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Household life and theology


Domestic life and traditions in Hindu Religion

It is said that if the whole India would be ended, all types of spirituality, morality, ideality, and spiritual sweetness for religion will be ended and two demons- fondness for the opposite sex and sensuality will govern; fraud, illegal power and competition will be organized as well as human soul will be sacrificed. Therefore, do not allow these to happen in this world. There is no doubt that India will have to progressed, but not by physical power, but through spirituality; not by destruction, but through peace and love; not by set in quarrel and fight between people, but through their unity. It has been said also in Rig-Veda that all of you become with one mind and all of you should have same thought. We should have to make an ideal state which should have information about Vedic age, culture and traditions, discipline, interest and emotions like a shoulder for his/her duty as well as should have the emotions for its distribution without the defects of business world and the right of equality. We should have to show after leaving our deep sleep and become as awake that our mother earth would sit on a real throne after become powerful again and would get reputation and dignity more than before.

The Veda is considered as the first source of pure and good rules and then it is the source of traditions, pure and holy people, the nature and self satisfaction of the people having knowledge of Vedas. Hard working and meditation are the chief properties of ‘Satyuga’; getting divine knowledge of ‘Treta yuga’; sacrificing of ‘Dwaparyuga and donating of ‘Kalyuga’.

For protecting this world, our worshiped God has given different types of duties and works to each of the people. It has been described properly about pure principles in religious books as well as the unforgettable principles about the nature to be followed by every people have been described too along with description about good and bad deeds and works of man. One, who follows the principles described in religious books well, gets name and fame in this world and gets much happiness after death. The shruti is related to Vedas and smriti (traditions) is related to pure principles of sanhita. Pure principles are expressed only through both these, so any type of discussion should not be happened about them.

Beginning and asceticism (chastity)-

  1. Name giving ceremony should be celebrated on the tenth or twelfth day after birth of baby. This celebration is done on any auspicious moon day, in favorable constellation and on an auspicious moment. After fourth month of birth, niskraman should be done in which the baby should be carried to another place by leaving his/her home first time. In the sixth month, grains or rice should be given to the bay first time for eating and other auspicious celebrations should be done according to only the traditions of the family.
  2. For spiritual benefits, the head should be shaved in first and third year and educational ceremony should be done in the eighth, eleventh or twelfth year according to only family’s traditions. For getting specialty, education can be given also in fifth, sixth or eighth year.
  3. The eligible child should beg first time from his/her mother, sister, aunty or other woman only according to the principles made for this purpose. Whoever the woman from whom the child begs, should never refuse in giving beg to that child and she should need to give beg without any hesitation. After eating of all the family members according to their appetite, the child should be fed by making him to sit facing with the east direction after getting permission for it from his guru and he should make himself pure after drinking water, etc.
  4. The child should always need to do worship before eating as well as should eat happily without making any issue. He should need to become happy after looking at food as well as should pray to the God with smiling face that he should remain always healthy while eating. The food which is always worshiped is eaten happily. This type of food gives strength and masculinity. But, the food which is eaten in sad mood, is harmful him. Over eating is also harmful for health, popularity, pleasure coming from divine and spiritual energy.
  5. In the beginning and last of reading Vedas, pronunciation of ‘Om’ helps in understanding it well and also it remains in the memory. After sitting on kush facing towards east direction, the child should pronounce ‘Om’ after doing kumbhak pranam three times. The child who do pranam and gives always respect to elders gets long life, knowledge, strength, name and fame. The people traveling in vehicles, 90 years old people, woman, sick people, weight lifter people, groom, non-religious people, etc. should not need to follow this way.
  6. The people following asceticism should not do hawan (sacrifice) daily, they should beg, should sleep on the ground and should do whatever is beneficial for his guru. All these activities should be done until he ends after returning to his home.
  7. He should not tell about anything until anyone would not ask him or should not reply to whom who ask unnecessary questions. An intelligent person should wander with others like a fool and should not tell the answer even after having knowledge about it. Either the people who discuss about restricted topics or the person who ask restricted question, one of them, and both are died or take enmity from any other.
  8. As well a quality seed can not be sown in unfertile land as knowledge should not given there, where quality and wealth are neither gotten through study nor through obeying anyone. It is better to die for the people with their knowledge who have to give knowledge about Vedas in bad people even in unfavorable condition.
  9. As like the troubles, faced by parents for giving birth to child, can not be fulfilled till years as the child should also do for his/her parents that gives happiness to his/her parents and guru.
  10. It has been said that nectar is obtained from poison too; good advice can be obtained from children too; the lesson of good behavior or good lesson can be also learn from enemy; gold can be also obtained from impure thing. Current information, good women, knowledge of right rule or process, principles of purity, good advice and different types of arts can be taken from anyone too.
  11. Sense is become out of control before sensual things, so intelligent and wise people should need to control as like their senses as a charioteer keeps his horses under control. Due to being depended on his senses (involvement in sensual), he will have to endure sin surely, but if he keeps his senses under control, there is no doubt that he will get success in all his targets.
  12. If a person gets hurt from his parents, teacher and elder brother, he should not need to feel insult in himself. Because, the place of Brahma has given to the teacher, the place of prazapati to the father, the place of earth to the mother and the similar form to elder brother. One who does not ignore his family, would get victory on all the three lokas as well as he will become lustrous like that of God and will get comforts like heaven.

Family (household)-

  1. Father, brother, husband and brother-in-law who wish for bliss, should need to respect women. The place or house where respect is given to women, it is said that the God, Himself, lives happily in that house or place, but the place or house where respect is not given to the women, there is no any auspicious result found for any type of holy religious activity. The family, in which women remain troubled or unhappy, is destroyed soon, but the family, in which women remain happy, are always considered as happy and prosperous.
  2. The family in which husband and wife remain happy and satisfy from each other, there is no doubt that much happiness is found in that family.
  3. On the auspicious occasion of marriage, a family person arrange religious activity and five yagya (or sacrifices) of family according to rules with the fire flame burnt as well as he acts to fill his family’s stomach daily.
  4.  A family person, who reads Vedas daily, offers any gift to Gods, experts or cleaver in performing yagya (sacrifice), that money and property helps everyone. Materials given in proper way to fire, reach to the sun, the sun causes rain and this rain grows food and through this food, every human and animal lead their life.
  5. Four types of things are always found in a good family life like- kush, room for resting, water and sweet voice. A family person, first of all, offer foods to Gods, saints, people, ancestors and family deity, then he eats remaining foods.

Family life and ways for leading it-

  1. Anyone should need to search such means of earning for nourishing his family that would not create troubles for others. He should always earn through such means except only unfavorable time. He should need to earn through right business for fulfilling minimum requirements of his life. It is also necessary to be careful about his health while earning like this and he should not exhort his body too much as well as it is also very important for him to give rest to his body. One should never choose wrong ways, which are responsible for other’s troubles, for fulfilling the requirements of his family. He should lead his life full of holiness, clean and honesty.
  2. One who wishes comforts should need to keep his/her mind under control and should try to be satisfied completely. In any conditions even unfavorable condition, he should neither earn money through wrong way nor through wrong business. Any type of gifts (inducement/greed) should not be accepted.
  3. One should never be involved too much in sensual and should need to maintain distance from it after considered every aspects related to it.
  4. One should welcome his guest according to his capability like- offering foods, space for resting, respects, etc. but, he should never give respects to the people doing wrong business, harming society and fraud.
  5. A good family person should need to keep his hairs, nails and shave always as cut. He should keep his senses under control. He should need to wear white clothes as well as keep himself as neat and clean. All these are the signs of a good family person. Such people always study the Vedas and engage in the works of their bliss.
  6. One should never put off fire by the air flow from mouth, never put any impure things in it; the feet should not be fomented with fire. Fire should neither be kept under bed nor should be crossed over it. The fire should never be kept towards feet while sleeping. He should never be teased any animal. He should also not eat in the evening or after sunset.
  7. One should never use other’s things like- shoes, clothes, ornaments, nanaiu, garland or water pots. He should not look at sun after rising completely as well as should never go closer to the smoke coming from burning dead body (funeral pyre). Nails should not cut through his teeth as well as hairs should also not cut by himself. Riding a cow or bull is known as very big defects (dosha).
  8. After sunset, one should never eat food made with sesamum as well as he should never take bath as naked. After eating, he should need to rinse and wash his hands and then only he can go anywhere. He should eat foods after washing his hands and feet only. One who eats food like this, lives longer life.
  9. One should never scratch his head with both the hands as well as should not touch his head with dirty hands. He should never take bath without wetting his head first. At the time becoming high tempered, you should neither clutch your hairs nor other’s hairs as well as do not allow any hurt to your head. After taking bath from head, you should never use oil on any of your body parts.
  10. The experts of the principles of Vedas also say that the Vedas should never be read in rainy season and on two occasions- first, when you are hearing the sound of blowing air at night and second, when dusty air rises upwards as rotating. Reading of Vedas should be also stopped when a dead body lies in the village, in the presence of earning money through wrong ways, when sound of crying starts reaching to your ears and at the place of crowd.
  11. It is absolutely verified principle that one should always speak true and sweet.
  12. One has never to face any type of troubles who follows the principles of good behave and traditions with heart and soul as well as who always be careful about his cleanliness and goes on making arrangement for sacrifice and reads Vedas.
  13. One should need to give respect to his guest by making both his palms closet as bowing. He should offer his own seat to the guest and when they start going, he should follow them.
  14. One should avoid all such works that is responsible for other’s success, but should do such works with heart and should that is responsible for his own success. Depending on other people, things and works, later, create trouble while depending on himself provides every type of pleasures. It is known as common description for joy and sorrow.
  15. Everyone knows that one who earns money by speaking false (untrue), harming others or by wrong ways, is not able to live happily in his life and in this world. Everything of the people, doing evil works, goes on destroying progressively.
  16. One who takes bath in other’s pond without their permission is become the part of sin. If one use other’s vehicles, sleeping place, seat, well, garden, house, etc. without their permission, he has to become ¼ part of their sin.


  1. Knowledge of self abstinence, fire, pure and fresh foods, controlling of internal body parts, water, coating dung, air, religious activity, the sun, time, etc. all these are known as purifiers (cleaners) of worldly creatures. Among all the methods of purifying, earning of money through pure method is considered as the best. One who makes himself with soil and water is not considered as pure. But, actually one is considered as pure who earns money without harming others. The body becomes clean (pure) with water, but internal organs of the body become pure by speaking truth; the soul inside the body becomes pure by pure knowledge and controlling power; and, the mind becomes pure through true knowledge.
  2. In this way, it is said that grass, wood and husk become pure through water. The house becomes pure by cleaning and coating with dung. Earthen pots are made pure by burning on fire again, but the pots which are become impure by wine, urine, pus, blood, stools, etc., do not become pure again even after putting on fire.
  3. Until smell or marks do not being eliminated from a pot due to contact of impure things, it should go on cleaning by rubbing with soil and water.

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