Vestige Dynamic Leader Mrs Lisa Kashyap

Vestige Dynamic Leadership

Mrs Lisa Kashyap

Meet Mrs Lisa Kashyap, a homemaker from Noida who joined Vestige in the month of August 2019. In three months she has achieved the level of Silver Director and is now availing Travel fund from the company as well. She has not only secured a regular monthly income but has also helped other members of the group in achieving the same.

Why Vestige?

We all buy various products like Flour, Pulses, Oil,Tea,Coffee, Toothpaste, Cosmetics etc.. from departmental stores every month. These are the basic needs of our life. But do you know buying your regular monthly grocery and daily need products from Vestige can make all your dreams start changing into reality in just 12 months? Yes, within a year you can start earning Rs 5 lacs per month!!! And that also without any kind of investment.

How? Let us understand!!!

Earning Plan example:

  1. You buy regular monthly products worth 100 PV (Point Value) every month. Purchase can be done through Best Deals App and Vestige POS app. Explore both apps, find the products you need and no of PV you collect on purchase. (100 PV can be collected in Rs 3000 also and in higher amounts also. It depends on the products you choose.)
  2. Add 1 person every month to buy products worth 100 PV. It is not difficult as Everyone does the monthly purchase from somewhere, what you are asking is only to change the shop.
  3. Every person in the group does the same.

Let’s see how the results are going to be:

Vestige Monthly Income Results

Vestige KBC First Month Income Plan


Vestige KBC Second Month Income Plan


Vestige KBC Third Month Income Plan


Vestige KBC Fourth Month Income Plan


Vestige KBC FifthMonth Income Plan


Vestige KBC Sixth Month Income Plan


Vestige KBC Seventh Month Income Plan


Vestige KBC Eighth Month Income Plan


Vestige KBC Ninth Month Income Plan


Vestige KBC Tenth Month Income Plan


Vestige KBC Eleventh Month Income Plan


Vestige KBC Twelfth Month Income Plan


Same methodology with 30 PV will result in more than Rs 2 lakhs every month after a year.

Have any queries? Or want to join Vestige, Call or Whatsapp at 9313339302.

Vestige Online Joining Form

उपर दी गई फार्म को भरने के बाद, ID वेरिफिकेशन के लिए आप अपने Aadhar, Voter Id या Driving License का फोटो या कोई भी Identify proof नीचे दी गई Whatsapp Button पर क्लिक करके Send करें।

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Mrs Lisa Kashyap | Vestige Dream Team

StateMobile No.
Kolkatha ,Odisha9331828320
Bihar ,Jharkhand9971632199
Uttar Pradesh , Uttarakhand8958058058
Asam ,Mumbai9971799710

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