Fri. May 29th, 2020

Outer influence on the body organs

बॉडी लेंगुएज

You know that a person becomes as he thinks viz thoughts of a person’s mind influence to the body too. But you have you thought that outer atmosphere also influences to the body along with the thoughts of the mind too.

Generally, we do feel such tiny things but these tiny things are a page of our body language. You know that in winter season, People sitting on the roads keep both their hands in the armpits because of cold and they sit on their legs in the position of stiffness. A kind of fog keeps on coming out from their mouths too.

A person understands soon that they are feeling cold by seeing them in this condition. Though they speak nothing by their mouths but their body language shows everything clearly. It is the feat of our body language. Otherwise, why do not we think that they are feeling heat by seeing them in shivering position?

It is our brain which takes this decision in a single moment what the person sitting on the roads or anywhere is feeling. Understanding the body language of that person understands the knowledge of one another’s body. Our sight and brain know the language of symbols which come from that person’s mind.

Just imagine that lacks of children take birth in this world daily. They are not able in speaking but how are they brought up in this condition.

If you try to know a little about it, you will understand soon that body of children has a kind of language too. The child speaks nothing through language but the symbols of his body show the child’s desires and common people are able in understanding it.

The child is feeling appetite if he/she is weeping. The child stops soon just after sucking milk. Why the child sleeps does when the mother pats on the child’s back whereas the child is not able in understanding your language. How does the child understand that he/she is being made sleep.

It happens because the child understands the language of patting given by the parents.

You keep the child in the cradle and are moving the cradle for some time. The child sleeps in the cradle.

The child is speaking the language of your patting. You understand the child is hungry by seeing him/her weeping. Not only so, a child understands the language of urination and evacuation of stool too whereas the child is not able in speaking anything. It is the feat of body language.

Every kind of language is present in hidden form inside the human body. The brain imagines about that sound which originates from the mind and in this way our body organs start to do work according to that sound.

If any artist makes his new creation on the page on the base of his imagination, he will have to make this creation in his brain. Thereafter, the hands and pen will start to create that image on the page.

It is the feat of mock language of both side and it has been originated only by the organs. Though many people do not have the knowledge of this body language but they also understand it because knowledge of body language is natural and it is a precious award gifted to human being.

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