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Vastu Shastra Tips for you

Vastu Shastra

What is vastu shastra? About it, very popular king of malva named ‘Bhoj Parmar has said in the fifth stanza (shlok) of the first section of the grantha named ‘Samarangana sootradhara’ created by him in the 11th century-

Vaastushaastradute tasya n syallah kshananishwyah.
Tasmallokasya kripayah shaastramatedudiryate.

Meaning- There is no any means other than the principles of vaastu shastra that can tell us that a house has been constructed properly or not.

It has been said in Halayudha Kosha that-

Vaastu sankshepato vakshaye grihado vighnnashanam.
Ishanakonadarabhya hriokashitipade tyajeta.

Meaning– vaastu shastra is an art of constructing house started from the north-east corner which protects the people living in the house from natural obstruction, mischief, and tumult.

It has been said in Amar Kosha that-

Griharachanavichhinna bhume.

Meaning-The map of constructing house or a particular piece of land suitable for constructing house is known as vaastu shastra.
Like this, it has been said also in ‘Narad Sanhita’ that the house will give auspicious resultant, providing joy and prosperity, fame, laxmi and wealth, son, etc. It is determined under vaastu shastra.
Vastu has been derived from the word ‘Vastu’ means which is in existence. The shaastra similar to vaastu is called vaastu shaastra. It represents earth, house, and articles or objects kept in it. It is absolutely wrong to consider the vaastu as the shaastra relating to the construction of the house only. It describes the principles of constructing country, state, city, town as well as small houses and articles or objects keeping in them.

Vastu for House

Vaastu Shastra for Home: Normally, men take the word ‘Vaastu’ in the sense of building (house). In fact, the word ‘Vaastu’ is made up of the word ‘Vastu’ (article) which means ‘That is present’ or ‘That is in power’ and the Shaastra (study) of Vaastu (articles) is called Vastu Shastra.
All kinds of information related to Vastu Shastra is given here.

Super 30 Vastu Shastra Tips

  1. Characteristics of Vastu Purush
  2. Chief Principle of Vaastu Shastra
  3. Colour Combination for Bedroom according to Vaastu Shastra
  4. Commercial Vaastu Shastra
  5. Construction of House on Different Types of Lands
  6. Fundamental Rule of Vaastu Shaastra
  7. Hindu Calendar
  8. Horoscope
  9. House Construction Astrology
  10. How to remove Vaastu Dosh from home
  11. Indian Astrology
  12. Indian Traditions and Theology
  13. Industrial Unit
  14. Number and Yantra
  15. Observation about the Virtuosity of Plot
  16. Origin of Vaastu Purusha
  17. Pacification of Harmful Planets through Herbs
  18. Panchatatva: Five Elements of Vastu Shastra
  19. Prayer of Veda and Hindu Word
  20. Relation Between Vastu Shastra And Science
  21. Secular Architecture of Ancient India
  22. Special tips and rules of vastu shastra about house construction
  23. Vaastu Principles and Their Conclusion for Different Places
  24. Vastu And Five Elements
  25. Vastu Plants- Vastu Shastra for home interiors
  26. Vaastu Shastra tips for home, bedroom, kitchen, living room, house, toilet construction
  27. Vastu Tips for Home Construction
  28. Vastukala for buildings
  29. What is vaastu shastra?
  30. Yuga and Vedic Dharma

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