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5 Benefits & Uses of CBD Oil You Should Know!

Modern times have afforded us a lot of luxuries that the people of the previous generation only saw as impossible. We now have better healthcare, more convenience, and technology is advancing so rapidly we could barely keep up. Despite all these, there are still things we struggle to achieve, one of which is achieving health and wellness. There are many philosophies and theories around this topic. Many more people have come forward and claimed to have unlocked the secret to a healthy lifestyle. A somewhat controversial and often debated topic in regards to this is the use of CBD. Many have claimed this to be the latest wonder drug. This article aims to explore the many benefits of CBD products. Read on and find out.

  1. Pain Relief

There has been a lot of excitement over the years when it comes to medical marijuana. They’ve hailed it as the next wonder drug, able to cure so many ailments and conditions. One such use of the product that gets people really talking is in pain relief. Historians have uncovered that for thousands of years, humans have used cannabis for different cures and for thousands of years, it has proven to be effective and safe.

In the subject of pain, it’s important to discuss how experts classify it. Pain can be grouped into three different flavors. There’s neuropathic pain that’s caused by nerve damage or inflammation. There’s acute pain resulting from an injury or tissue damage. And then there’s centralized pain that’s a little harder to characterize other than it constitutes conditions that are chronic in nature.

Cannabidiol, when used in conjunction with THC, has been shown to produce analgesic effects that can alleviate neuropathic pain. Another study published in 2017 also showed “conclusive evidence” that cannabis is effective in treating chronic pain. That’s not to say that everyone should be using CBD every time they get a migraine. Many of these studies are small and done in a short period. Further research is still needed on this topic.

  1. Anxiety

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a type of oil extracted from the cannabis plant. It contains compounds called cannabinoids that bind to receptors in the brain-altering its function and processes. The most popular type of cannabinoid compound is THC, largely responsible for causing the high that people feel when they use marijuana.

Cannabidiol also binds to special receptors in the brain but unlike THC, it doesn’t produce a high. Many supporters of CBD advocate its many health benefits from slowing the growth of cancer cells to address some mental health issues, one of which is anxiety.

Research on cannabis products has primarily focused on marijuana rather than CBD oil along. Studies have suggested that cannabis may help with anxiety. Others are suggesting that having anxiety is already a risk factor for recreational marijuana use. Still, others claim that users of marijuana are more vulnerable to anxiety. A small study conducted in 2010 found that CBD can reduce symptoms of social anxiety. Subjects reported feeling better in social situations, after consuming CBD products.

  1. Helps with Cancer Symptoms

Many people have turned to alternative medicine when it comes to dealing with cancer and all its associated symptoms. Scientists are also looking to CBD as a potential aid for cancer treatment. While marijuana might get people high, hemp does not which is why CBD is derived from hemp. It doesn’t have any psychoactive properties but it offers a lot of health benefits.

Treatments for cancer like chemotherapy and radiation therapy produce many side effects like nausea and vomiting and appetite loss. Research has suggested that cannabinoids found in cannabis plants can help ease neuropathic pain, poor appetite, and nausea related to cancer treatment. CBD is also found to have anti-inflammatory properties as well as anti-anxiety properties.

In fact, there have been many CBD and marijuana-based drugs that have been approved for public use. One is Epidiolex used for the treatment of two rare types of epilepsy common in children. The two others are derived from marijuana and have been approved for the treatment of nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy. They are Dronabinol and Nabilone.

  1. Acne Cure

Here’s some news that will really get a lot of people excited over getting a medical marijuana card online from Apollo, there’s leading proof that CBD can cure acne. For years, many cannabis companies have been trying to break into the skincare world and have been advertising many of their products like CBD oil as the next best remedy for acne and wrinkles. It seems they’ve been right all along.

Since CBD is derived from natural, plant-based sources, they’re immediate health to health-conscious people. Derived from hemp, CBD oil marketed as a skincare product doesn’t cause users to feel high since it has no or very low THC levels.

Meanwhile, leading research about acne concludes that it’s an inflammatory condition with multiple triggering factors. CBD oil has been shown to be quite an effective anti-inflammatory agent and has been proven to help with acne-prone skin. Also, CBD can also help reduce sebum production, a major contributing factor to acne breakout.

  1. CBD for Diabetes

There has been a lot of buzzes lately about CBD being able to help with people suffering from diabetes. Although the study is still in its infancy, there is a lot of promise especially now that cannabis products are gaining a lot of attention and popularity from the general public.

Human and animal studies have explored CBD’s effects on blood sugar levels, insulin levels, as well as inflammation which is one complication arising from diabetes. And although there is still no study to date that conclusively proves that CBD oil can lower the risk of developing diabetes in humans, its effects on addressing some of the symptoms of diabetes have shown a lot of promise.

In particular, a study using mice has shown that non-obese diabetic mice had a lower risk of developing diabetes when they were treated with CBD. Another study that explores inflammation revealed that CBD may help in offsetting some of the tissue damage that results from diabetes.

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