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Jyotish Tantra - Vastu Shastra

Tips of Vastu Shastra for Building Construction

Two parts have been described in Vaastu Shastra for construction of a house. A triangular area from north-west to south-east till north-east is known as sun area and from north-west to south-east, till south-west is known as moon area. Construction should be done more and heavy in moon area comparison to sun area. The construction of verandah is lighter. So, it should always be constructed in the north-east direction. North and east directions are also considered as auspicious for the construction of a verandah. The pillar of a verandah should always be round.

        Instruction about the construction of verandah has been described in Vrihatsanhita that a verandah or gallery should be constructed outside the floor area of a house equal to 1/3 part of the length or breadth of rooms. According to Vrihatsanhita, a verandah can be also constructed in any of four directions.

        A balcony should always be constructed in north and east directions. If a balcony is already located towards west and south directions, the balcony of east and north directions must be bigger than it so that maximum benefits of north and east directions could be obtained.

        Terrace should also be constructed always in the north-east direction. Besides it, a terrace can be constructed also in east and north direction. Its height must be kept as lower than the height of a house.

        Door’s shade should have lower than the house’s height like a terrace. It should be constructed in the northern or eastern north-east direction. The pillar, outside the door’s shade, should be constructed as round.

        A portico should be constructed in north-east direction because it is considered as very auspicious according to Vaastu Shastra. Its height should be kept always lower than the height of a house. It is constructed to protect the vehicles from sunlight and rain. Terrace and portico is the same construction, but they can be constructed differently to each other.

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