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How to prepare for competitive exams

Hello, friends Welcome to Super Thirty Education Portal. Today we will tell you how to prepare for competitive exams. Today every student in India wants to get a government job but getting it is not an easy task for everyone. To get government jobs, hard work is needed to read. The need to read is because the competitive examination can be passed in some way. On passing the competitive exam, the student can get a government job for which he has prepared competitive exams.

Preparing for competitive exams without coaching

Today young candidates want to prepare for the competitive exams but they have thought in their mind that preparation of competitive exams cannot be done without coaching. Which are completely wrong. It is of course that it is easy for those who do coaching to pass competitive exams because they get the right guidance. But not that competitive exam cannot be done without coaching. If the student prepares for a competitive exam sitting at home with full dedication, hard work, timetable, and accurate notes, then he may be successful.

You will have heard most of the toppers or students getting more marks in which they believe that topping by coaching class depends on the student. By taking good coaching, the student has to pass the exam and not top it. If the student gets good guidance then he will not need coaching.

If you want to prepare for the competitive exam without coaching, then you first need to understand the exam pattern and after that, a good strategy. After that, you first need to mark which topic or topic you are having difficulty with.

Depending on the area where you are the strongest in the examination subject, you should prepare all subjects according to the timetable.

The following tips for preparation of competitive exams

1. Create a timetable for competitive exam

Before preparing for the exam, you create a timetable that will help you overcome the short time and goals. At this time, you should give time to every subject so that no subject can be missed. When you sit down with a book, do not sit down, but do some rest in between. Follow the timetable firmly.

2. Study Materials for Competitive Examination

For the preparation of any competitive exam it is very important that the subject matter is relevant, so carefully select the subject matter.

3. Create notes for competitive exam

For competitive exams, if you are preparing the exam without coaching, make notes for them so that they can be repeated in less time. By repeating anything, that thing is always remembered for it. When creating notes, write topics and topics cleanly so that there is no problem in understanding.

4. Take a different book for all subjects for competitive exams

If you are preparing for the exam, please ask for details to get a separate book for all subjects. If you read the same book for the exam preparation then it is never right. It is also necessary to have a different book because the subject matter related to the topic you are examining in the examination should be asked in the examination.

5. You create a group according to competitive exam

In today’s times, social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, telegram etc are very famous and because of their popularity, they are now being used for the examination. There are many students in these groups who can help you prepare for the exam.

6. Choose a solid and clean environment to prepare for competitive exams

It is said that if the mind and body are pure, the work is also good. If you are preparing for the competitive exam, then you should choose a better place for yourself where the environment is pure and isolated. Doing so will keep your mind pure and you can concentrate and prepare for the exam.

7. Make one goal to get success in a competitive exam

If the goal is one and you work hard to get it, then the goal becomes easy to get. Many times it is seen that students make their goal to pass the test, but together they also prepare for other things, this foxes away from your target, and both things fail to see failure. So make a single goal and keep focusing on doing it until the goal is achieved.

8. Read all the hard work and diligence to prepare for the competitive exam

While preparing for the competitive exam, unless you are studying diligently, your studies are useless. Any job should be done at one time or you can either read or prepare for the exam. If you read the mind with hard work, you will definitely get the floor.

List of competitive exams after graduation

  1. Civil Services Examination
  2. Indian Economic Service Examination
  3. Indian Statistical Service Examination
  4. Combined Defence Services Examination (CDSE)
  5. National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination
  6. Combined Medical Services Examination
  7. Engineering Services Examinations
  8. Staff Selection for different Cadres
  9. Exam for different posts through Reserve Bank of India Services Board
  10. Exam for Development Officers and others through National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD)
  11. Exam for Telecom Officers in the Department of Telecommunications
  12. GATE
  13. IES
  14. CEED
  15. NIFT Entrance Exam
  16. XAT
  17. ESE

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