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Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra

What is vastu shastra? About it, very popular king of malva named ‘Bhoj Parmar has said in the fifth stanza (shlok) of the first section of the grantha named ‘Samarangana sootradhara’ created by him in the 11th century-

Vaastushaastradute tasya n syallah kshananishwyah.
Tasmallokasya kripayah shaastramatedudiryate.

Meaning- There is no any means other than the principles of vastu shastra that can tell us that a house has been constructed properly or not.

It has been said in Halayudha Kosha that-

Vaastu sankshepato vakshaye grihado vighnnashanam.
Ishanakonadarabhya hriokashitipade tyajeta.

Meaning- vastu shastra is an art of constructing house started from the north-east corner which protects the people living in the house from natural obstruction, mischief, and tumult.

It has been said in Amar Kosha that-

Griharachanavichhinna bhume.

Meaning-The map of constructing house or a particular piece of land suitable for constructing house is known as vastu shastra.
Like this, it has been said also in ‘Narad Sanhita’ that the house will give auspicious resultant, providing joy and prosperity, fame, laxmi and wealth, son, etc. It is determined under vastu shastra.
Vastu has been derived from the word ‘Vastu’ means which is in existence. The shaastra similar to vastu is called vastu shaastra. It represents earth, house, and articles or objects kept in it. It is absolutely wrong to consider the vastu as the shaastra relating to the construction of the house only. It describes the principles of constructing country, state, city, town as well as small houses and articles or objects keeping in them.

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