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Special tips and rules of vastu shastra about house construction

Vastu Shastra Tips in English for house construction

Special and different types of rules of vastu shastra about buildings-

1. Vastu Shastra: It is very important to be careful while constructing any type of house that maximum open place should be left in the south direction comparison to north direction. Like this, maximum open place should be also left in the east direction than west ones.
2. According to Vastu Shastra, The south and west part of the house must be higher than the north and east part of it as well as the lower floor of the house must be towards north, east or north-east corner only.
3. Balcony and its terrace should be constructed in north and east direction. The floor of these houses should be lower than the normal surface of the floors of these houses; it is considered as good. Like this, the surface of the upper terrace of the house must be also lower than its normal surface.
4. The terrace of the house must be towards north-east, north or east direction, but should not towards south or west direction.

5. The walls of it must be constructed towards east and north direction only and these walls should be constructed as thick at south and west direction.
6. Lower wall should be constructed in the north and east directions of the house for courtyard and these walls must be higher in west and south direction.
7. The terrace of the verandah of north and east direction must be lower than the main terrace of the house.
8. Garage, outhouses, servant’s room, etc. should be constructed in south-east or north-west direction, but it should not touch the house or the walls of courtyard in north and east direction and its height should be less than the height of main house.
9. The main gate of house should be constructed in east, north or north-east direction, but it should not touch the wall of courtyard.
10. According to Vastu Shastra, The trees and its leaves must be towards south and west direction in the house, but should not be towards east and north direction. The house should not have trees in numbers.
11. The entrance passage of the east and north direction of the house should not be enough towards west and south direction.
12. While constructing house, it should always be kept in the mind that the numbers of doors and windows should not be equal in ground floor and first floor; these numbers can be more or less. The main entrance (gate) of the house should never be made at the middle of the house even by mistake. This main gate must always be in opposite direction, but should not be in the last too. The gate of the upper floors should be made also like that of lower floor only.
13. The number of pillars, etc. should be also same in R.C.C. friend structure, but not different.
14. The height of the house from ground should be in such a way that kharpat should not be in same number i.e. if kharpat is 6”, the base of the house must be at the height of 1’, 6” or 2’, 6”, but should not be 1’ 0” or 2’, 0”. In this way, all the floors should have such height that the number of kharpat is remain same i.e. its height should be 9’, 6” or 10.6, but should not be 9’ or 10”. Like this, if a person steps his/her right foot on the stair first, he/she must steps his/her the same foot (right) first on the surface of first floor. It is done like this because the right foot is considered as auspicious (benefited) and the left one is considered as inauspicious (harmful).

15. Drawer should be also made in the right side or west direction of big room or kitchen.
16. The table should be placed in west or south direction in an office or study room so that when a person sit, his/her face would remain towards the east or north direction. Sitting with facing the face towards east or north is considered as the best for study or meditation. The almirah or furniture, in a room or office, should not be touched with the wall of north or east direction. If it is necessary, the almirah or furniture should be placed at the distance of minimum 3” or 6” from that wall.
17. Any type of dirt or garbage should not be allowed in the north and east direction of the house or the place of constructing the house. This type of place should always be kept as open or clean.
18. In the north or east corner of the house or room, door or window can be made.
19. In the living house, keeping things likes furniture; sofa-set, etc. in the west or south direction of a room is considered as good according to vastu shastra. If the master of the house sits with facing always towards east or north direction, it is considered as very useful and the guest should be allowed to sit on the sofa with facing his/her face towards west or south direction.
20. Cash boxes should be kept in the room of north direction, but if it is too heavy, it can be kept in south, west or south-west rooms as well as when you open locker, you should need to do it with facing towards north direction; it is very important.
21. All types of household things should be kept inside the house towards west, south and south-west directions; it is considered as very good.
22. Mixer grinder, almirah, refrigerator and other heavy things should be in the kitchen towards south and west directions. The boxes of almirah should be kept in store room towards the south and west direction only and the walls towards north and east directions should be left as empty, in other words any type of thing should be kept as attached to these walls.
23. All the mirror of the house should be fitted in the walls towards north or east direction, but should never be fitted in the walls towards south or west direction. Like this, washbasin can be fitted in the walls towards north and east directions inside toilet. Water should be flown towards north-east corner; it is considered as very useful.
24. One’s face should be towards east or west direction while eating in dining room.
25. Any door of the house must have only one shutter, but not two and this shutter should be opened toward left side, but not towards right side.
26. If you have to set television in living room, drawing room or in any other room, it should be set in south-east corner.
27. Bed should be spread in a room in such a manner so that one’s head would remain towards south, east or west directions only while sleeping, but would never remain towards north direction.
28. Solar heater should be fitted on the terrace in south-east direction only. Over water tank should be placed on the terrace in south-west direction. Stairs lift, etc. for going up in the house should be made in south, west or south-west corners, these are considered as the best direction for it.
29. According to vastu shastra, The drainage system of rainy water should be west to east direction, south to north direction and towards north-east corner.
30. Any other shutter or mosquito net should not be fitted in the doors and windows of north and east directions of the house.

31. The gates and main gate of the courtyard should be made in north, north-east, east, north-east, south, south-east, west, north-west, etc. corners.
32. According to vastu shastra, it should be kept in the mind while constructing house that pooja room should be constructed in north-east corner, kitchen in south-east corner and sleeping room in south, west or south-west directions. The surface of north-east floor should be lowered than the surface of south-east floor.
33. The red flowers inside the courtyard should not be seen from outside of the house.
34. Stone statue, rock garden, etc. should be kept in south-west direction, because it increases the weight of its surroundings.
35. It is very important to keep one thing in the mind while constructing house that any type of corner, joint, pillar or disturbances should not be in the front of main gate.
36. Bore well, well, any type of underground water tank, etc. should not be arranged in the north-east direction of the house.
37. Any type of water related arrangement should not be done in the front of the main gate of house.
38. The surface of the house should be lower in north-east direction and higher in south-west corners.
39. Any two different types of houses should not have the main gate opposite to each other.
40. Useless or bad picture or statue should not be kept on any walls, gates or terrace of the house.

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