Fri. May 29th, 2020

Super 30 founder Anand Kumar said that Indian students do not have access to quality education

Anand Kumar

Mathematician Anand Kumar (Super 30 founder) has said that there is no dearth of talent in Indian students, but a large number of students do not reach quality education which can fulfill the dream of modern India. Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan is making the biopic movie on Shri Anand.

In India, students are desperate to get a quality education, but quality education cannot be obtained by all. In the future, it may be possible to provide education through further technology. In India, online classes can do that which is not impossible, besides Anand Kumar said that education is changing fast today because the requirements are changing. Anand Kumar sat in San Jose, California on Saturday. He said these things in the Golden Jubilee celebration of ‘Indian for collective action’ organized here and put a new perspective on education. Today, through the technology, there is a need to correct Quality of falling education in India. Besides that, all the people who come here can work to fix this because you have good technology.

Explain that Anand Kumar runs a one-year residential program for India’s prestigious IIT-JEE examination and in this, education is provided free of cost to 30 probable students so that their dreams can come true. Anand Kumar has helped to realize the dream of hundreds of super students in his 17-year career. For this, he is very much eligible for congratulations.

Patna Super 30 Anand Kumar accused of cheating for gaining popularity

Patna Super 30 was established in 2002 and it got 100% success in IIT JEE in 2008. However, this institute started showing its influence since 2004. But for the first time in 2008, all 30 students of Super-30 got success to qualify IIT JEE. It was also published in 2010 in Time Magazine.

At this time, Ananda Kumar, founder of Super 30 found himself embroiled in a big controversy. His students have accused him of cheating. Anand Kumar’s super-30s provide free coaching to meritorious students coming from the economically and backward classes of the society who want to make the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

Gauhati High Court notice to the founder of Super 30

The Gauhati High Court sent a notice to Anand Kumar, founder of “Super 30”, who asked 4 IIT students to respond to the PIL, who accused him of making false claims about his classes. Gauhati High Court set a notice to Mr. Anand Kumar and said to him, let the answer the public interest litigation filed by four students of IIT-Guwahati… Read More >>



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