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Can there be a mistake in understanding body language?

Can there be a mistake in understanding body language

Understanding body language :

Now one question will arising in the mind of common people what each symbol of our body language is right?

Such many questions will arise in the knowledge of our body language because there can be a doubt in the language many times which cannot be written, read but it is understood only by the bodily organs.

A person can face big loss even after committing a small mistake so we shall have deep knowledge about body language.

When you want to read the body language standing before you, you will have to observe it in the person standing before you. If the person is speaking tell a lie, a light smile comes on his lips and there is lightness in this smile and eyeballs of the persons move with laughter and his lips shake in this way as they were trembling.

Understanding body language

A kind of little stress comes in eyes and eyebrows. If all these symptoms appear in the person, you should understand that the person is speaking tell a lie but the way of speaking untruth of that person as if he is trying to take you in his grip with the help of this light smile.

Often, you will have to observe those leaders who speak in big rallies and they use emotional words to excite the feeling of common people by stretching the hands. Listener becomes compel to think that this is the leader who can sacrifice everything for the welfare of common people.

Just imagine, a person who is spending thousands rupees in the election will have little feeling for public service because he will have to win the election by your vote but he cannot be leader.

The language which is speaking or the redness of his face, eyeballs of his eyes, moving hands in the air fast are the consequences of his mental feelings but at this time he is not speaking at that time but he wants to fulfill his desires by playing with the feelings of common people. There is lack of truthfulness in his speech comparison to truthfulness.

But people entangle in the grip of their emotional style. They do not know that he is speaking untruth because he spoke such sweet looking things in this way with bodily organs that you become compelled to accept his thing.

Brothers and sisters, I am your servant. Your grief is my grief. Vote me in this election and I will solve all your problems. I will provide, work and home for all and I will get reduced the high rates of the market. I shall not sit until all your deeds get complete. I feel sad by seeing the condition of our country.

He is about to weep by saying so. It is different thing but the tears of the leader cheat you but he starts to weep in this way that you become compelled to think that he is really sad for you. He is flowing tears over your grieves.

Of course, it is one organ of body language but this language cannot be called truth completely. There can be many deceptions in this language. Many people take its help to make people fool. Generally, speaking untruth is becoming an art in this modern age.

We shall have to use our internal power by the help of our conscience. We shall have to read the feelings which originate in his heart by observing the postures of his face-how does he open his mouth? How the eyeballs of the person are dancing? What type of tension is present on his eyebrows? You will know everything at that time when you have knowledge about body language otherwise other persons will cheat you.

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