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Vastu for House

Vastu Shastra for Home: Normally, men take the word ‘Vastu’ in the sense of building (house). In fact, the word ‘Vastu’ is made up of the word ‘Vastu’ (article) which means ‘That is present’ or ‘That is in power’ and the Shaastra (study) of Vastu (articles) is called Vastu Shastra.

All kinds of information related to Vastu Shastra is given here.

Vastu Shastra Tips & Information:

वास्तुशास्त्र के सम्पूर्ण नियम और जानकारियां
Vastu Shastra and Rang Shastra

Importance of Colors in Home Design Page Contents: Ranshastra Color analysis Importance of Pa-well in the selection of colors Soil Smell Colour and its role in Home Decor Color therapy…

कैसे दूर करें जमीन वास्तु दोष - Vastu Tips in Hindi

There are two types of industrial units. First is one which is lie in town (city) and second is one which is established in any other industrial area. City industry–…

Pacification of Harmful Planets through Herbs

Pacification of Sinister (Harmful) Planets through Simples (Herbs)  Pacification of Harmful Planets through Herbs         For pacification of sinister planets and lessening their inauspicious effects of the people of this…

House Construction Astrology - Vastu Tips

The name ‘Vaastu shaastra’ or ‘Vaastu dosha (defect)’ given by God has its own three characteristics- Char (moving/mortile) vaastu. Sthir (static/unmovable) vaastu. Nitya (eternal) vaastu. Char (moving/mortile) vaastu – In…

Origin of Vaastu Purusha
Origin of Vaastu Purusha

Among all the gurus of vaastu shaastra, one was known as ‘Vishwakarma’, he has described about Vaastu Purusha in his approved grantha named ‘Vishwakarma prakash’- Tamev vaastu purusham brahma samasrijatprabhuh….

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