Fri. May 29th, 2020

People sunk into the sea of seriousness and imagination

Imagination, Seriousness

As you have known that a language is present in each organ of the human body. There is a lack of people who are not able in reading this language. The gate of progress gets open for those people who are able in understanding body language.

Look a person of serious nature sitting in the chair in the below mentioned picture. His right hand is below the chin and a strange kind of shine is present in his eyes of which meaning is that the person is sinking into the sea of imagination.

He has lost in himself completely and he has no information about the atmosphere around him. His one hand is becoming the support of his mouth whereas his second hand is on his right arm. He is contemplating by keeping one leg on the other leg.

The language of his face is showing clearly that is sinking into contemplation. He speaks nothing through his mouth but this language can be seen only by observing his face very easily.

This person has been drowned into the sea of imagination and we should not call him because the world of imagination of this world can damage within a single moment if someone calls him. At that time, he will appear an ordinary person. On such occasions, we should understand ourselves without say nothing to such person about what the person is doing.

We can do this work by the language written on his body organs. The people who don’t have this body language start to talk by going near to such person or the children start to make noise near about and someone switch on the television or someone will start radio or tape recorder.

It happens because of ignorance because we have no knowledge about human body.

There are many people in the society who remain in the serious mood. For example, if you go in an office for making do any work or go in the search of job or wants to take a tender and you find a person sunk into the serious mood or in the imagination, you can read the language of his mind and can become aware that such person is not in the mood of doing any work. If you say to do any work in this condition, you should know that your work is not possible at this moment.

By seeing such persons, some people think that they are sad or silent. But their conception is quite wrong because they are neither sad nor silent. People who think so about such people should know one thing necessarily that a person talks to himself by sitting on a lonely place. For example a poet, artist, writer keeps on talking to each other by sinking into the sea of his imagination. There is a different language of this world of imagination that is considered as an imaginative. The world of imagination is quite different from the world of dreams but the work of both is same.

We consider any person sitting in serious posture on a lonely place but the fact is that he is not alone. If we try to read the language of his organs, we become aware what he is thinking. It may be that he is making a big plan in the world of his imagination. Or he is thinking about the foundation of any industry, mill or buying property or the ways of earning money. Do you know what will happen if you interrupt him or make a noise near about him?

His world of imagination will come on the ground like the palace of sand in a second. His world of imagination will get destroyed completely.

All these things have relation with our body language. If we have the knowledge of body language, the world of an imaginative person can be avoided from the destruction.

Such kinds of indications keeps on providing to a person by his brain which are rotating to the emotions of the mind into the body like a current of electricity. Those emotions can be seen in the body of human being clearly but they have their language.

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