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6 Ways Technology Is Changing Ecommerce

6 Ways Technology Is Changing Ecommerce

Nowadays, people have been so dependent on technology. Almost all of the world’s population are online active users. Plus, almost everyone in the world owns a high-tech gadget of some sort. It goes without saying, technology is impacting how we go about our daily routine. It affects how we read the news daily, how we check the weather, how we secure our homes, and most especially – how we shop for products and services.

Indeed, the eCommerce space is the one aspect in business that is impacted by technology, and for good reasons. Here are six ways technology is changing eCommerce for the better.

1. Better, smarter consumer choices

Before consumers commit and buy products online, they mostly visit review sites such as One way technology has contributed to better and smarter consumer choices is through review sites like this. The online space has offered people to be more vocal about products and services. It has become a channel for consumers to express what they think about certain products and services. Due to this, other buyers will be enlightened and will make better and smarter choices.


2. Artificial intelligence

AI is undeniably welcome in the eCommerce space. It provides users a seamless buying experience. Instead of being entertained by a real person, an eCommerce store can ask questions as to what the users are looking for exactly. Users can then choose several options and AI can lead users to the precise products or services they’re looking for.

3. Chat bots

Chat bots are definitely a staple in every eCommerce or company website. Chat bots provide customers better browsing and shopping experience by entertaining them once they land on the home page. Moreover, chat bots also foster client relationships by bridging the gap between humans and technology. Last but not least, chat bots can entertain your customers 24/7. When online stores go the extra mile with chat bots, customers will appreciate the brands more.

4. Versatile payment options

Security is a crucial element when running an eCommerce store. Shopping and paying online is one of the things that makes people hesitant to buy online instead of brick-and-mortar stores. Giving out vital information such as personal details and credit card information can sometimes be unsecured. But due to high-tech encryption technology, websites can assure customers that their data is kept safe and encrypted from end to end.

Moreover, if customers don’t want to pay with credit cards, they can opt for other payment methods. They can pay through PayPal, Bitcoin, or bank transfer.

5. In-app shopping

Social media channels are becoming a go-to pastime for online active users. It provides entertainment and the eCommerce space is leveraging social media channels for more sales. Social media networks now offer in-app shopping features. This way, while users are browsing, they can directly purchase from the social media channel without even leaving the app.

6. More advertising opportunities

Technology has given equal opportunities for big and small online businesses. Small online businesses can now level the playing field by paying for their ads. Online advertising is undeniably a more cost-efficient method compared to traditional advertising. That being said, technology brings more success for startups and small online businesses.

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