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Deep valleys, field, high mountains, plateau, etc. all these are located on the place surrounded by seas which are animated with life through rivers’ stream and lakes. Soils and mineral substances are found above and under earth’s surfaces in different quantity (volume) which are responsible for the infertility or prosperity of life. The rotation of the earth causes day and night that helps in the sustenance of the life of animals, trees and plants while the revolution of the earth around the sun on its own axis causes weather and season that is very essential for vegetations and crops. Cold or hot region depends on its distance from the equator (meridian) and height from sea level.

Climate plays an important role

Climate plays an important role not only in the process of soil formation, but it also impacts on characteristics (features) of plants and animals and the most on human energy.

The hidden form of nature generates life and the rules or principles of the nature control this life whether it is for good or bad. This is the reason why strong (deep) accommodation (adjustment) with natural background is become its first need.

The physical adaptation and the ability

The physical adaptation and the ability to adjust their selves in favor of natural powers are found less in humankind (mankind) comparison to various animals. Animal’s body has natural abilities to face various types of unfavorable climates. The birds, too, have ability to adjust their body in favor of climate and when climate is become unfavorable for them, they migrate to another place where climate is favorable for them. The birds and other creatures like- ants, white ant, bees, etc. do not depend completely on their ability to adjust themselves according to natural climate, but they also make changes in their living places. The different forms and structure, they build their house have been coming as same from years. It gives us illuminating (enlightening) examples.

The ability (property) of holding heat and energy can be seen in the opened nests of birds. The use of flexible property of fibers and grass is found in hanged nests. The technique of protection from air is found in the moving nest like pendulum. From the sloppy entrance of big nests made with soil and straws, we can learn the way of protection from rain and direct sunrays. Few of the nests made of soil and straws are such types which are like that of the rooms of modern buildings. There is also a particular type of nest with hole having two small rooms, one of them is used as antechamber (anteroom) for entrance and second is used for laying eggs and sleeping. In many nests having straight walls prevent much heat of sunrays through thick walls of soil.

This effort is done by single or paired birds, but in case of insects or worms, it is done as collectively. White ant builds small hills, called anthills. They build such hills above their underground living places. These hills are of various types according to the circumstances. The white ants also like to do works in controlled environment like human beings.


For illustration, white ants ‘Kampas’ of western Australia keep their residential temperature in between 31° C to 1°C day and night, hot and cold climates, while outer temperature goes on changing from 3°C to 42°C. They keep the temperature of their living place like this by controlling air inside them. The shape and structure of the anthills, which are about 3 m higher, influences there internal temperature. Their minarets (towers) are in the shape of cleat (chock) and are always bended (tilted) towards north direction.

As soon as these minarets become hot, the air inside them is raised up and the vacant place starts getting fresh air from the living chambers of white ants. This process is known as chimney effect and white ants go on opening and closing the way of air for controlling the blow of air. Human beings can control temperature with the help of air conditioning process in which lots of energy is needed as well as it is also not considered as good for health.

Many people want to know also that in addition to human beings created by the God, any other creature has knowledge of architecture for constructing their house or not. By studying well the life system of other creatures, there are five fundamental elements, called panchabhutas, and facts about the impacts after falling sunlight come in existence.

Environment or Circumstance

In the same environment or circumstance, mankind (humanity) faces those worries and pressures which other creatures face. Human beings can live any place where could get food, water, etc. for running their life, but the circumstance is limited in which they could develop their physical and mental abilities as well as their virtual character. Their living place is considered as the safest in unfavorable climate. The structure of house is less affected through national limits, but more affected through the zone of climate. Only, local approval and manners vary little. Modern architecture depends on reexamined (reviewed) side, worldly activities, the people and their society. But, Vastu Shastra was considered as such a science that could bring happiness in between human being, nature and house. Modern experts of Vastu Shastra give much importance to comforts or conveyance while ancient Indian Vastu Shastra forces on the arrangement of protection through natural elements, spiritual efforts and environment for providing comforts and happiness to life.

What is Vastu Shastra?

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