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Job consultancy in India

What do you know about Job Consultancy?

Job Consultancy

In a country like India, where even today due to unemployment, some students start studying for government jobs as soon as they give 12th class exams, some people are left in search of jobs. In this situation some employees upload their resumes on the website, some go direct and some run towards Job Consultancy.

Job offers

When some students start to search jobs on the internet, they get very good job offers at many different sector and area, in which they apply, they are told on 15 thousand to 18 thousand salary calls and Youth Employees are called for interview and they are also asked to bring 3 photos and id proof together.

What happens in job consultancy in India?

On reaching the interview location, there is a lot of rush for the interview. During the interview, they are told that the salary is only 11 to 12 thousand, and also tell that 1 laptop and mobile phone will also be given, all of them are trapped, and then HR shows that the employee has about 500 or They have to pay 800 rupees, which is said to be refundable and is taken by swindling the Salary bank account in the name of some employees. When the employees ask for the location after paying the money, their residency is told nearby you and the offer letter which is required at the time of training is given. Not only this, but asks to take 1000 rupees to the training center.

Job training or lies?

Thousands of students are present in training and the situation there is also very bad. By calling falsely, thousands of employees are called to the training center to collect money, but no one is asked for water. In the midst of summer, no one knows how many Employees’ health deteriorates. A Trainee is called at the training center, which teaches to introduce only in training. Only about 1500 to 1800 rupees are taken for this only. Actually, in Job Consultancy, jobs are falsely implicated. It consists of domestic and international BPO jobs. At the end of training, HR is sent to the company at some location, and has to be interviewed again. Going to the company, the employee is offered only 7 thousand salaries, without any refundable amount taken for training.

It is better to pay money in consultancy, to know about it well before going to interview in any company.

Some tips to avoid consultancy

It is necessary to get information – it is very important for any employee to check that company before giving a job interview. One can easily find out about the company through internet.

Paying the remaining money – Always note that you don’t have to pay anywhere for the job, if it ever happens that you have to pay for the job, don’t do it by mistake, because it will not hurt you. But you will surely be drowned.

Go to the direct company – try your best to walk in to give an interview or take information about the company first and then apply in it, you can also go to the reference of someone you know.

Identification of Consultancy – If you ever get a call from Job Consultancy in India, sometimes you don’t fear. The biggest identity of consultancy is that they call you for a one-time interview, and when you ask for your job location, tell you nearby location. These are the biggest hallmarks of consultancy.

How to find Job consultancy is fake or not?

If any Job consultancy is asking you any advance fee it may be in any form like Registration, verification or anything fee, around 50% will be fraud until and unless they have fee like 200 or 500, I can’t say that these agencies will be fraud, but many job consultancy company take charges like 500 or 2000 or we have also seen that they have even charged 20000 from people, and they give guarantee to give jobs but they are definitely fraud. Don’t believe them.

Many job consultancy company take charges in the form of for example they will say that you have to give training charge. so please be care full yes.

if any consultant company don’t have any charges they charge directly from the company, then they are good.

Many job constancy company provide jobs, they will provide you after 1 month, when you get the salary, then they can charge you can trust.

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