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Atmanirbhar Success Plan

Vestige Marketing Plan Now Provides

👉🏻 9 Ways to Earn Income Plan through Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Retail Profits: 10-20%
  2. Performance Bonus: 5-11%
  3. Bronze Director Bonus: 4% (Bronze Director Only)
  4. Business Building Bonus: 14% (Silver and Above)
  5. Leadership Overriding Bonus: 16%
  6. Travel Fund: 5% (Upto 5 levels only)
  7. Car Fund: 5%
  8. House Fund: 3%
  9. Elite Club Bonus: 2% (DCD & DUCD Only)

👉🏻 Performance Bonus: 5% to 11%

  • 1 to 599PV: 5%
  • 600 to 2399PV: 8%
  • 2400 to 5499PV: 10%
  • 5500PV: 11% (Bronze Director level completed)

👉🏻 Fast Start Promotions in Atmanirbhar Success Plan:

  • Fast Start 8%: 282PV
  • Fast Start Bronze Director-4500PV

👉🏻 Qualification Rules:

  • You can maintain your Bronze Director Level with 2001 PV Like old Plan.
  • All Crown Director and Above, Your Downline Maintain Same level, you will 1+3 depth Lob.

👉🏻 Business Rules in Vestige Atmanirbhar Success Plan:

  • Car Fund: 80,000 per Month
  • House Fund: 100,000 per Month
  • Elite Club Fund: 20, 00,000 per Month

Note: This Plan Will be Valid from June 2020 to Dec 2020

👉🏻 Vestige Company is running in world 9 countries:

India, Nepal, UAE-Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Oman, Thailand, Ghana

About Vestige:

👉🏻 Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd .: Vestige is India’s most famous and No.1 company in Direct Selling Business (Network Marketing). This is a platform in which you can earn millions of rupees every month without investing.

👉🏻 If you trust your hard work, then you can earn millions of rupees every month by joining Vestige. Making money and earning again and again are two different things. In this case, Vestige is the best company from which you can earn millions of rupees every month.

To get the income from Vestige Atmanirbhar Success Plan, you have to do 7 tasks daily which are given below-

✔️ 1. Using 100% products.
✔️ 2. To inform people about the product.
✔️ 3. Listing.
✔️ 4. Inviting.
✔️ 5. Show plan.
✔️ 6. Teamwork.
✔️ 7. To follow up.

Some products used daily:

(If you use these products at home, then you should buy it only from the Vestige Store to start your business)
✔️ 1- Soap
✔️ 2- Hair oil
✔️ 3- Tooth paste
✔️ 4- hand wash
✔️ 5- DEO
✔️ 6- Detergent
✔️ 7 – Wash Wash
✔️ 8- Cream
✔️ 9- Powder
✔️ 10- Mouthwash
✔️ 11- Shaving cream
✔️ 12- Cooking oil
✔️ 13- Tea
✔️ 14- Coffee

CNT Program with Atmanirbhar Success Plan

Many more products which can be seen by clicking on the link below-

Vestige Registration

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Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Whatsapp and Mobile No. : 8368985305

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Join Vestige and earn more money per month

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