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Avinash Yadav | Digital Marketer in Delhi India

Avinash Yadav Digital Marketer

Avinash Yadav Digital Marketing

I am Avinash Yadav Digital Marketing Professional with experience in driving Business Goals through online marketing for Brand Awareness, Leads Generation, and Sales.

Avinash Yadav

I am a Google & Hubspot Certified Digital Marketing Professional Marketer and SEO Expert. I can help you in growing your business online platforms. My name is Avinash Yadav an experienced Digital Marketer with an inspiring and challenging history of working in the EduTech Industry, Real Estate,  eCommerce, and Sports industry, etc.

Avinash Yadav Digital Marketer at Delhi
Google & Hubspot Certified Digital Marketing Professional

My Education and Experience

I am (Avinash Yadav) a Google & Hubspot Certified Digital Marketing Professional and SEO Expert. I have 3+ Years of experience in providing Digital Marketing Services with an end goal of increased sales. My technical expertise is in Search Engine Optimization rankings, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing Campaigns.


I have knowledge about how the human mind responds at different times in the field of digital marketing. With 3 years of experience in the online marketing world, I have also got Digital Marketing Certification from Simple Digital School.

Currently I am working with MADE EASY Pvt Ltd which is the number 1 engineering institute of India to increase the sales of engineering books from Google and Social Media. MADE EASY provides GATE and ESE (IES) Coaching. In this company, I work in Publishing Department (Corporate Office).

Being a Digital Marketing Fancier, I spend Lakhs to test for marketing loopholes and helped with sales for some famous brands in India such as MADE EASY, MADE EASY Prime, MADE EASY Publications, Lotus Professional, Sharnam Healing, Cricket Performance Point, and many more in the list.

I had planned and tested my strategies in multiple channels to grow their businesses in the sphere of digital worlds in the last 3 years of my career such as Paid Campaigns like Google (Search Ads, Display Ads, Local Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Mobile Apps, YouTube Video Ads),  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Quora Ads.

Why Should You hire me over an unlimited number of Digital Marketing experts and Agencies around you?

It is hard to stand out from the crowd, and even harder for users to pick what might suit their needs the best. I will help you To solve this issue. Apart from that The given following key Key Performance Metrics had made me unique in the field of Digital Marketing

  • 🎯Promoting your products and services with Google SERPs and all social media platforms
  • 🎯Improving your website’s rank to zero to top of search engine result (SERPs)
  • 🎯High converting market keywords with paid search advertising ( PPC) like Google Ads.
  • 🎯Help you set up a mark of your brand on the digital sphere among your selected audience and can position you as a single brand ruling everyone.
  • 🎯Having extensive proven ability in problem-solving, Analysis, Lead Generation with consistent results with Strong knowledge and experience.


 If Digital Marketing Inspires You and is serious about your business, So Invite me for a cup of tea.

Hire Me

Freelance Digital Marketer In Delhi India

I also work as a freelancer because some clients need one or two hours a day for discussion and push their business in the right way. The best part of my job is the never-ending thirst for knowledge gathering to stay updated every time research, problem-solving, and analysis that I do every day.

I have warm and friendly relationships with the people who I am honored to say that I work for.

Which Services  I offer as Freelance Digital Marketer

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization )
  • PPC ( Pay Per Click )
  • Lead Generation
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

 Benefits Of Hiring A Digital Marketer Freelancer In Delhi, India


I can Improve your website’s rank to zero at the top of search engine results (SERPs).

🎯 Drive Leads

I have experience in driving leads through Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) by creating an overall Advertising Strategy of campaigns.

🎯 Brand Advertising

I Planed new launch Ad campaigns with Strategies to place product/service market fit to gain initial traction that improves Brands recall factor in multiple Display and YouTube Advertising Platforms.

🎯 Funnel Marketing

Creating funnels to drive Business Goals through Ad optimization for audiences and Ad optimization as per customer’s behavior.

I always deliver quality and fast work as I believe in long-term relationships. Client sanctification is my first Goal.

Now, You have an Idea about me  (Avinash Yadav) that what is my role in the world of Digital Marketing. Let’s have a conversation about your brand and let me help to grow your product or service on various online platforms.

Contact Me

Email ID:

Mobile – +919807736273

My Social Links:  Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter

I am looking forward to hearing from you today. Let’s grow online together, shall we?

Let’s Make Something Awesome Together

Send me a line, or Give me a shout, I will make you a believer

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