining his hands without speaking anything from the mouth. Only a little movement is present on his lips for a little period. It is the feat of our body language that people understand the meaning of joined hands viz greetings without speaking anything.

It is not a thing of mere joining hands. In reality, the mind situated in our body first thinks that it should be done by me and thereafter our body senses become alert only by this imagination. Emotions or thoughts which emerge in our brain through this medium of communication are before us in the form of body language and the person before us understands without delay. Those emotions are present on our face which has originated in our brain and mind. At that time, our organs do the work of our tongue.

Take an example of a beggar. He says nothing through his mouth but he stands before any person by spreading his hands and the person standing before the beggar understands soon that he is begging. On such occasion, not only his hands work but a kind of light of begging alms appears in his eyes.

Such light of begging alms can be seen on his face too. He speaks nothing through his mouth but his stretched hands, face and eyes make the thing clear that he is asking alms. Normally, no person pays attention on such tiny things. None thinks that the person say nothing to us but we have understood that he is begging something from us. It is the feat of the body language.

All the body organs of our body work with our mind and brain. As we think and want to do, the same thing is done by our body organs. For example: A person is very happy and he swinging with great joy. There is a fast speed in his walk and he walks by whistling with his lips. This happiness becomes clear from his body organs not from his tongue.

I have got a jobIf a person wins lottery or a person gets job, he shows his happiness before other person with these words as- “I have won the lottery” or he says by moving both his hands “I have got a job”.

In this picture, this thing can be seen clearly that the person is very happy because of the fulfilment of his desire. He is into the depth of happiness. All the body organs are doing work. This wave of happiness can be seen in his shining eyes. His way of walking and standing becomes the symbol of his happiness. It is our body language which is spoken by our body organs.

Body language of the people of each country works on different indications. The meaning of any indication is not taken same in all the countries. Each body organ speaks its language. The meaning of that language is taken according to the civilization according to the country. Though, the way of that indication is same.

The mode is same but its meaning is taken according to their points of view.

you were zero and will be zeroLook this picture, both lips of a person are in open position and a strange kind of light or shine appears in his eyes. He is making a round circle with his thumb and first finger. It appears simple thing in observing but its meaning is considered “zero” in our country. you did nothing till now, you were zero and will be zero.

Such body language is seen or understood in different language. Its meaning is considered zero in our country. It is used in different forms. When any child fails in the examination, other person blinks their eyes before the boy for mocking him. None says anything through mouth but the boy understands soon that this symbol of zero is being made for mocking him.

But this symbol was very famous and popular in 19th century in America. Its meaning is taken as ok. Ok means all is well. The word ok has become popular all over the world. In reality, the word ok is a corrupt form of English word “All correct” which has been used as Oll Correct in reading but ok has been attached with that Oll Korrect. Viz everything is fine. This indication is very popular in this form in many countries and it is being used in this form.

But one thing is strange that its meaning is taken as zero in a western country named Japan. One thing becomes clear by it that the meaning of the body language in each country.

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