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🔍 GATE 2021 Rank Predictor Tool

The GATE exam ends after deciding the GATE score and All India Rank which determines the future of engineering graduate. The GATE 2021 exam was completed between 6 February and 14 February 2021. Soon after, many institute organizations like MADE EASY, The GATE Academy, IES Master etc. have decided to launch their GATE RANK PREDICTOR Tool so that the students who take the exam can predict their GATE Score.

GATE Rank Predictor is the tool through which GATE Candidates can mathematically predict their score after giving exams. It is also known as GATE score calculator. Students use this tool to predict All India Rank too.

Why should we use GATE Rank Predictor Tool?

GATE Rank Predictor Tool can predict GATE scores of students of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Production and Industrial, Instrumentation and Computer Science. A lot of students who have given GATE Exams often have thoughts about what my GATE score will be, will my cut-off be cleared, which college will I get according to my score, which one can get a job in PSU, Have you got negative mark also, will good marks come in the GATE, how many answers I have corrected etc. All the answers of such students can be found by this tool. That’s why many students are using GATE Score calculator nowadays.

Which sheet will be required to use GATE Rank Predictor Tool?

To use GATE rank Score calculator you will need GATE 2021 Response Sheet. You may be aware that IIT Bombay has released GATE 2021 Response Sheet on 18 February itself. So now you can check your GATE Score using it. For information, please tell that the result of the GATE will come on 22 March 2021. For which you have at least one month’s time but if you want to predict your score then GATE Score Calculator Tool will be right for you.

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Benefits of GATE Rank Predictor Tool

Using the tool allows students to guess the estimated All India rank prediction, possible score and which IIT, NIT, or PSU you will get.

Features of GATE Rank Predictor Tool

  • Best Rank Estimate Option
  • Career opportunities estimates
  • Knowledge of exam performance
  • Guess what your level is
  • Estimate of total marks obtained
  • Guess the number of wrong questions
  • Which IITs, NITs, other reputed colleges will be open for you.
  • Which PSU will be open for you

How does GATE Rank Score Calculator work?

The GATE 2021 Rank Score Calculator Tool matches the response sheet submitted by the student with the answer key and at the same time analyzes the previous years cut-off. And After that finalizes the cut-off marks required for each branch. Then based on this prediction shows you the score.

Almost all the GATE rank score calculator of the GATE Institutes perform the same function and appear to be ranked but the task of giving a more accurate prediction can be done by the GATE Rank Predictor Tool whose answer key to the faculty of the institute that produces it is quite correct. As per our investigation Made Easy Predictor Tool is very popular among students right now. By the way, many students are also using The GATE Academy and IES Master Rank Predictor Tool Online.

Made Easy GATE Rank Predictor: A Detailed Analysis

What is Made Easy GATE Score Predictor 2021?

Made Easy is the number 1 Engineering Institute of India. The institute has developed a GATE 2021 Rank Predictor online tool. Which can predict the rank of GATE 2021 Candidates. It has been developed in such a way that it can accurately predict the score, GATE normalized score, number of correct answers etc. The tool has been named Made Easy Rank Predictor 2021. You can check by visiting the official website Made Easy.

How can I use the Made Easy Gate 2021 Rank Predictor?

If you are a student of GATE 2021 and you have received your response sheet, then you can use the Made Easy Rank Predictor tool to predict your GATE score. To use this tool, some low steps are being given, see it carefully:

Step 1: To use the tool, click on the link MADE EASY Rank Predictor Tool given above.

Step 2: The official website of the tool page will open in front of you.

Step 3: Now you will see the button CHECK NOW. Click on it.

Step 4: After this you will get the Sign In with Google button. Sign in using this.

Step 5: Now you will get the option of Stream Select to use the Tool. On this page, you have selected your GATE subject paper and click on the next button.

Step 6: Now you will ask EXAM SESSION. Here you select your exam session and click on the Next button.

Step 7: Now you will be asked to enter the Response Sheet URL. Submit the Response Sheet URL here.

Step 8: After this, you will reach the GATE Performance screen.

For information on here, let us know that GATE score completely depends on the highest marks and merit marks. It can vary completely from year to year. The Tool shows you the result by predicting only the GATE score. Therefore, your final score can be known only when the result of the GATE is declared by IIT Bombay and you will have to wait for it to come.

For your convenience, we are giving below the link of some RANK PREDICTOR TOOLS. You can use them to predict your rank:

मेड ईज़ी गेट 2021 रैंक प्रिडिक्टर

IES Master GATE Rank Predictor: A Detailed Analysis

If you are a student of GATE and you have given the exam and you have got a reponse sheet, then you can estimate your rank using IES Master Rank Predictor. It is an online tool that can predict you GATE score. The IES Master Rank Tool uses a generalization formula to calculate the gate rank which is almost the same for the GATE exam.

How to use IES Master Rank Predictor?

To use the IES Master Rank Predictor tool, candidates have to visit the official website of IES Master. After this, click on ‘Predict My Rank’ button. Now a page will open in front of you which has given ‘yes’ or ‘no’ Option. Here you have to tell whether you are a student of IES Master or not.

Students who will choose yes option will have to paste the URL of their response sheet in the field provided. Other students will have to fill some more fields and then paste the URL of their response sheet in the given field. After doing this the student will see the approximate rank, summary, Q-wise performance based on their response sheet.

Note: While all the institute’s Rank predictor tool is supposed to predict the GATE score, but there can be some differences in the function of all the tools. Here we will tell only Made Easy Gate 2021 Rank Predictor as it is more famous on the basis of popularity.

Kreatryx GATE Rank Predictor

The Kreatryx Institute has launched GATE Rank Predictor Tool for students taking the GATE exam. Students can use it to predict their GATE score. This tool is available on the official website of

If students want to use Kreatryx GATE Rank Predictor tool then first open the official website of After that you will get a signup option from Facebook and Google. Sign it up. After this, you will get the exam option from the exam as well as the city option. Similarly after completing the whole process you will have to paste your GATE Response sheet URL link in the tool. Then click on the predict button. After doing this, you will see your gate rank score and other details.

The GATE Academy GATE Rank Predictor

The GATE Academy is an Engineering Institute and has also launched a GATE 2021 Rank Predictor Tool for the students. With this tool, students can estimate their score. To use this tool, you have to go to the official website of The GATE Academy. On visiting the website you will find a link to the GATE 2021 Rank Predictor Tool. Click the link to predict the GATE Score.

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