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Housing (Accommodation Planning)

Accommodation Planning (Housing), Vastu Dosha

Accommodation (Housing) Planning

Housing: Today, every man has only one dream that he would have his own house. Many of the people make such a dream true by their own hard work. But, when a person purchases a plot for residential purpose, he should need to observe all its doshas as well as the plot must be square or rectangular in shape. This type of plot is considered as very auspicious.

  • A square plot having all its four corners as equal is considered as good and auspicious.
  • A rectangular plot having all its four corners as equal is considered as good and beneficial.

In addition to both types of plots- rectangular and square, any other type of plot should never be purchased as far as possible. If it is required to purchase any other type of plot, its doshas must be eliminated and then only, this type of plot should be used for the construction of house.

If you have purchased a plot for residential purpose and thinking about the construction a house on it, do not try to make hurry in this work. Few principles (rules) have been described in the Vastu Shastra that which type of construction is good and beneficial in which direction and in which corner, etc. therefore, you can eliminate the doshas (defects) of your house by following (adopting) these principles or rules.

It is very important to have knowledge about the principles to follow them for eliminating these doshas (defects) that which type of construction proves beneficial in which part of the plot as well as how should we arrange water, electricity, etc. properly?

Drawing Room

This type of room is considered as the best. Only drawing room can show that how much you are furnished, awarded and prosperous i.e. your behavior, standard of living, etc. can be noticed just through your drawing room. So, it should be constructed on an important part of the plot. A drawing room should be constructed as big, beautiful and different from other rooms.

In the given figure, the best place for a drawing room has been described as shaded blocks.

It can be estimated just after looking the figure that constructing a drawing room in the west or south direction is considered as good. The east and south directions of the plot should be left vacant (empty).

Room for entertainment or music

In this strenuous life, we have no even little time for entertainment, but we can feel relax just after listening sweet or favorite music for little while. The ups and downs of music are compeer (equal) to air waves, so constructing this type of room only in north-west direction is considered as the best.

The best place for constructing such type of room has been show as black shaded block in the given figure.

Guest room– Constructing a guest room in the west or north direction is considered as good. If north-west direction is selected for this room, it is more good and auspicious.

Bed room– One is become tired after working whole day. So, he should need minimum 7-8 hours of sleep for charging himself for start work again.

The place shown in the given figure as black shaded block is considered as the best for this purpose.

This type of room should never be constructed on the crossed corners shown the same figure.

In fact, bed room is considered as the important part of a house, so it should not have contravention. A bedroom should never be constructed in north-west, north-east and south-west corner of the plot. If you want to construct two bedrooms, one of them in south-west corner and other can be constructed in north-west direction. Constructing a bedroom in south or west direction is considered as good and beneficial.

In a bedroom, one should need to sleep with the head towards south direction and the feet towards north direction. One can keep his head also towards east direction, but never towards north direction.

Keeping heavy objects, almirah (cupboard), safe, etc. in south-west direction is considered as very beneficial.

Room for worshiping- One should need to do worship or prayer in north or east or north-east direction in the house as far as possible. Worshiping should never be done in bedroom. If one worships with the face towards east direction and keeps the statue of God facing towards west direction, it increases wealth and property.

Black shaded block shown in figure is considered as appropriate direction for doing worship.

Bathroom and toilet– In modern time, the people follow western culture in every their work blindly. Also, bathroom has not been leaved. Today, bathroom and toilet are constructed together. Toilet seat should be fitted in such a way so that one has not his face towards east direction. Few vaastu experts are not considered even the west direction as good.

According to Vastu Shastra, constructing toilet in north-east direction is considered as inauspicious and harmful. Also in south-west direction, the toilet should not be constructed. If it is needed, do not get a pit dug out in this direction, seat should be fitted on the cemented platform (stage).

The place shown as black shaded block in the given figure has been said as good for toilet and bathroom.

Toilet should never be made on crossed corner shown in the figure.

Water source– As it is said that water is very important for life, first of all we have requirement of water after selecting a plot for constructing house, because nothing is possible without water. The source of water should be made in north-east direction only.

Swimming pool should also be made in north or south direction. Supply of water in this direction is also considered as very good.

Black shaded block shown in figure is considered as the best for making water source.

Crossed block shown in figure should never be used for this purpose.

Electric supply– As the life is not possible without water; the life is also incomplete without electricity. The electricity is a form of energy and fire represents energy. So, arrangement of electricity in south-east direction is considered as the best. Even fitting of electricity meter and fuse box have been also said as good in south-west direction.

Black shaded block shown in figure has been considered as appropriate for electricity-related works.

Like this, crossed place shown in the figure should be used for electricity sources.

Septic tank– South direction is known as the best for keeping or constructing septic tank.

Black shaded block shown in figure has been told as good for septic tank.

Crossed block shown in figure has been considered as harmful.

Windows, ventilators and balcony– As water, electricity, etc. are known as the base of life, air has been also said as an important base of life. All these things are very necessary so that family members would remain healthy. North-west direction has been considered as the very good and beneficial for the blow of air. This type of construction should be done in north-west direction as far as possible.

Black shaded block shown in figure is considered as very good for the arrangement of air in a house.

Store room– In all type of business works and big residential houses, there is the arrangement for keeping useful things, known as godown or store room. This type of construction (store room or godown) should be made in north-west direction; this place has been considered as the best for this purpose.

Black shaded block shown in given figure is considered as appropriate place for store room or godown.

Crossed corners shown in the figure should never be used for this purpose.

Water tank– Water tank should be kept or constructed in south-west direction.

Stairs– We see that stairs are needed in every small or big house to go up to roof. Few facts related to them have also been described in Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu Shastra, these stairs should never in odd numbers as- 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 …etc. If one has to construct a spiral (circular) stair, its turn (curve) must be rightwards. Internal stair of the house can be constructed any time, but such stair should never be made in north-east direction. It is restricted according to Vastu Shastra.

Study room– North-east direction of the house is considered as the best for study room. This type of room can be made also in south-west direction.

Black shaded block as shown in given figure has been considered as good and auspicious for constructing study room.

Crossed corners should never be used for this purpose.

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