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Vaastu Principles for a Bathroom

Vaastu Shastra bathroom


As like other rooms have their own importance in a house as a bathroom has also its own importance. In vaastu shaastra, the bathroom (SnanGhar) has been considered as related to water element. In shastras, water has been considered as the sign of wealth. Experts of vaastu shaastras believe that if a tap would leave as opened and water would go on coming out from it, it causes loss of wealth. According to vaastu shaastra, a SnanGhar must have on such a place where flow of water would be arranged properly. Experts believe that if a SnanGhar would be constructed according to vaastu shaastra, economical affluence (enrichment) can be brought inside a house. Constructing a bathroom in north direction is considered as auspicious. If it would be constructed in south-east corner, it is responsible for economical problems in family. The door of a bathroom must be smaller than the doors of other rooms, because having its door in big size increases expenditure.   Vastu Shastra

Vaastu principles for a bathroom-

  • According to vaastu shaastra, a bathroom should be constructed in south-west corner towards south or west direction, or it should be constructed in east direction.
  • Making arrangement for washing clothes and cleaning utensils near kitchen and closer to the SnanGhar is considered as very auspicious.
  • Arrangement of bathing should be done in north-east corner, north or east direction inside a SnanGhar.
  • Bathroom and toilet should always be constructed separate from each other. But, due to insufficient place or any other reason, it has to construct inside a bathroom, it should be constructed in north-west direction towards west or north direction.
  • While making the floor of a SnanGhar, its slop should be done towards east or north direction.
  • Keeping geyser, heater and other electric means in south-east corner inside a SnanGhar is considered as auspicious.
  • Making arrangement of bathtub in east, north or north-east corner inside a bathroom according to vaastu shaastra is considered as auspicious.
  • According to vaastu shaastra, the door of a SnanGhar should have in east or north direction.
  • Light color (pain) should be used on the wall of bathroom like- white, light blue, sky blue, etc.

Door of a bathroom– According to vaastu shaastra, the door of a SnanGhar should be opened completely. If the door does not able to open completely due to having tap, shower, washbasin, etc, mirror should be used inside and outside the bathroom for proper flow of ‘Chee’ energy. Keep one thing in the mind while making door in a SnanGhar that having its door little small is more appropriate, but not as smaller as it would start causing vaastu dosha (defects).

Shower (Fountain) of a bathroom– In vaastu shaastra, shower inside a bathroom has been said as very important. One thing should be kept in the mind while using it that outer scene would appear through window while bathing. Thus, a shower would not be set below the window.

 Presence of a tub below the window inside a bathroom creates problems and generates vaastu doshas (defects). If a tub would be set below the window, a mirror should be tagged on the opposite wall of the window for the correction of this vaastu dosha. As a result of it, light coming from the window would be reflected by the mirror to the entire SnanGhar and vaastu dosha will be corrected.  Vaastu Shastra Tip for your home

 The door of a bathroom is important too that if anyone would come suddenly while bathing, bodily (physical) ‘Chee’ energy is being affected and mind is disturbed. Be careful while making arrangement of a tub that it should be round or ovule in shape. Few scientists believe that round or ovule tub is the sign of coins and water filled in it represents gathering wealth. This type of tub has been considered as the sign of prosperity (accomplishment).

Importance of cabin– A cabin has its own importance in bathroom. Normal almirah (cupboard) must have in it. If the color of a cabin is natural, it is considered as good.

 According to vaastu shaastra, things being used in a bathroom like- shampoo, soap, oil, etc. should be kept in arrange manner, because disarrangement of these things are considered as very harmful. Things producing sound while being used generate more vaastu doshas (defects). Thus, for eliminating (correction) this problem, these things should be arranged in proper manner in a cupboard in limit quantity and then should be used.

Decoration– According to vaastu shaastra, always light or white color should be used inside a bathroom. Tiles should be used in a bathroom, but the tiles should not be cold, because it affects the energy present in a SnanGhar. Resulting, economical problems are occurred. For eliminating this type of problem, water proof chik should be displayed on the door of a SnanGhar.

Light and mirror– According to vaastu experts, lamp or other electric devices should never be used inside a SnanGhar, because there is chance of happening short-circuit due to it. Having light in the ceiling or on the wall is enough. Only plane mirror should be used in a bathroom, because it does not allow the energy coming outside as being scattered. A SnanGhar should be constructed in such a way that enough light could enter inside it; resulting energy and perkiness (pep) come in the body after taking bath.

Music while bathing– Normally, the sound of coming water from tap is as much affective as there is no need to make arrangement of any sound system inside a SnanGhar, however making arrangement of bell in it is appropriate according to vaastu shaastra. Bell sound in a bathroom gives self feeling as well as capable to correct future doshas (defects).

 If the bell would be arranged in the east direction of a bathroom, it generates satisfaction and hope in the mind. Making arrangement of bell in south direction is not considered as appropriate, because this direction represents fire that is adverse of water.

While taking bath in the evening in summer days, listening music in sweet sound is beneficial. It gives mental peace and relaxation. If a person listens music while morning bath, he feels freshness whole day.

Plants in a SnanGhar– One should need to be careful about making arrangement of plants in a bathroom. Plants of moist environment should be used in a SnanGhar. If one wants to increase excitement and knowledge, he should need to arrange plants in the north-east direction of a SnanGhar. Plants should be arranged in east direction for becoming hopeful in life.

Use of colors in a bathroom– In south to east direction of a bathroom, rack of purple color should be used and brush, towel, etc. should be kept in it, resulting wealth and creativity increase. If the holder of a tooth brush would be pink in color, it makes relation strong. It is peaceful also in the life.

Note– If a person is suffered from economical problems or is not able to use his wealth properly, a SnanGhar proves very effective in eliminating this doshas. If he would construct his bathroom big, these problems may be solved. When a SnanGhar is small or narrow, one can feel openness by displaying a mirror on wall as well as auspicious result can also be generated by it.

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