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House-warming: Coordinated Determination of Name and Village

House-warming | Coordinated Determination of Name and Village

Coordinated Determination of Name and Village

House-warming ceremony for new house is known as ‘Apoorva house-warming ceremony’, it is necessary to construct a new house for apoorva house-warming ceremony. Doing any type of work (religious) in own house, mansion, palace, etc. is considered as auspicious. Doing such work in other’s house is not become success. The master of house in which you have done religious work is also become the part of the auspicious benefits of that work. Shaastras have arranged a residence for each family person (housekeeper). So, for getting and understanding the answer of the questions like- in which direction or village or city a house should be constructed? When its construction should be started? See the context (paragraph) showing auspicious moment for constructing house, the length and width of the house, etc. and also use the structural way of ancient house in constructing modern beautiful and good houses.

Auspicious or inauspicious determination for village or cities-

Add box (square) number of the first (initial) letter of village’s name in the double of box number of the first letter of your name and divide by 8, then multiply the boxes numbers of your name and village after adding them as equal to the remainder obtained by 2. Now, add the box number of your name in this product and divide by 8. The remainder obtained is the kakani of village. One whose kakani is greater gets wealth and one whose kakani if smaller becomes the debtor of others.

The kakani of the master’s name of a house must be less than or equal to the kakani of village’s name, then only he gets wealth from the village.

It is considered as good to have the main gate or door of the name of the people of 4, 8, 12 zodiac signs of vipra caste in east direction, the main gate or door of the name of the people of 2, 6, 10 zodiac signs of vaisya caste in south direction, the main gate of door of the name of the people of 3, 7, 11 zodiac signs of shudra caste in west direction and the main gate or door of the name of the people of 1, 5, 9 zodiac signs of kshatriya caste in north direction.

First of all correct (improve) the plot into fancy, firm, charming and beautiful one, then construction work should be started. One should need to start the construction of his house along with the mind of auspicious susceptibility (feeling/spirit) like- furnished house and property, happier for children, women, animals, friends, relatives, etc. no one should be hungry, thirsty and without clothes, all types of facilities and comforts for guests, etc.

Restriction to live in village by sense of zodiac sign-Like nine types of clothes, the direction and sub-directions (corners) along with its center should be determined as nine.

The people of Taurus, Leo, Capricorn and Gemini should never construct their house in the center of a village. In this manner, the people of Scorpio should never construct their house in the east direction of a village, the people of Pisces in south-east direction, the people of Virgo in south direction, the people of Cancer in south-west direction, the people of Sagittarius in west direction, the people of Libra in north-west direction, the people of Aries in north direction and the people of Aquarius in north-east direction, etc. A, K, Ch, T, T, P, Y, Sh, etc. are these letters represent Gagoor (kite), Cat, Lion, Dog, Snake, Rat, Deer and Goat respectively. Each of the letters is adverse (enemy) of the fifth letter from itself, exam- A (Garoor) is the enemy of T (Snake).

Length and width of a plot– Well, many countries, nations, districts (zones) of many states, villages of many cities, etc. have been established on this circular (round) earth.

In village or city– The right of human being would have in odd and even quadrangular and triangular parts of land. Thus, ancient vaastu experts have made arrangement to construct house on little part of that land. They give names planet and pind to the length and width of a plot on which house has to be constructed. The house has also 27 constellations. As like every people would have a constellation on their name as every house has 8 aayas- 1. Dhawaja

2. Dhoom 3. Shwan 4. Shwanoo 5. Brisha        6. Khara   7. Hastee and         8. Dhwaiksha.

Consideration about dhwajadik income and house’s doors– the names of dhwajadik incomes have been already described.

According to income, we should need to study the main gate or door of a house. There are many doors around

The main gate or door is located in the east, south and north directions of Leo income. In case of Taurus income, the main gate or door is located in east direction. In gaja income, the main is situated in east and south directions. Or, in the series of brahmanadik caste, having the main gate or door in west, north, east and south directions in the houses of Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya and shudra respectively is considered as auspicious.

Restricted time for starting the construction of house– If the sun is inauspicious, weak or in lower house in the kundali of a house’s owner, it is the sign of his destruction; if the moon is weak or lower, it is the sign of his wife’s destruction; in case of having lower and weak Jupiter, the happiness and joy of the owner is destroyed and when the Venus is weak and lower, it is the sing of owner’s doom.

Day nakshatra = chanra nakshatra and due to being closed of vaastu nakshatra in siddhavaastu nakshatra, the condition of the owner is become too worse in that house. In case of being prishtastha, all the property and wealth is lost through thieves.

It has been said by few aacharya that the lagnagat moon is present in the front of the house situated in east direction; it is present in the left side of the house situated in south direction, it is present at the back of the house situated in west direction and is present in the south direction of the house situated in north direction. Like this, one should need to consider all the aspects.

The pind of Yam ansha is not considered as good. The house of Indra and raja ansha is considered as good like- the pind of 21 x 19 is 399. Ishta nakshatra is 6 adra.

Studying (observing) about nine substances of the budget of a house- For this purpose, first of all the sadhit grihapind is divided in to nine places as length and width, then multiply each by  

5625 × 85625 × 95625 × 65625 × 85625 × 35625 × 85625 × 85625 × 45625 × 8



















length 6328

remainder- 1


Length 7232

remainder- 1


Length 3750

remainder- 9


Length 3750

remainder- 12 or zero


Length 2109

remainder- 3


Length 1666

remainder- 18


Length 3000

remainder- 15


length 833

remainder- 9


Length 374

remainder- 120

The odd income of this house is good.Sunday – normalAnsha is good.Wealth-12-3=9- beneficialLoan 3Nakshatra- jyeshthaPoornimaYog- normalAge- good

Direction of the door, nakshatra (constellation) for house construction and prasav grah muhoorat– By the coordination of solar and Chandra months, phalgun in the sun of Aquarius, shrawan in Leo, Cancer and paush in the sun of Capricorn are considered as auspicious months for the construction of a house facing towards east and west directions.

For the construction of a house facing towards south and north directions, vaishakha in the sun of Taurus, margasheersha in the sun of Libra and Scorpio, etc. are considered as auspicious months.

        Entering in a house in mridu-dhruva sangyak shatatara, swati, dhanishtha, hasta and pusya nakshatras (constellations) is considered as good.

In the house of trinadikas, there is no need of Chandra months. Normally, good and auspicious moment is important for it.

For the people of vittadi sambhav conditions, construction of sootika house in the south-west direction is appropriate.

According to the beliefs of maestro (patriarch), constructing a house in the months like- Chaitra, Jyeshtha, Aashadha, Bhadra, Ashwin, Kartik, Paush and magha in the sun of Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius respectively.

In case of sun in Virgo and Sagittarius, Kartik and Magha months respectively are considered as good and beneficial for the construction of house.

The Chandra months (lunar months) should be counted from the first day of krishnapaksha.

According to Vastu Shastra, the result of height, length and lower ness of the directions are as follow-

Plot (piece of land)Height, length and lower ness of the directionsResult
Gaga level plotHigh in south, west, south-west and north-west directionsLonger life, wealthy as well as increment in them
Korma level plotHigh at the center and lower from all sidesExcitement, happiness, much increment of property
Daitya (denom) level plotHarmful when higher in east, south-east, north-east and lower in west direction.Benefits of wealth, son, animals.
Serpentine level plotLong in east and west, high in north and south and lower in the centerMental disease, possibility of death, loss of wife and children and increment of enemies

Like this, the results of a plot’s height in all the eight directions are as follow-

Higher in east direction (in south-east corner)Higher in south-east directionResponsible for loss of children, benefits of wealth, etc.
Higher in south direction (in south-west corner)Higher in south-west directionIncrement of wealth, property and healthier
Higher in west direction (in north-east corner)Higher in north-west directionBenefits of son and children, loss of money
Higher in north direction (in north-east corner)Higher in north-east directionLonger life, quarreling, troubles

One should also consider also the aspects of profit and loss of the length and width of a plot while purchasing it.

 A plot should never be purchased for the construction of a house that is cracked, damaged, having hole of white ants, uneven, etc. and it is better to avoid.

Sphutita maranam kuryadooshara dhana nashinee

Shashalya kleshada nitayam vishama shatruwardhini.

Meaning- A cracked plot represents death, moorland (plot) represents loss of wealth, scabby plot represents troubles and uneven plot represents the increment of enemies.

The land having green trees and plants grows good crops as well as the land having water, grass and stones are known as living land. It is also known as mritabhoomi. Construction of a house on an mrita land (plot) is not considered as auspicious. It does not help in one’s progress and the growth of his generation. So, one should always be careful about this fact.

For knowing living and mrita plot, add the addition of the letters of village name in the addition of the length and width of a plot and multiply the total addition obtained by 4. Then, add the addition of family members’ name in this product obtained. Now, divide this final addition obtained by 3; when remainder comes as 1, the plot should be considered as living; when it comes as 2, it is average; and when remainder comes as 3, the plot is considered as mrita.

Prohibition (restriction) of door in respect of date– The door of a house should never be constructed in east direction from poornima (full moon day) to eighth day of krishnapaksha; in north direction from ninth day to fourteenth day of krishnapaksha; in west direction from amawasya (no moon day) to eighth day of shuklapaksha and in south direction from the ninth day to fourteenth day of shuklapaksha.

For the construction of a house, dates- 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13 and poornima are considered as auspicious. Constructing a house in shuklapaksha instead of krishnapaksha is considered as good and beneficial.

Tree, pillar and well coming under the area equal to the double height of a house are considered as obstruction of it. Therefore, the surrounding coming under the area equal to the double of the height of a house should be used for garden, etc.

Purity of the panchang (almanac/calendar) for the construction of a house– Except Sunday, Tuesday, rikta, amawasya (no moon day), first day, eighth day and ghanishta, the remaining day, date and nakshatra are considered as auspicious and beneficial for the construction of a house.

Construction of a house– Auspicious graham (planets) must have in the remaining places except 8, 12, etc. sinful planets must have in 3, 6 and 11.

Successful Rahumukha consideration (thoughts)– In the construction of living places for Gods and Goddess, man and well, pond, etc., Rahumukha is present in north-east, vilom, north-west, south-west and south-east of Pisces, Capricorn, and Leo respectively. For example-

Well in the compound of a house– Construction of a well in the center of a house is responsible for the loss of wealth and property; in north-east direction- nourishment; in east direction- increment of fame (reputation); in south-east direction- loss of children; in south direction- harmful for woman; in south-west direction- death of the master of a house; in west direction-good; in north-west direction- providing pain through enemies and the construction of a well in north direction is considered as good and beneficial for the master of a house.

Condition of a plot

Vidadhyadachirenaiva poorvadiplavato mahee.

Madhyaplava mahee neshta na shubha plavatah pura.

According to the beliefs of Vastu Shastra, a plot having slop towards east direction is responsible for progress; having slop towards north and south directions provides wealth and property; having slop towards west direction responsible for the loss of knowledge (ken) and wealth and having slop towards south direction is responsible for death.

One gets benefits of wealth by living in east direction; dah by living in south-east direction; death by living in south direction; loss of wealth in south-west direction; death of children in west direction; benefits of wealth in north direction; ken (knowledge) in north-east direction. Having pit or sloppy area in the center of a plot is considered as very harmful (auspicious). It has been also said in the books that a plot having slop in north direction is considered as auspicious for Brahmins; having slop in east direction is auspicious for kshatriya; having slop in south direction is auspicious for vaisya and having slop in west direction is considered as auspicious for shudra. In fact, Brahmin can start the construction of his house on a plot having slop in any direction, but for Kshatriya and Vaisya, the plot described above is considered as beneficial for the construction of their house.

Selection of a plot for the construction of a house after considered the profit and loss of it according to the length, width and height of the directions of it is considered as good. A plot has been divided in to four parts on the basis of it only-

Toilet, bathroom and kitchen inside a house– For bathroom, east direction; for kitchen, south-east direction; for bedroom, south direction; for keeping weapons, tools, sewing machine, motor, tractor, etc., south-west direction; for dining room, west direction; for storeroom, north-west direction; for storing wealth, north direction; for worshiping place (pooja room), north-east direction respectively considered as good and auspicious. Between 2-2 rooms said above should have a room for churning curd, storing ghee, study, sexes, medicines and other necessary things.

Age of a house– From the beginning of the construction of a house, if the Jupiter is in lagan, sun and mercury in seventh lagan, Venus in fourth lagan and Saturn in third lagan, etc, the age of a house is believed for minimum 100 years. If Venus is in lagan, Sun is in third house, Mars is in sixth house and Jupiter is in fifth house, etc., the age of a house is become 200 years.

Other opinions about the age of a house– If the Venus is in lagan at the beginning of the construction of a house, mercury is in tenth house,

Three grihayoga of a lakshamiyukta house– When Venus is in good and higher zodiac-Pisces lagan or the Jupiter of higher Zodiac Cancer is in fourth house or the Saturn of higher Zodiac Libra is in eleventh house, the construction of such a house provides wealth for long time.

Yog of changing the master of a house within a year– If a very good graha is present in seventh or fourth house coming from the ninth house of the enemy and the master graha of Brahmin is also weak, the house starting in this condition is purchased by any other within one year.

Result of particular nakshatra while constructing a house– The nakshatras among dhruva, pushya, sangyak, mrigasheersha, aashlesha, shrawan, poorvashadha, etc., when Jupiter is present in any of them and when a house has been started to construct in that nakshatra on Thursday, this type of house is considered as very auspicious in respect of children.

When Venus is present in any of these nakshatras- dhanishtha, vishakha, ashwin, chitra, shatarara and aardra, a house started in that nakshatra on Friday is considered as very auspicious in respect of wealth and property.

Therefore, it is very necessary to study (observe) the birth chart about the gochar time and questionnaire before purchasing any plot and getting its possession.

In this condition, constructing a house on such plot may increases the possibility of the loss of wealth and men instead of economical, social, reputation, age and other types of benefits. In astrology science, ancient astrologists have described about this type of auspicious moment and yog in which auspicious moment for purchasing and selling of a plot, construction of a house and for getting the possession of a house have been described. For illustration-

It is good and beneficial to sale and purchase of a plot in both paksha (fortnights) on 5, 6, 10, 11, 15 and in auspicious chandra and nakshatras- mrigashira, punarvasu, aashlesha, magha, vishakha, anuradha, poorvashadha, poorvabhadrapada, poorva phalguni, mool and rewati on Thursday and Friday of the first day of Krishnapaksha. Therefore, observing these facts is the best for purchasing and selling a plot.

Normally, it has been observed that many of the people observe these facts after purchasing and selling of a plot, house and construction of a house or face troubles after getting its negative results later. If they want to sell it even at the price less than its cost price, no one purchases it.

Few particular types of houses and its auspiciousness are studied from the fourth house-

  • When the sight of moon, mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, etc. is on the fourth house in the birth chart of anyone, he gets benefits and pleasure of garden.
  • When the sight of Jupiter falls on the fourth house, there is a certain possibility of constructing a temple.
  • If the combination of moon and Venus or Rahu-Saturn is in the fourth house of karkansha kundali or having the graham of high zodiac, one gets the comforts of a good and beautiful house.
  • The houses described about east direction, the houses made up of leaves, grass, wood, bricks, stones, cement and iron along with the face towards north direction are considered as good, which is found in one’s karkansha kundali from its fourth house.
  • If sun lagan is found in the fourth house of one’s karkansha kundali, he endures the comforts of a house made up of leaves and grass as well as the chance of constructing a house.
  • When the Jupiter is present in the fourth house of karkansha kundali, one’s house is made up wood
  • In the presence of mercury, one gets normal and clean house.
  • When the sight of mercury falls on the fourth house, one gets opportunity to construct a very big and grand house.
  • In the presence of Saturn, one gets a house made of cement and iron.
  • When lagnesh is present in the fourth house and in chaturthesh lagan, one gets the benefits of a house.
  • The lord of the place of wealth and the place of benefits is present in the fourth house and has been entered in chaturthesh beneficial place or in the tenth house, one gets wealth as well as house.
  • When both lagnesh and chaturthesh are present in the fourth house along with auspicious grahas, one gets the benefits of a house suddenly.
  • As many grahas among lagnesh, dhanesha and chaturthesh have been gone in the houses of 1, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 10 as the possession of the houses the jataka will get.
  • When Venus is present on higher place or its own place in the mahadasha of moon and anterdasha of Venus, one gets opportunity to construct a new house.
  • When the Venus varies in the mahadasha of Mars and higher Venus in 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 houses, is triangular or along with dashamesha, etc., the jataka does the construction works of pond, inn, well, etc.
  • In the mahadasha of Jupiter, when Jupiter varies and is present in higher house, one gets the benefits of the plot and the house constructed on it.
  • If the Saturn varies in the mahadasha of Jupiter, one gets the benefits of the plot.
  • When a strong Venus is present in the fifth and eleventh houses along with kendresh in the mahadasha of Jupiter, one gets opportunity to construct inn, pond, cinema, well, etc.
  • When Mars varies and is present in high or own house in the mahadasha of Jupiter, one gets the benefits of the plot and does the construction works of hotel, mill, etc. on it.
  • When the anterdasha of Mars is found in the mahadasha of Saturn and the Mars is present in 1, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 10 houses, one gets the opportunity to construct a new house.

Therefore, one should need to study about birth-lagan, Chandra-lagan, the situation of grahas present in them, karkansh kundali, vinshontaridasha, navamansh, anterdashas and gochar grahas and then try to get auspicious yog of constructing a house.

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