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Forever Living Marketing Plan

Before taking information about Forever Living Marketing Plan, it is very important for us to take this basic information like – What is Forever Living?, Why do Forever Living?, How does Forever Living give income? etc.

Forever Living, one of the most well-known MLM and direct selling companies in the world. Now a days this company produces and sells its products from Aloe Vera and Madamukhi rearing. Although Forever Living is not a member of IDSA (Indian Direct Selling Association) at the moment, it was successful in registering its name in MLM and Direct Selling Company due to its business specialty in India.

Most of Forever Living’s products are health, nutrition and cosmetic. Forever Living Company claims to cultivate Aloe Vera the most. This claim is also true by looking at its products. In this article, you will get information about Forever Living Marketing Plan.


What is Forever Living?

Forever Living Company started in USA. It is a direct selling ie MLM company. The founder of Forever Living is named Rex Maughan, an American business-man. Forever Living started in 1970. Today the company has more than 4000 workers and more than 90 lakh distributors. The Forever Living company has a network of 150 countries and one of which is also India. This MLM company came to India in September 2000.

How to join Forever Living?

Forever Living Marketing Plan can be adopted by anyone, anytime. One has to join it just to adopt it. To join a person has to show his identity proof.

To join Forever Living from India, you need two main documents one is Pan Card and second is Aadhar Card. Without these proofs you cannot join Forever Living.

After joining Forever Living one has to buy 25Rs form and any product of more than 1000Rs on the very first day.


What is Forever Living Business Plan?

As Forever Living is a network marketing company, it gives everyone a chance to join and do forever business. That is means, you become its distributor as soon as you join this company.

After joining, the distributor has to take some product from the company every month and he has to earn his own profit by selling it to the people. In this way, the business plan of this company keeps on selling and investing.

Forever Living business plan is completely based on product selling. After joining Forever Living, you have to start this business 2 month, within which a sales member of 2CC (1CC = 14,000Rs) has to be completed.

In simple language, if you have joined Forever Living then you have to sell the product of the company of Rs 28,000 within 2 months in any condition. By doing this, you will get the post of Assistant Supervisior in this company.

Sales of more than 28,000Rs in 2 months earns the title of Assistant Supervisor from Nevous Coustmer and profits from 15% to 30%. That is means, any product of Forever Living has MRP 1000Rs, Assistant Supervisor gets 700Rs (30% profit) and Nevous Coustmer gets 850Rs (15%).


After that comes the position of Supervisor, Assistant Manager and Manager, in which profit increases on every position. But for the title of manager, one has to sell a product of 120CC i.e. 120 × 14,000 16 lakh 80 rupees of Forever Living.

Forever Living Income and Profit:

The more products you sell for Forever Living, the higher the profit will be. But as more sales are done, the CC will also increase and the profit also gets more on every sale.

Looking at the income, here you get income as a bonus. The more people bring the same people under them and in the network, the more the bonus income increases. When someone goes for sale in the network below, then they also get some percentage profit.

That is, with direct selling and network marketing, you can make a good income in Forever Living. Only communication, marketing and selling skills are required.

What is Forever Living Product?

As stated earlier, the products of Forever Living are made by cultivating aloe vera and beekeeping. Which includes Health, Nutrition and Cosmetics products.

Best-selling product of Forever Living is Aleo Vera Gel, the price of a 1-liter pack falls to Rs 1000 online.

The price of Forever Living products is not so high. Because where most MLM company tries to earn more profit from their product, Forever Living products are available at reasonable price and the quality of Forever Living is also outstanding. This also makes it clear that FLP (Forever Living Product) is not a fraud pyramid and Ponzi scheme.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Forever Living

Why should I join Forever Living? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of Forever Living?

This question often comes to the mind of many networker. Let me tell you whether or not you are involved with Forever Living depends on you. First of all, you should check your communication and marketing skills and see if you can sell its product. You should also have money to invest. Because you will have to buy products worth Rs 28,000 in 2 months. So keep in mind investment too.

Also, check whether you are a consumer and net-worker of Forever Living product. Because the product of Forever Living is related to health and nutrition. Therefore, not every common man can buy them. Therefore, bringing the customer is also a select job. But if you have the skill of dealing with the customer easily, then you can earn a lot of money every month from this company.

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