Vastu Plants- Vastu Shastra for home interiors

Vastu Plants- Vastu Shastra for home interiors

Vegetation Vastu Shastra (Vastu Plants) Inside House

Vastu Plants: If you know properly about the temperature of plants and its light, you can search appropriate place in the gallery, bathroom, and balcony of your house for planting the plants.

Temperature Light
Minimum temperature- 4°C Temperature-10°C Dim (less) light Medium light
Aisparaigan furn Ojeliadus Kentiyapam African violet
Spidistara Sayanariya Parlet pam Ajailiya
Ajailiya Samapras Aeive Bromeliya
Baby tearus Furn Baby tearus Furn
Aeive Pay ————— Philodendron
Primoola Philodendron ————– Phitoniya
Cycus pam Polkadot —————- —————
Silver oak Plant ————— —————
Spider plant —————– ————— ————–

        If you want to decorate your house with plants, first of all you should need to know about their temperature and then you should have examined how much or less the plants absorb sunlight and how much they are becoming hot. You should also need to observe their moisture.

        If sunlight has stayed for 4 to 6 hours in your bathroom, gallery (passage) or room, you can use flowering plants in such places, but if the sunlight is less, you can use house plant. Sometimes, artificial light can also be provided to such plants. It is also necessary to keep these plants under sunlight occasionally.

        If almirah (cupboard) is available in your room or gallery (passage), you can put any beautiful pot plant on it under the bulb.

        The temperature of the bathroom goes on changing frequently and rapidly. The steam coming from geyser generates moist and heat in a bathroom within a minute while in other moments, it changes the bathroom in cold and moist environment. Nature has gifted us different plants for planting is the different condition (environment). According to Vastuvastushastra, fem of such plants can be planted in any place. We can use these plants according to the table given above. If we use plants in our bathroom, gallery, etc., our house would appear as very beautiful and would provide use mental relaxation.

vastu vegetation in the kitchen– Kitchen is the place where women or housewife spend most of her time. It will not wrong to say that the kitchen is the heart of any bungalow, flat and house. In addition to cooking food, many types of other works are done in the kitchen.

        In this modern age, as much refrigerator, microwave, ovum, etc. are required as these plants are also required from making the kitchen updated. It is not too necessary that your kitchen would be extra modern; it can be made more beautiful and good with the help of plants.

        It is a better experience to use or decorate vastu plants inside the kitchen. But, makingthe arrangement of plants on such place is a very difficult task. In the kitchen, there are two major problems related to temperature found- one is the heat of gas and other is cold coming from the refrigerator when it is opened which is not suitable for plants. As well as, family members go on coming and going also in it resulting many times these plants are broken too by crashing. So, selecting a suitable place for the plant is very important.

        It becomes very difficult for sunlight to enter inside the house of earlier time. Sunlight enters in less amount due to having small window or trees in the way of it.

        A fact about the kitchen is considered as the best that it is mostly remained hot. This credit should be given to the devices used for cooking. Water is used in the kitchen abundantly which goes on providing moisture to the plants indirectly.

        Before using plants on small or compact places, first of all, you should need to observe the structure and size of the plants. The plants having round or long leaves should be selected for this place which could show their impacts even in small places.

        Now, a question arises that which color is the best in respect of plants? If the plants would be purchased in green color, it is considered as the best. If one wants to use flowers, he should need to use yellow or pink flowers, but if the pain of the wall is white, using plants having colorful leaves is considered as very good.

Suitable place for vastu plants – According to Vastuvastushastra, if the plants are kept as little higher to the eyes, its impact falls positively. These plants must have properties to alive in the dim or medium light as well as need less water.

        If you want to keep such plants on the working platform or stage, you can keep a few big plants too along with these plants.

For the window of the kitchen

        Windows in the house or kitchen is used for looking outside scenes. So, this place is considered as the best. If small plants would be used on such a place, it is better for these plants as well as outer scene also appears through the window. If sunlight is available on this place, there is no any other places could be searched for flowering plants. This place can be decorated with different types of flowering plants three times in a year- summer, rainy and winter.

        If the outer scene is not good, such window can be covered with climbers (creepers) or branches. Many types of hanging baskets with various kinds of plants can be used at different heights for covering this place.

Different types of seasonal plants for the window of the kitchen-

In the summer season, plants like- portulaka, cochia, selocea, gamphareena, navrang, amaralis, zeeniya, zaipharanthus, etc. can be used for the window of the kitchen.

In the rainy season, Vastu plants  like- amaranyas, balsum, tricolor, brochliya, selesia, canvolvuls, coccscamb, gelardiyasa, French marigold, gamphareena, nicotiyana, zeeniya, pituniya and pithoniya can be used for this place.

In the winter season, Vastu plants  like- alias, enterhynum, aster, chrysanthemum, marigold, daisy, hyenthus, pituniya, panzi, stak and berveena can be used in front of the window of the kitchen. In addition to them, herbs or spices’ plants can be also planted on few places like- aniseed, basil, mint, etc.

Vastu plants  in kitchen utensils (pots) – These utensils may be of brass, copper, china clay, etc. like- saucepan, kettle, bowl, jug, sugar or milk cane, etc. If parlor palm would be planted in a brass kettle, it looks very attractive. For planting croton, pounder using for crushing spices proves very good and beautiful. Plants like the shape of the umbrella can be planted in any big pot or utensil. Fern can be planted in any out dated tea-kettle or any plant can be planted according to your convenience and requirement.

Note– You may get satisfaction (solace) by decorating your kitchen with Vastu plants. It will provide peace and joy to you as well as it appears good for others too. It will also go on protecting from other’s leer (dirty and bad vision).

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