Vastu Shastra for Home

Vastu for House

Vastu Shastra for Home: Normally, men take the word ‘Vastu’ in the sense of building (house). In fact, the word ‘Vastu’ is made up of the word ‘Vastu’ (article) which means ‘That is present’ or ‘That is in power’ and the Shaastra (study) of Vastu (articles) is called Vastu Shastra.

All kinds of information related to Vastu Shastra is given here.

Vastu Shastra Tips & Information:

Origin of Vaastu Purusha
Origin of Vaastu Purusha

Among all the gurus of vaastu shaastra, one was known as ‘Vishwakarma’, he has described about Vaastu Purusha in his approved grantha named ‘Vishwakarma prakash’- Tamev vaastu purusham brahma samasrijatprabhuh….

Secular Architecture of Ancient India

Secular Architecture of Ancient India : It is true that stone’s architecture had been restricting in the living house in ancient India for long time. Stones were used only to build houses…

Vaastu Shastra bathroom
Prayer of Veda and Hindu Word

Prayer of Veda and Hindu Word The people of ancient Persia were call the whole India where Sindhu river was flow as ‘Hindu’, because they were use ‘S’ as ‘H’,…

Vastu And Five Elements
Vastu And Five Elements

VAASTU AND PANCHTATVA (FIVE ELEMENTS) This world has been created with five elements, which are as follow- Sky Air Earth Water Fire All the principles of vastu shastra have been…

How to remove Vastu Dosh from home

PLANET RELATED VAASTU DOSHA OF A HOUSE House constructing through vaastushaastra- Solving family dispute or quarreling through the sarpanch of village is right. Boundary wall, pond, house, farm, gardens, bandha,…

प्रवेश द्वार की सजावट
Super 30 Vastu Tips – वास्तु के अनुसार दरवाजे, स्तंभ और पेड़ का माहत्व

सिंह द्वार और मुख्य द्वार– गृह स्वामी की राशि के अनुसार, मुख्य द्वार बनाने की अपेक्षा अनुकूल स्थिति को देखकर उसे बनाना कहीं उचित है क्योंकि मकान की संरचना उस…

Vaastu Shastra bathroom
Vaastu Principles for a Bathroom

BATHROOM As like other rooms have their own importance in a house as a bathroom has also its own importance. In vaastu shaastra, the bathroom (SnanGhar) has been considered as…

Vastu Tips for Home Construction
Vastu Tips for Home Construction

Few important facts and advice for starting construction Before constructing any type of house, it is very important to perform a few particular religious activities (worship or prayer), which are…

House Construction Astrology - Vastu Tips
House Construction Astrology

Before starting a house construction on any type of plot or piece of land, it is better to get information about the yoga (conjuncture) of the master of that plot…


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