Vastu Shastra – In the View of History

Vastu Shastra - science of architecture

Well, in Indian history, vastu shastra (the science of architecture) and crafts were already present, but especially work had been done on it when Aryan had come in India. We get information from ‘Rig-Veda’ that astrology had been discovered and studied in India thousands of years ago. The Indian saint and sages had studied well on its principle, rules, etc. in ancient time. They had divided the predictive astrology into different categories; one of them is ‘vastu shastra.’

The word ‘Vastu’ is derived from article and it is required for any type of architecting in this world which comes under vastu. But, the relation of vastu has been described as the building of houses in Rig-Veda. The principle of vastu shastra (architecture) is based on five basic elements in respect of its rising and structure.

It has been written in kathopanishad that any structure i.e. small or big in this world, has been made with five elements. It has been described in the vastu shastra that house should be made from natural sources of five elements like- sky, air, fire, water and earth.

It has been written in ‘Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta’ that all the works are being completed actually through natural properties.
In Rig-Veda, it has been described about the best ways of constructing house. We had come to know through the remnant (remains) of the cities of Harappa and mohan jodro obtained that how arranged the houses of their cities had constructed at that period (150 B.C.)? As well as Boddha stoop of the period of kanishka had also found. Through the information about ayodhya city described in the Ramayana scripted by Balmikim, we come to know about the origin of vastu shastra.

The palace of moryan emperor named Chandra Gupta located in patliputra was the greatest in beauty and hugeness. In India, the royal palace ‘Devshilp’ constructed by Vishwakarma was the miracle example of vastu shastra.

The royal palace of mughals is admirable example of vastu shastra. The temple of God Venketshwar Tirupati, located in south India, is based just on the principles of vastu shastra. The entrance of it is present in the east and the water source of it is present in north-east. This temple has been considered as the most prosperous (glorious).

Besides India, vastu shastra is know by different names in other countries and has been popular from thousands of years due to its geographical condition. All the scholars have gotten information after studying it about invisible energy which had been used in the construction house, because the geographical conditions of every country are different to each other.

The cultural history of China is also very old and confused. It had been discovered thousands of years ago that our atmosphere has such waves which impacts on human life. It had been also discovered that these waves have both negative and positive characters (properties).

The foreigners had been attacking on India continuously up to 150 years, resulting people lives had been affected as well as extra care had been followed for maintaining their existence. As a result of it, we had gone on forgetting our ancient sciences and arts; had gone on becoming helpless to adopt their arts, languages and cultures. But, Indian life instinct (will to live) was very strong; it had changed even the affected cultures in its colors and had given birth to new same culture and civilization.

On the last decades of 20th century, when few western (foreign) scholars had attracted towards Indian vastu shastra, they had been surprised and then realize that as much information about vastushashatra and art is available in Indian books as it is not anywhere. When they had started to adopt its properties, we had also started to attract towards vastushashatra and arts. After that, vastushashatra had worn (take) a very important place in Indian society.

This vastu shastra content has been written by Super Thirty Team reading vasttu books.

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