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What is vastu shastra?

vaastu shastra - vastu tips

What is Vastu Shastra? – As much requirement the human beings have in their life for eating and drinking as they have requirement of residence i.e. house to live in. The residence (house) is one of the basic needs (requirements) of everyone. All the people have desire to have their own house in which they could live with their family happily.

Each of the people has only one dream that his/her own house is very good in all respects as well as could provide all types of happiness and joys (auspicious results). But, we should need to build our desired house according to shashtriya methods. It is essential to follow the rules of Vastu Shastra while constructing your own house. The house or any other building constructed by ignoring the rules of vastu shastra is not as much benefited (auspicious) as one have desired as well as he/she has to face many types of troubles and accidents. So, our ancient saints had developed vastu shastra (vaastu science) on the basis of their hard works and experiences. In it, they had advised everyone to follow different types of rules on the place of living (residence) so that reciprocal adjustment could be established between human being and nature, because if any type of unbalance will be found between them, the human being will have to face various types of troubles and problems. The art of establishing balance between human being and nature is just known as Vastu Shastra.

The earth and its extent (magnitude)

In this world created by God, our solar system is very important for us. The sun is the center of our solar system

The nature (eagerness) of knowing and understanding anything is found inside human beings from their birth and as a result of it; today various types of discoveries have been completed in this world. It is only due to the eagerness of human beings that they have been going on from pashan yug (Stone Age) to this atomic age (modern age). It is not required to say that whatever discoveries have been completed from seventh century till this modern time, are very important for human life. But, all these discoveries prove only the facts described in Vedic grantha (books). For illustration- Western civilization was believe the earth as the shape of plate till few years ago and the sun revolves around the earth. The modern science was not sure about attraction between them, the gravitational force of attraction of the earth, magnetism and its magnetic power, movements, etc. they had come to know about the composition (conjugation) and separation of atoms and molecules very late. It is needed to know even today about attraction, earth’s gravitational force of attraction, magnetism and movements.

The earth is working as such a magnetic pind which is giving flow to the magnetic force from North Pole to South Pole. In addition to them, there is no any part of the earth which is not influenced by gravitational force. Its wide impact is falling on living and non-living creatures. Tilting the earth on its axis at 23½ degree, revolving around the sun in its orbit, becoming the sun northern and southern, etc. all these together make the earth as very important. Few rules of this world is known by following mantras-

Twam Som Pitribhih Sanvidanoanudhava Prithivi Atatanth.

Means, the moon revolves around the earth on its orbit and sometimes comes also in between the sun and the earth. The sun is full of light and the earth has no any light, but the sun and other planets always revolve on their orbits.

On the basis of Vedgyan after thinking over it and doing many experiments, Indian saints had created all the four upveda- Rig-Veda to Ayur-Veda, Arth-Veda to Dhanur-Veda, Arth-Veda to Arth-Veda and Sam-Veda to Gandharva-Veda, etc. for human welfare. The most advantageous thing of Vedic Vangmay is that whatever work is done for human welfare, had converted in human life style after making it as the part of religion. After all the four Vedas, the most useful grantha the Indian saints had created and had made as the part of life style, is called vastu shastra. After that, manusmriti and six darshan- number, justice, yoga, vaisheshik, north meemansa and east meemansa are very important for world welfare.

Getting religion, artha, kam, moksha by Vastu Shastra

The Vastu Shastra is the science of art and practical work that supports in getting all the four purushartha- Dharma, Artha, Kam and Moksha in addition to provide pleasure, peace and prosperity to human beings.

Dharma- Dhariyati Iti Dharmah i.e. whatever is suitable to adopt in any field of life is the Dharma.

Artha- Getting Artha according to dharma only must be the target of human beings.

Kam- after getting Artha along with follow the dharma, fulfilling your desires is the kam.

Moksha- When any human being achieves Artha and Kam according to religion, he/she should try for getting peace and moksha at every possibility.

Chaturvarga Phala Praptislalokshwa Bhaved Dhruwam.

Shilyashastra Parigyananmatyorapi Suranta Brajet.

In other words, all the four purusharthas- Dharma, Artha, Kam and Moksha are achieved by the complete knowledge of shilpshastra. It is absolutely true like poles.

Necessities of ideal building (house) in Veda – Vastu Shastra fulfills all the requirements of each field of life as well as determines their rules and boundaries. It has been advised in Vedas that what are the requirements of human being and how the building has constructed. It has been scripted in Arthaveda-

Havirdhanamagnishalam Patninam Sadanam Sadah.

Sado devanamasi Devi Shale.

Means, hawan materials and place for it mush have in an ideal house (building). The living place for women (female) must also have in it so that her dignity would remain safe. This type of house should also have living place, sitting place, meeting place, activity place, etc. for men (male). It should also have separate room for bathing, eating, worshiping, etc. Therefore, an ideal house should be divine and comfortable like this.

In Arthaveda, the mantras used in the Vedic construction of house are the base of vastu shastra.

The fundamental (basic) principle of Vastu- It has been described in Yajurveda that-

Kim Va Vapanam Mahatta.

Means, which area is big and which area has the place for keeping sthul materials.

As the answer, it has been said in next mantras that-

Bhumiravapanam mahatta.

Means, the earth is the place of keeping sakar things and is the big farm of sowing seeds or is the place of construction.

Basically, Vastu and nature are one in respect of sthul and the nature is made up of Sata, Raza and Tama. After disaster, during the condition of incomplete creation, all these- Sata, Raza and Tama are in the state of equilibrium. In the condition of creation, the panchmahabhutas (basic elements) – sky, air, fire, water and earth are being formed by the activeness of all these three properties- Sata, Raza and Tama. Other creations of this world have been formed from these panchabhutas.

The basic (fundamental) principle of Vastu is taking the sthul and tiny effects of nature in favor of human beings only. Any type of construction should be done in such a way that this type of sthul and tiny effects of nature would support to the users in their daihik, physical and meditative progress i.e. whatever construction would be done, would done favorable to five elements but would not be unfavorable to them. As a result of it, the thinking power and working ability of human beings will work properly otherwise complications and difficulties will be appeared in every fields of their life due to unbalancing in their thoughts and working ability, because human body is also God created thing. The human body is also a unique and miracle creation made up of five elements in which the God has give space for unlimited ability and the human beings had created Vastu Shastra by using these abilities.

Meaning of vastu shastra

Normally, men take the word ‘Vastu’ in the sense of building (house). In fact, the word ‘Vastu’ is made up of the word ‘Vastu’ (article) which means ‘That is present’ or ‘That is in power’ and the shastra (study) of vastu (articles) is called vastu shastra.

It (vastu shastra) consists of the planning of constructing the entire nation and cities as well as small houses and the articles used in them, etc. but normally it is connected with the art of constructing buildings.

According to another belief, the word ‘Vastu’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Vaas’ which means ‘to reside’. The word ‘Vastu’ is not related to the construction of building only, but its area is very broad and wide. vastu shastra is not a modern topic, but its importance has been adopting (following) from periods of time.

In modern age, the importance of vaastu has been limited only to man made house, but the purpose (intension) and area of vaastu, which is established, is to plan for the constructing of not only temples, statue, dams, road, residence (house), but is much ahead from them. Thus, we can say that no any science, other than the principles of vastu shaastra, can prove that the house has been constructed properly or not.

If any construction has been done against the rules of vastu, the people working or living there have to face unnecessary problems and mental restlessness (anxiety). In other hand, if the rules of vastu would be followed in the construction of house (building), all the divine powers provide auspicious result to the people living or working in such house (building). In ancient time, the construction of building (house) was only an art and considered as an auspicious and religion culture (activities) and life element.

Importance of the sun in Indian ‘Vastu’- In India, the sun has gotten the most important place. In Indian religious provision, the rules of doing worship and prayer of the sun have been coming from Vedic age. Praying of the sun after getting up in the morning has been coming from ancient time. The principles of Vastu Shastra have been determined by considering the position of sun and its impacts falling on the universe. The sunlight and its heat have their own important places in the principles of vastu.

These principles have been made in such a way so that the energy provided through natural sources could be used positively. In vastu shastra, it has been fully tried to establish adjustment with the nature so that a house could be constructed according to it and the people living in such house could get good health, happiness and peace.

On the earth, the most important place is given to the sun among all the planets, because the life cycle of human beings and plant kingdom is being influenced only by sunlight. The sun provides heat and light to the entire world. Life is possible on the earth only by the heat of the sun. The sun and its heat go on influencing ones’ life every moment. The directions have also their importance in the view of getting energy from the sun.

According to vastu principles, a house (building) should be constructed in such a way so that any type of disturbance would not appear in the way of life giving sunrays. The chief rule of Vastu Shastra is that the southern part of the house must be higher than the northern part of it. In this respect, another rule is that the eastern part of the house must be lower than the western part. Like this, the east and north directions of the house must have enough open place so that morning sunrays could fall on the house directly and the people living in such house could get its benefits.

Vastu and magnetic field

Magnetic field is another powerful (influential) factor of Vastu. On the earth, this type of magnetic force flows from North Pole to South Pole. The human body acts also like that magnetic North Pole. So, it is particularly kept in the mind that any type of disturbance would not appear in the way of magnetic waves, because if the physical energy of human beings and the magnetic waves flowing in their living place (residence) will not have proper balance between them, there is no doubt that its negative (inauspicious) result will fall on them resulting they will have to face various types of troubles.

The position of north and south magnetic poles must be parallel or vertical to the front wall or passage of the plot (land), but not here and there to it. The north and south magnetic pole of the land (plot) should not be more than 90° otherwise disturbance will appear or the energy cycle will not be completed in the north and south poles resulting each of the people living there will have to face its inauspicious result. Thus, for proper flow of magnetic waves without any disturbance, the main rule of vastu shastra is that the head must be towards the south direction and the legs towards the north direction while sleeping. If one sleeps with his/her head towards the north direction, he/she may become the victim of problems like- insomnia (sleeplessness), tension, etc.

Vastu and nature

This universe has created with panchatatvas (five elements) – earth, fire, water, air and sky. All these five elements are the nature. Its actual balance is called natural balance. The changes go on taking place in arrival and time-period of weathers due to this natural unbalance. Extreme cold and hot weathers as well as heavy rain are the result of the unbalancing of these five elements.

The proper balance of only these five elements in the construction of building (house) gives happiness and mental peace to the people living in it. If these five elements will not be balanced properly in the house, there is no doubt that the life of the people living in such house will be full of restlessness and troubles.

It can be understood also like this, for illustration- the human body is made up of these five elements and when he/she is suffered from various types of diseases, the surroundings of the house is also influenced by it and its affects fall on the people livings in such house resulting different types of troubles are occurred also in their personal life.

As like the disease is treated through medicines, operation (surgery), etc. as it is important to eliminate vastu defects for proper balancing of these five elements and for purifying the affected surroundings of the house.

Vastu means- following rules. By following rules completely, human being can get all types of happiness and prosperity against their luck, because they have to endure whatever the God has written in their luck, but the defects of their luck can be lessened much by following the rules of vastu. Because, if the luck is weak and also have vastu defects, it is impossible for them to get success. If vastu defects would be eliminated, try may be much successful, but the luck can not be changed. So, the human beings must have to follow vastu rules.

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