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Cloud of crisis on Hrithik’s super-30, this may be due to the ban on the release date

Cloud of crisis on Super 30, this may be ban again

Hrithik Roshan starrer movie ‘Super 30’, again the clouds of crisis are on the horizon. Even before the release of the film, the movie can be banned due to its real hero Anand Kumar. Indeed, four IIT students, angry with this biopic made up of Bihar’s talented mathematician Anand Kumar, have asked for the names of the students of the 2018 batch who have studied from Super 30, who got admission in IIT.

According to a report of some media channel, the Guwahati High Court had sent a notice to Anand Kumar to answer the files filed by four students of IIT Avinash Borough, Vikas Das, Monjeet Dole and Dhaniram Taw, to answer the question of which Anand Kumar failed to answer Were there. The legal counsel of the students, Amit Goyal, said that the arguments shown in the film teaser are giving wrong messages to the public and in it Anand Kumar has been presented as a hero. According to the film’s trailer, Anand Kumar helps poor children to get admission in IIT. This movie is telling the story of their struggle, which is wrong.

Students say that there are many wrong logics in Anand Kumar’s biopic who describes himself as a hero on the screen. Apart from this, the CBFC, giving a clean chit to the film, is also harassing the students. For these reasons, angry IIT students can demand a ban on the release of the film in the court.

Actor Hrithik Roshan is playing the role of Anand Kumar in the film. Let us know that before this, Super 30 has faced the problem due to the director Vikas Bahal of the alleged filmmaker in #MeToo Campaign. One week ago, the Interlineal Compliments Committee has given him free from all charges. The film will be released on July 12.

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