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Art of speaking untruth

Art of speaking untruth

Disputes of truth and untruth are very strange. Many people consider a big sin if someone speaks untruth and say that one will go in hell if speaks untruth but the number of liars is increasing day by day. Such people think that speaking untruth is a kind of untruth. According to them, nothing can be got without untruth. The only condition is that you should have the art of telling a lie viz the untruth which is speaking by you should appear truth to the person listening to you.

Many people speak untruth knowingly or unknowingly and their untruth does not remain in hidden condition though they make many efforts for it and because of this reason they becomes the victim hatred in the eyes of other people. A kind of innocence is present on their face when their fault uncloses. A clever person is able in hiding his several untruths but one gentle or kind person is unsuccessful in hiding single untruth too.

Emotions which come out from the heart of that innocent person are the real cause of it. Some people make their grip on the emotions which originate from the heart so strong that they hide the feelings of untruth under the feelings of truth. When the feelings of their mind come on their face, we get compelled to say that they are speaking truth.

If you want to see its big example, you will have to go in the court and observe the lawyer who is making arguments in the court for saving the life of his clients. Whereas he knows that his client is a culprit and he did something wrong but he presents arguments after arguments in the court to save his life.

In addition to, he says loudly in the court that his client is innocent and he is being involved without cause. The lawyer presents arguments in this way before the judge as “look towards the innocent face of this person and think how this person can kill a person? This person never killed a insect. How can this person kill a person? The hands, eyes and body of the lawyer work with full energy while giving argument.

Once the judge sitting before him becomes compelled to think if any innocent person is not being involved in the case.

By observing the zest of the lawyer who is making arguments in the court, it is considered that the way of making arguments of the lawyer can give him victory. The use of his bodily organs plays a very important role in his success. Feelings of his mind which bring him on the gate of success becomes the cause of influencing to the government lawyer and judge. Changing any untruth into truth is not an ordinary art but the whole body of the person works.

Untruth is assuming a form of an organ in our business. people are inventing new ways of speaking untruth. People who speak false are increasing their income. In these deeds, their body language play a very important role.

A successful artist who wins the heart of lacks of people on the base of his acting plays a role of beggar effectively by assuming the form of a beggar. In this case, every person considers him a real beggar for some time.

Though, we consider of his these deeds as the feat of his acting but it will be considered the feat of body language in real which compel us to think truth to the drama of the person. He produces such feelings on his face by going against his real personality which is very far from his life.

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