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Pacification of Harmful Planets through Herbs

Pacification of Sinister (Harmful) Planets through Simples (Herbs)

 Pacification of Harmful Planets through Herbs

        For pacification of sinister planets and lessening their inauspicious effects of the people of this modern time who are not able to afford costly gems, our saints have described about few particular herbs (simples)-

  1. If the sun is creating problems to any person, he should need to use the root of wood-apple (belpatra) wrapping in pink thread on Sunday.
  2. If the moon is creating troubles, one should need to needle the root of khinna in white thread and adopt (wear) it on Monday.
  3. If Mars is giving pain, the root of anantmool should be adopted after needling in red thread on Tuesday.
  4. If the Mercury is giving trouble to anyone, he should need to adopt the root of vidhar after needling in a white thread on Wednesday.
  5. If the Jupiter is creating troubles, the root of banana or orange should be adopted after needling in yellow thread on Thursday.
  6. If the Venus is creating problem to anyone, he should need to adopt the root of sarponkha after needling in white thread on Friday.
  7. If the Saturn is giving pain to anyone, he should need to adopt the root of bichchhu after needling in black thread on Saturday.
  8. When Rahu is giving much pain to anyone, he should need to adopt white sandal after needling in blue thread on Wednesday.
  9. If Ketu is giving troubles to anyone, he should need to adopt the root of asgandha after needling in sky blue thread on Thursday.

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