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Ankush Lamba

Unacademy by Ankush Lamba

With the outbreak of COVID 19 and the lockdown imposed, several changes have been observed in all sectors be it banking, marketing, shopping, working, government and name any other sector as well. In this area, one person who has made his name famous on digital platform UNACADEMY is Ankush Lamba. Today we are going to talk about their success.

Similarly, the education sector which we can treat as the biggest sector of all has also been highly impacted. Reason being since the month of March 2020 schools, colleges, educational institutes and coaching centers all have been locked down. To overcome this situation the entire education sector has moved from the conventional brick and mortar education system towards digital education and with this sudden transformation there is a big boom that has been seen in the educational sector. Several Ed-tech companies have come up and the earlier educational firms have also developed their own educational apps to cater to the large mass of students. In this episode, unacademy app was also very famous. Who does not know about ankush lamba unacademy today.

unacademy ankush lamba

Unacademy launched itself as a startup company

If we talk about several ed tech companies like Unacademy, BYJU’s, GradeUp all of them are on its toes to capture the market and are providing various discounts and other options. However, if we analyze the market trend Unacademy has established itself as a leader in the ed tech industry and that too an unbeatable one. After beginning its journey as a startup Unacademy has grown leaps and bounds by raising a good amount of funding and acquiring other small ed tech platforms.

Online platform offered by Unacademy:

Apart from just acquiring the companies Unacademy had a far-sighted vision. It offered an online platform to the talented scholars and educators to showcase their talent and connected with the thousands of the aspirants from the comfort of their homes. This was the biggest revolution that any other company has come up with. Talking about the educators as well, Unacademy has hired the cream layer, teachers, scholars and talent pool who are the masters of their own field and are well renowned because of their experience. Among these teachers and scholars, one name also comes from ankush lamba. By the way, today unacademy is also searched under the name of ankush lamba.

Educational Institute:

As it is very well said that the institutes are known by the quality of their teachers. Because it is through the teaching style of the teachers and how they help you make understand the subject that students get attracted towards an institute.

In this series of articles, we are going to highlight the renowned institutes and their faculties who are well known for their teaching style and help thousands of aspirants achieve their goal each year. Be it through online classes, offline classes, motivational talks, notes etc.

So today we are going to highlight one of the star educator of Unacademy, India’s quickest growing e-learning platform.

Ankush Lamba: Verified Educator Unacademy

Ankush lamba is one of the verified top educators on Unacademy, India’s largest learning platform. Ankush hails from Raipur and has completed his schooling from Dronacharya Public School. Later, he opted engineering as a  career perspective and obtained his degree  in B.Tech, Computer Science from Rugta College of Engineering and Technology, Raipur. He was amongst one of those students who always had a passion to learn something new each day and he was fully dedicated towards the same. He kept on learning new things and kept on unlocking the quest of unknown.

About Ankush Lamba

Ankush’s father always wanted him to do business and settle down. However, Ankush had some different plans for himself. He was never interested in doing and settling down in business. So, giving up the business he chased his dream to build a career in the Government banking sector.

When Ankush appeared for the IBPS PO Examination, in his first attempt he was not able to make it. But he did not give up on his dream. A lot of aspirants after failing loose hope and tend to give up. However, Ankush took it as a challenge and strike twice harder after dedicating himself fully to the preparation.

Year 2017 was the year of success for him. In this year Ankush cleared not only one but several Government banking examinations namely like RRB PO, IDBI PO, INDIAN BANK PO, BANK OF BARODA and many more. After clearing the RRB PO examination, Ankush joined Rajya Gramin Bank in Chhattisgarh and took his first job as an Assistant Manager.

Unacademy Ankush Lamba YouTube Channel

He always wanted to ensure that the knowledge that he has gained must reach the other aspirants who are preparing for these examinations. With this aim to help the other students Ankush started a YouTube channel in June 2017, where he shared his experiences, strategies, his areas of interest and made the youth aware about the Government banking exams.

To ensure that his thoughts much reach the wider base of the targeted audience in December 2017 he joined the biggest e-learning platform i.e. Unacademy. Since then he is one of the star educators who is preferred by most of the aspirants because of his strategy and approach towards the questions and syllabus which makes learning fun for the aspirants.

Ankush provides lectures on reasoning for the banking exams on the unacademy platform and keeps on motivating the students to think out of the box and analyze the questions in depth & more comprehensively. He always tries to make his students enjoy his lectures and as in reasoning it is important to enjoy the process to solve the question and aims at full accuracy.

He is so much indulged in taking complex topics and teaching them efficiently. He always appreciates the feedback that is shared to him by the students and actively works on the same to make his lessons more students friendly.

He always covers each topic in depth in order to ensure that the students understand the topic properly and in depth. The best part about him is that he constantly tries to make his lectures interesting and engaging so that the students takes his lessons actively and seriously.

Banking Chronicle 2.0:

Currently Ankush is working at Banking Chronicle 2.0 and Unacademy. Recently he has completed his 3 years of teaching on Unacademy platform. Under his guidance many students have achieved their dreams by making a successful career in the banking sector after cracking banking examinations.

Apart from reasoning Ankush is associated with several other subjects as well like Basic Maths, Banking Awareness, Computer Awareness, Verbal Reasoning , Practice Questions & Crash Course, Data Interpretation, Quantitative Aptitude, Preparation Strategy, Economic & Social Issues, IBPS PO/Clerk, Practice and Strategy, Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, Advanced Math’s, RBI Grade B Phase 2, Batches, Practice Questions & Crash Course, SBI PO/Clerk, Non-Verbal Reasoning.

One of the best reasons that students get attracted towards him is because of his mode of communication which is in Hindi and English both. So, if you are also looking for a successful career in the banking sector. Guidance from Ankush can prove to be highly beneficial for you.

We will be back again with the achievements of another star educators as well from Unacademy and other platforms. Till then keep following our website for latest updates.

Ankush Lamba Unacademy Class Online

Official Website

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All the best.

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