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Super 30 Students

In JEE Advanced Result 2019, Anand Kumar‘s super-30 students got big success. This time, 18 of Super 30 students have been successful in IIT Entrance examination.

Let me say, in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2017, all Super 30 Students were successful in the JEE- IIT Entrance examination. After that his discussion of his institution started in the country and abroad. This year, the number of successful candidates was less than last year. On this, Anand said that the number does not matter to them.

26 students of super 30 got success last year

26 students in 30 students last year got success in JEE IIT Entrance. Let us know, apart from free coaching, these super 30 students also have their own living and dining arrangements. Anand Kumar’s mother Jayanti Devi cooks for the students.

Anand Kumar operates Super 30 institution, claimed that his 18 students succeeded in JEE- IIT Entrance. He has also released a list of Super 30 Students. The best rating in this category is the 162 category rank Sachin, who has 700 categories, Neeraj Kumar has 950 categories and Sonu Kumar has got 835 category rank. Here the maximum rank is 16196. This time Anand Kumar had released a list of all the 30 students who had joined JEE Advance a day before the results of JE Advance came to an end. Anand Kumar expressed hope that successful students will be admitted to IIT.

Super 30 Students go success in 2019

It is worth mentioning that JEE (Advanced), 2019 results were announced on Friday in which Maharastra Gupta Kartikeya Chandresh topped the list. Out of total 1,61,319 candidates who have passed the first and second paper of the examination, 38,705 candidates have passed. There are 5,356 girls in successful test takers. First in Gupta Kartikeya Chandresh’s Common Rank List (CRL) of Ballarpur in Maharashtra. They got 346 out of 372 marks. Shabnam Sahay topped the girls. They got 308 points out of 372.

15 students of Abhayanand Super 30 have succeeded in JEE advance. From here 21 students took the exam. Satyam Kumar has got 2160 ranks here. Among other children, Mayank has been given 4100, Mayank Kumar 2421, Sabyasachi 6629, Sita Sharan Ram in SC category 880, Abhishek 4768, Harshit Alok 22106, Rupesh 15296, Experience Kumar 1301, Abhishek Tiwari 11102, Aryan Dubey in heaven 3491, Ankit Kumar got 3739, Ravi Kumar 9194, Anurag Singh 13200 and Nandan Kumar got 3482 ranks. Urmila Singh Pratap Singh Foundation has congratulated the students. In the Director’s campaign, the students wished the bright future of the students.

Super 30 founder, Anand Kumar is famous for giving coaching to the students of the IIT Entrance to the poor students in Patna. Anand Kumar started Ramanujan School of Mathematics. While preparing for the entrance exam for children on ordinary fees. Despite having lower fees, some children could not get admission here. After that, Anand Kumar established Super 30 in the year 2002. Explain, Super 30 is an educational program, where 30 poor and promising children are given free coaching for IITs.

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