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Vastu Shashatra – An essential part of Life

Vastu Shashatra – An essential part of Life

Relation between life and Vastu Shastra

Every living creature of this world goes on arranging conveniences and comforts continuously for surviving. Human beings do not make (construct) only house, but also make rules and regulations which are essential for living in the society so that their life could pass happily. One makes his/her residence according to his/her needs and wants to live happily in it. The residence, related to his/her joy-sorrows, must be comfortable and defects free completely. Thus, our ancient saints had developed vaastu shaastra according to all these matters, on the basis of which construction work could be done and the people living in it could remain happy and feel comfortable.

vastu shastra was influence every respects of our life up to 200 years, but as soon as the Brithishers start governing our India, this miracle science will start destroying (affecting). The people starts believe it as imposture instead of giving importance to it. The people are very confused (timid) in respect to religion. As soon even little difficulty comes in their life as they start searching such a help that could provide relief to them from their pain. This is the reason why this type of shaastra (science) will start requiring. In modern time, it is required almost in every field.

The word ‘Vaastu’ is derived from vastu (articles/objects). Any type of planning and constructed article comes under it, but in Rig-Veda, the word ‘Vaastu’ is considered as the construction of house. The vaastu shaastra has originated from the God named ‘Vastu’. According to puranas, a huge creature had taken birth in ancient time, after looking Him Indra, etc. god had surprised and feared, because His body had been spread in the entire world. All the Gods, together, had pushed Him on the earth, resulting His head and legs had become towards north-east and south-west respectively. Brahma Ji had given a name called ‘Vaastu Purush’ to Him, who sleeps on the ground.

In the body of Vaastu Purush lied down with His head downwards, shikhyadi devs are established, but uttan devs should be remembered while worshiping. It is the rule of worshiping as well as construction of 81 koshthatmak articles in grihkarma and 84 koshthatmak in Prasad. Therefore, the vishwakarma, first of all, had told the methods of making lay out and construction of house, called vaastu shaastra.

In 11th century, maharaja Bhojdey had written a boon named ‘Samarangan sutradhar’ which is verified grantha (book) of vaastu shaastra. In this book, the entire nation, cities, colonies, assembly halls, different types of bed, seats, etc. as well as other in which the rules of vaastu shaastra have been followed are welfare.

No one is unknown from this fact that human body has made up from five elements- earth, water, sky, air and fire. If all these elements are found in human life as balanced, it passes happily and peacefully. Intellect is balanced and one gets joy and satisfaction in his/her life after taking high decision.

As like the earth revolves as the other planets also revolves. The impacts of gravitational force, magnetic force and electro magnetic force fallen on the earth are only the basic principles of vaastu shaastra. The same forces are also present in the constructed house which gives auspicious or inauspicious result after influencing the electro magnetic force of human body.

This vastu shastra content has been written by Super Thirty Team reading vasttu books.

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